Wednesday 29 June 2011

Vintage shoe

Hiya...hope your all been enjoying the glorious weather although today quite a chilly please dont leave us Mr Sunshine...still recovering well and hopefully back to work on Monday have been off since March still a failed procedure to re attemp but havn et a date as yet but works ok abobut mew having time off for a couple of days had a peek through some blogs over the last couple of days and tried to cmment but Nope!!! soz but Mr blogger was a pain but popped in on sweet designs by cheryl found a shoe she had made which was beautifully gorgeous  and a link to the site she found it Artfull she is soooo clever and heres my attempt will try and do a link    fabulous work she does and her videos well i could watch her all day so heres my Vintage themed shoes on ein browns and the other in greens both papaers used were from K&co..had it a while and it was just the job thanks for popping in please leave any comment so iknow youve called ta for now


Cheryl Walker said...

OMGosh Sassy this is BEAUTIFUL!! You did a beautiful job on your shoe, and I love all the laces, and how it looks so victorian :) and yes you will be addicted see LOL :) hehehehehe :)

Beautiful job Sassy!!!

Cheryl Walker said...

Oooo I just noticed that you did post 2 omgoodness i must be blind!! I thought one looked like it had brown on the front :) anyways they are both Beautiful :) Love the flowers tooo :)
Hugs again,

Terri said...

Sassy, I adore your vintage style shoes! The papers you used and your embellishments really work so beautifully together! Thank you so much for your very kind comments about my video. You are so sweet!

Pamela said...

Wowser! These are amazing - well done Sassy. Have you tried fooling Mr Blogger into letting you post by not ticking the box that says 'keep me signed in'? It worked for me and several other people who I've passed the tip onto.
Now next Monday I hope you're not going to be silly and over do things. You've been very ill and need to take things slowly. Please promise you'll rest as much as possible during the day. Huge hugs.

Wellnifty said...

Hi Sassy, beautiful shoes, thanks for the link to the tut one day I'll have to give it a go, doing a catch up, love all your cards, so beautiful. Hope you feel better soon and good luck with the hospital xx