Tuesday 29 September 2009

Need some help girlies...frustrated

hiya me darlings....no card but i could do with some help...ive been searching the internet for boxes...all day !!!!! for my cards have any of you bought any and if so where from ??? i just cant find anything suitable i need them roughly 6x6 and 1 inch deep or anything near these dimentions ...but just so fed up now looking...so wondered if one of you luverlies might be the answer to my prayers hugs love and thanks me poppetts.............

Sunday 27 September 2009

Just magnolia challenge..my first time lol!!!

hiya me little cherubs....hopes you are all okey dokey!!! guess what i did totady...yep another spring clean what is wrong with me..and i also washed the car too...glad im still on holiday for another two days..mmm gardening tomoz me thinks... nah!!!!anyway other than housework sorry for swearing lol!!! i was up early so i had a play with pinks and greys my fav colour..and as there is a challenge over at just magnolias blog i thought id have a go....well coloured my little magnolia think shes called crossstiched (she was in my prize from some candy) and coloured her with polycromos (allot to be desired still practising) and as i had these luverly leaves and new flowers well she just happened to come together qite nicely..er sort off....i cut a nestie i bought last week from stampezee..(before i was robbed) used swiss dots and edged it in pink color box added some leeves from my le m punch coloured the paper in stripes of pinks and greys too then punched them out ...added some bits from stash..oh and coloured my lace and string bow with promarkers all in all i quite like her..
thanks for popping in and if you care to leave some uplifting comments theyd be so appreciated as im knacked....lol!!!

Friday 25 September 2009

Midnight challenge #20

hiya me luverlies...many many thanks for the supporting comments left re my missing money..still peeved..but just have to wait.... so ant gonna get upset i havent done anything wrong so chanelled my brain into doing a midnight challenge i hope you like it..the magnolia is a sweet image although coulouring could have been better...thanks again for all you most welcome and lifting comments love you all ttfn

Thursday 24 September 2009

Ive been robbed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!the swines

Hiya lovelies.........im in a right mood..and upset as i have been robbed of over £200-00p out of my MasterCard...?????????????????????? dont know what else to say..they at Virgin cant do much till 4th Oct to see if this company or person from SINGAPORE...ER!!!!!!!!!!!! has tried to cash a pending transaction of over 321 dollars..lord knows who these people are but i haven't stopped crying since i got back from shopping when my card was refused..er i loaded it myself yesterday.(its a pre pay card so i wont get in debt) but as i knew i was taking my grandson shopping for his birthday pressie.i don't like taking lots of cash ..luckily i had enough cash on me for all the bits we bought...and was dumbfounded when M&S said my card was declined ... and checked my account as soon as i got home i had 7.16p left...no bloody wonder some sodding thief had wiped me out and at 8-17 last night...i was watching the secret millionaire...about that time.....im gutted..i just hope its a mistake on someones error...but i feel violated out of my hard earned cash....anyway not much else i can do till 4th oct and they will open a fraud investigation if they try and take my money....i just can believe my luck...but we did have a super afternoon and this is the first time ive shopped with my everso patient wonderful 19year old grandson Chris.....sorry to go on...but whatever you do be everso careful..but saying that i am...and there are some clever swines out there...just have to wait now and see what happens.......love you all xxxxxxxxxx

Monday 21 September 2009

The new look... Glasses whatcher reckon???

OK....sis..shes a right nag at times lol!!! i gotta show you my first set of new specs be warned donot eat whilst viewing lol!!! so doing this to lets sis go to bed ooops look at the time shes in bed by nine....my others havent come yet but fetched these today and if anyones says like yer goggles...(perhaps im gonna wish i never said that lol pmsl) so here you are sis just for you....and also i forgot to tell yer sis and now my bloggin lovelies im 5lbs of six stone weight loss...so to give you all nightmares..a before and after....ahahahah....oh im so sorry girlies i thought the first picci didnt load...so now you have THREE OF ME PMSL!!!!!!!!ill try and delete it.......still get stuck on here yer know......loves yer xxxxxx

Sunday 20 September 2009

bridal pinks and deep ivory

OUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...doing some more housework...trapped me finger in the door.ant half throbbing right on the nail end too...never mind it will get better lol!!!! i managed a play last night and these arnt very good..i bought the image for me sis as she was feeling rotton so to cheer her up shes been after this one from Mos digital pencils so i sent it her and im so soz sis i just had to play too...no i havent seen her blog yet so i hopes she forgives me for putting my efforts on view...before her anyways i colored in polycromos and my own design card where i do two for one lol!!! gets rid of the scraps of off cuts....i have made another card too.....and im so stuck about finishing it !!!! dunno what to do with it totally stumped for ideas so as i wanted to say HI!!...heres my two naff cards...cause i know hers will blow you away...and the spooky thing is ive seen her coloured images of this bride and groom and id also used similar colours before id seen hers and sis hasnt seen mine.....yet....spooky!!!....arnt i horrid it was her pressies and ive used it before her.ooops loves yer sis honest....she'll forgive me i hope!!! ttfn xxxxx

