Wednesday 29 June 2011

Vintage shoe

Hiya...hope your all been enjoying the glorious weather although today quite a chilly please dont leave us Mr Sunshine...still recovering well and hopefully back to work on Monday have been off since March still a failed procedure to re attemp but havn et a date as yet but works ok abobut mew having time off for a couple of days had a peek through some blogs over the last couple of days and tried to cmment but Nope!!! soz but Mr blogger was a pain but popped in on sweet designs by cheryl found a shoe she had made which was beautifully gorgeous  and a link to the site she found it Artfull she is soooo clever and heres my attempt will try and do a link    fabulous work she does and her videos well i could watch her all day so heres my Vintage themed shoes on ein browns and the other in greens both papaers used were from K&co..had it a while and it was just the job thanks for popping in please leave any comment so iknow youve called ta for now

Sunday 26 June 2011


ITS HOT!!HOT!!HOT!!...hope you are all having a super day and lovin the between cleaning i finished this card **CHERRY** by mo's digital isnt she adorable and hope ive done a ok job i drew the cherris on my background border lol!!! just couldnt find anything that matched ...trying to veiw blogs but is blogger misbehaving??? anyway cheers to all that pop in leave a comment plz so iknow who called love & hugs

Saturday 25 June 2011

Failed attempt

Hiyas well keep popping in for a gander and as im still off work i have time on my hands.. not the nicest of picci to start of the weekend**APOLOGIES** it is a bit yukky as this was my hopefully last procedure sadly it didnt work to get the filter out by my heart 2 hrs of pulling and poking its was really painful and now i have to do it all again as drs said **PLAN B** in two weeks to do TWO holes next not looking forwards to it and as i have to be awake ill be using a few well chosen swear words..oh dear!!!! but having time to heal i have made yet another card so hope you like it happpy weekend to you all thans for popping in and cmment sure do lift my spirits

Saturday 11 June 2011

Pretty in Pink and hospital update

A big thanks for all the kind messages about my health issues im not quite there yet but working on getting this last bit to continue is on 22nd june i have had two stays in hospital one for 6 weeks started in March i was incredibly poorley and at deaths door all my family were scared and i didnt realise this un-till i felt better how very ill i was..i had to go in again in May for 11 days all ongoing treatment this machine was one i was hooked too for 48hrs constant whch was quite boring as i couldnt move about but whats 48 hrs if it helps save your life...the drs and nurses have all been wonderful i owe them so much and as i took my images and polycromos in with me to ease the 2nd stay..i hit a bad day when i bled internally again and was rushed to MRI but thankfully only this time it was minute compared to my first hemmorage
its not been easy and im a dreadful patient althogh the welcome they all gave me when i returned for extra needles i also i took three handmade cards with me to say a big thanks plus choccis i was very overwhemled as they all said i looked fabulous (well i did make a effort as i had looked so deathly...LOL!!!so this picci was my infusion the card was one i took and coloured during my stay hope you like it and guess what its my fav colour hehehe

Friday 10 June 2011

back to Vintage and Holiday snaps

Hiya one must please excuse my DOWN mood from a previous post im just ticked off with everything... i have been through so much with nearlly dying in March its hard to keep all my chins up..i wish it would just be back to how i was in January had a fab time in Ireland with my daughter ..but alals how things change im due back in again to Birmingham heartlands hospital on 22nd june to have this thing out by my heart and im petrified as when i had it in i was unconcious..but this time im awake i hope thsy pop me to sleep as its more complex coming out than in...oh!!! i do prattle on dont i?? answers ona postcard..anyway uploaded a picci of me and my girl Rebecca on holiday and my card which i hope meets your approval i do love it here and yes blogger is playing up i tried leaving comments but nope it wasnt having it...will try again love hugs and smiles xxxxx

Pretty in pink

Pretty in pink mos digital download thought she so cute
as ever glitters flowers from wild orchard bows and lace she is in some lovely boxes and trying to flog a few on ebay thanks for popping in it does lify my spiritsxx

Wednesday 8 June 2011

Back to vntage

well totally fed up drs and hospitals do not communiocate oh dear went for anoth script of tinziparin and my needles and what trouble my discharge notes i was given differ from theres on drs computors so wrong precription..and this stuff is not medicine to get wrong...and im running around trying to explain ..even been back to out patients tonite warfrin nuurse rang to say my drs rang asking if the 40000 iu was right ...grr of course it right i told her i told him ev en took the box so i know its right ive been injecting it every day..bit fed up and rushed back to outpatients top pick up a precription from the nurses.then went to my drs mope it wasnt there either and noone could find it so 1hr later rushed home still no wiser till tomoz..ill be glad when im better and no trouble to peeps soz for osunding off..suppose no one will read this anyway i might call it a day no one harddle visit;s me humble blog or leaves comments anyway but will upload this card for a 50th birthday hope you like it hugs miserable sassy pleaz leave a comment or two and make me smile xxxxxxxx

Saturday 4 June 2011

Secret crafter Saturday Challenge

Hiya isnt the weather hot hot!!!but no time to sit in the garden i have wasps...arrrrrrrrrrg so got the pesty man in and there all flied away now so i made a card for the CraftersSaturday Challenge in this loverly colours but not coulours i thought i had in all me bits and bobs,,but surprised myself as i havent been rooting through my stash and hey presto lilacs greys and yellows so hope you like her bows and now all is left for me to try AGAIN to link this card all hugs sassyxxx

Friday 3 June 2011

I need help pleasz

well its been so long and i have forgotton how to link??????? tried a couple of things..and boo hoo it wont work i know its me... anybody give me some advise cheers

Thursday 2 June 2011

From me to you

Just idle fingers again as not back at work till dunno!!!! so i made this today in blues found some gorg papers from the range when i dragged hub's out kicking and screaming..that was me !!!! talk about a strop or what why is it with men they always get to go where they want...well mine does but when its my time for a treat its a right nightmare i just cant mange those dreadfull roundabouts there manic!!!! and i panic!!! dont wanna kiss other cars lol!!! anyways i got my own way and the papers arte from Mindy Treasawa never heard of her soz..but there called up up and way the company might be caled first edition lol! someone may know more ! as cant find anything else on these papers may go a googlin!!!all i know is they are truly scrummy with slight glittering so here she is from me to you hugs sxxxxx

Wednesday 1 June 2011

Pink my Fav colour

hiyas to all that have popped in as im still off work i thought id have another attempt at a card guess my fav colour?? of course pink i coloured this in hospital so thought not to waste id make this card for a birthday have even done the inside have been having a wander through your blogs and left a fewmessages is blogger being a pain as i have to keep signing in well just keep trying comments appreciated and valued hugsxxxxxxxx