Thursday 17 September 2009

English Rose

Hiya...seems again ages since i made a card as been so busy..but found this delish lace on ebay 30yards of it for 3.80 bargain...so just had to try a vintage with this cream and pink but on reflection it looks too ***FUSSY*** perhaps its me .aw well never mind eh ..and still waiting for my new specs they should be ready soon so be prepared for the viewing..and as from friday im on a little break from work....also my MRI scan is for Thursday or friday i must go have a look it know the time is 8.25 in the morning up before the streets are aired...so will defo neeed a early night lol!!!!i treated myself to ten new promarkers and eight are the new colours so gotta have a play...so keeping this short and sweet...i cant be chatting and not playing whilst i dont get these urges often at all to play...but i have them ready so need to find a image and ill sit here egg butties for me tea and my promarkers oh heaven!!!!!!!!! so from one lonley angel to all you other angels in my life ttfn.......hope you like her and thanks so much for all the lovely comments i do so get a lift.....and as a thank you all im thinking of a candy time soon.so keep em peeled!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday 13 September 2009

Princess Day...

(the bride)
(princess leah!! lol!!)

(my daughter & jess)
happy sunday to you all my luverlies.....no card as son..wife and my grandaughter..granson...daughter all visited yesterday..my son travelled form bradford for a wedding pressie he hadnt used of his new wife of a day.. driving a gorgeous car round a track at 100mph cant think of the name of the car but it was canary yellow..and boy did he have a experience....his daughter from his first marriage (hes got custody of her ..another story)decided she wanted a princess day...so auntie becky and gran had to dress up..well i didnt.. except for tiara.... plus re designed hair (bunches) done by jessica ..i look like princess leah from star wars lol!!!!but gran had to raid her bit box for what turned out to be princess day into her wedding day lol!!!its amazing what you can find to dress up in on the spur of the moment so we raided the house looking for bridal wear.....what you have to do to keep a hypo 8 year old happy...but boy did we have a larf!!!!!!....and its lovely having the family around but so peaceful when thed gone home......

Thursday 10 September 2009

Snow-body loves you like me..

hiya me luverlies.....just a quickie...i bought these images from mo's arnt they adorable and of course my sis doing a fabby job and neither of us knew the other had bought them till she uploaded her stunners..so while shes had this image on her blog a few days here's my version ...not as brill as me sis's but i likes it...i coloured them with my pro markers...somehow cant get the standard up to sis's standard ..so used blue pearl and shale also pastel pink made a little snowy scene...and of course my glamour dust for the snow..and some mini cotton balls...hope you like it enjoy your evening...be around later to have a good nosey ...me luverly daughter and grandson (19) today is coming andive cooked tea....flipping heck i hates cooking and bought him a mini cake with candles..lol!!! and hes a bit old for a party with nan....but to me hes a very special grandson..will tell you why one day... and before i forget i have a few new goodie in my ebay shop if you fancy a cheap treat........till then ttfn loves you all and thanks for all the comments they make my day xx

Tuesday 8 September 2009

Vintage..verses chicken

Morning my luverlies.....i hope your all well now im back down from the high off raid and domestos lol!!!!but ache for England in my early or late spring clean...but nearly a fiver better off amazing what you find..i will spend it wisely..funny day yesterday 2 emergency's while on dutie both bad falls ..wish theyd stay of the cooking sherry..lol!! but glad to say both ok bruised and bandaged but back home..thank god there ok...and had one quite funny incident with a broken down trolley..wheels buckled and stuck in a bush she wanted the fire brigade .. tried explaining we couldn't get the burly men out for broken down trolle and from the back of the congregation i heard the *RAC wuld be better lol!!!***but try as i did i couldn't get it trying to ignore the many ideas thrown into this catastrophe but it was tuck fast so ran..er well walked quickly to garage.. found a hammer..legged it back and gave the bush a hard wack and a tug on the char riot full to the brim with *mums gone to Iceland* and hey presto it was released...frozen chicken she cried ..she was really upset at this accident ...and salmonella being her concern..told her it would be ok but they do fret..while cpr was out the question i personally carried it to her house along with six cans of strongbow and a pkt of frozen peas...put said chicken/peas in freezer and beer in fridge *he cant stand warm beer** crikey it wasn't that hot yesterday ..went back to collect trolley and it limped all the way home all of 10 yards...where bless her sweet heart she broke down head in hand about her beloved trolley....so a bit of wd40...hammer and pliers the fore mentioned trolley will live another day.....

Sunday 6 September 2009

Just had to tell you.......no im not pregnant but!!!!

I'm now allowed to tell you all the very happy good news I'm gonna be a gran again...I'm collecting grandchildren ..No 7 ....but so happy..especially for Charlotte as she says her body clock is ticking by way to fast...so new baby aw bless coo coo who's a cutie dumpling ... just practising..lol!!!! and you know i did my late or early spring clean WELL!! went to put the ironing away...funny smell!!!!!!!! what a pong omg!!!!!!!!!id polished the whole of the office...our bedroom and front room in wait for it...***RAID*** ant and cockroach killer*** pmsl....we never had cockroaches and doubt we will see one ant hahahaha!!!! hubby remarked and i took no notice thought he was just being **FUNNY** "changed the polish love" as he put a bag of cold peas on his eye ..only kidding..but couldn't help fantasize ...about the black eye lol!!! and here's my other crappy card...just to finish of the perfect day..... wont half be pleased when i get my new glasses.......phew!!!!!!!!! windows open tonite..hahah!!!!

ttfn loves yer thanks for the super comments

Rubbish. Cards leading to a late spring clean

Hiya me luverlies...ever had those times when you feel like giving up cards....well im having one...gosh im struggling and nothing seems right maybe its the mood im in..lol!!!! SO!!!! decided that as my cards are rubbish i'd do the housework as i don't need glasses to see the dust,,so have stripped and hoovered the bed yeah yer heard me right how many of you hoover the mattress..then i turned it.took me ages..in the end i just dropped it hoping it wouldn't smash the tele on the way down...why have mattresses got a will of their own so got the Dyson working overtime in all the corners .. by which time the Cat legged it like a ligtening bolt through cat flap....she hates the big hoover .fresh linen on bed and in with washing like fifty loads.....got the cobwebs removed arggg!!!! normally leave them for Christmas and spray silver to act as decorations but wrong room..only joking... moved bed out found 2-15p under the bed..3 earrings old pair of tights a broach... my shoe id been searching for .oh and a old sock and one knitting needle..please done ask Lol!!!!..and enough loose feathers to stuff a pillow...the kitchen got hit with gush of antibacterial cleaning fluid and found another 55p under the fridge and a magnet that fell off around circa 2000.....haha!!! craft room got blitzed and no money but a hairbrush and a old ink cartridge (i have a black thumb to prove it lol!!!!)2 half finished projects.. a roll of ribbon enough bits and bobs for a new project but anything else had to be left as me old knees cracked and groaned under the strain...front room found dust!!!! and more dust and a 2-00p coin under the table... im sure i polished in April lol!!!my oh my where does it all come from...then the attack took place in the smallest room in the house....found a old lippy..4 cans of empty deodorant .empty shampoo bottle wrapping of his saop... used toothpaste tube . belonging to hubby why do men not chuck stuff away...bleached everywhere by which time i was high on domestos.....but managed to see the 5p lurking...then put all the recycling out enough to power Battersea and keep a small colony in recycled energy for a year...moped me wood floors did a pile er!!!mountain of ironing .....and then sat down in a heap!!!!!! hubby home from work...and what did he say** been sitting on that bloody thing all day i suppose ** well...i could have just thumped him......MEN!!!!!!anybody want him complete with black eye.....and no i never found me glasses................. and ones thing for sure i do spend alot of time on here.......oops.
ttfn hope you like my card cause i dont!!!

Saturday 5 September 2009


Hiya me luverlies...well just had to have a play with my *candy* and this little cutie is called waiting a bit like me for me new specs..i coloured her with promarkers as best i could and actually not bad..i quite like her...the sentiment was also in a box of six mixed sentiment stamps along with 2 pkts silk flowers..2 stickles. 1 bag of mixed silk flowers .martha stuart butterfly punch...tin of my rubber ducky..cute ducks and sentiments stamps ..a stamp from high hopes..5 magnolia stamps...wiff of joy..willow...the cute *diasy from sugar nellie..3 other rubber stamps...a box of 4 border stamps with hearts ad flowers with a sentiment in there too...oh my!!! was so worth it...and still itching to play....so off to tydy then i can make a mess again ttfn have a lovely evening lvs xxxx

Friday 4 September 2009


hiya me lovelies....and whoopee my candy finally arrived from Honolulu today...won it back in April...so reckon its been around the world BUT!!!! the only way i could receive it was to pay H.M. Customs 23-00p......i am not grumbling as the candy is worth every penny but the p*p already was $41 95 paid from poor Jodi over in the usa....to send it to me......has anyone had to pay this before on your candy wins from over seas.... (either way)???????? just curious...and a little bemused....anyway a happier note the candy is fabby lush ... thank you thank you dear Jodi ....and although I'm still struggling with no specs i cant wait to play with it all................ttfn have a good weekend i will see what i can rustle up when i find my magnifing glasses..lol!!!! ...xx

Tuesday 1 September 2009

Christmas Rose..my sketch

we..im here again..really got the crafties mood in full swing a bit of a struggle but hey grabbing the moment...my drawing bug has kicked in too so sat and did a sketch for some reason shes a bit big lol!!!! and i reallt had a urge to do a burgundy colour...it didnt work out as planned but never mind...i hand drew my little or large victorian type picture and coloured her with polycromos...not dark enough so went over with my promarkers...still not brill..i bought some burgindy roses from hobbiecraft..so very pretty added a bow and leaves and a couple of winter berries from stash i have gilttered her muff..and hem, collar with some glamour dust but it dosnt show...well off to bed a late night...i hope someone likes her..not bad i supose seeing i was probaly fifteen when i last drew its me sisters fault giving me the urge to draw again....ttfn hugs xxxxxx