Wednesday 20 January 2010

PINK Vintage

Hiya everybody hopes i find you all well my mojo has gone walkabouts again its took me ages to do this card and back in my pink mode **MY FAV**..and also back to vintage just popping off to watch come dine with me i find it so funny and could do with a giggle.....thanks for all your much welcomed comments and your continued support it means a great deal.....loves yer xx

Monday 18 January 2010

Pink creation

hiya everyone.....just popped in to say HI!!!! and ever had a moment when you thought about a card you made like yonk's ago...for some reason i had a card in my head that was quite complex and as im struggling with missing mojo again...i thought id try and find it somewhere in the archives...and do it!!!! well ive searched and searched and getting very frustrated UNTILL!!! i found it and having looked at it i havent got the foggiest idea how on earth i made it..remember making it ...remember being quite happy with the finished result rember the punch i used...remembered the card stock colour too surprise surprise it was pink....then i realised i cant make it it was two toned card stock and havent a clue where to but thought id show it you now i remembered where i stored the picci..... i might go a googling......hopes your all okey dokey and thanks for stopping by....lvs

Saturday 16 January 2010

MMSC 36#

Hiya me luverlies....hope your all having a snow free Saturday....i thought i had better get my challenge for the midnight Madness challenge before it closed and set myself a challenge too not to use a!!!! went all art nouvoeu erm!!!! not that happy really as i tried to stamp and emboss and retreive the hot gun i havnet used in yonks they are the gold swirls and wanted to incorporate some fur..which is the leopard stuff i have had just that long it lost its sticky so used dst...added a lady image Ive had a while and coloured her with my polycromos...and matted on gold vellum backed paper also had this ages too....oh and as i didnt add a bow i added a feather or to and a old piece of jewllery with a middle from a earing which broke too.... so hope you like it.....and again shes a big card so can box it up for a birthday am sure there are a few looming now the new years here...thanks for popping in it is so appreciated love and hugs to you all xxxxxxxxxxxx

Monday 11 January 2010

Magnolia Challenge *pleating*

Afternoon one and all..just a quickie this is my entry into the Magnolia challenge that required element pleating sorry for the poor quality picci my cameras not very well.....but i hope it enough to get the gist...and i must confess...i couldnt for the life of me do the pleating tecnique try as i might and numerous papers folded nothing seemed right so as i did a annna griffin card years ago with pleating i used the cheats way sorry!!! so if it dont count so be it.....but it has the desired apologies girls

Sunday 10 January 2010

Sending you A sunny Day

Hiyas.... Sending you a sunny day !!!!... taken in cyprus..sorry for the horrid picci off me .. no card yet working on the house work first.....and as im a little bored with the weather some might like and love it but i just dont like it one bit never have never will..even when dad popped me onto our dustbin lid aged 6(couldn't afford a sledge) and thrust me down the tallest hill(i screamedand cried all the way to the bottom lol!!)i have the most awful thoughts although my dad thought it everso brave of me...(well he did tie me to and saftey..yeah right!!!)..i didnt seem to have much choice.. )and there along with my sis clapping and waving and wooping it up.(reckon she thought good riddance to her) ... hahaha...and with me mittens on string threaded through the arms (so as not to loose the hand knitted by my dear gran's most wanted sought after ..NOT!!!stripey bright green mitts and matching'd never miss me arriving would yer lol!!! )...anyone recall???? or am i showing my age lol!! i just knew me and snow would never get along.....and for the first time in my life i was right...have a happy and safe sunday lvs yer

Saturday 9 January 2010

Standing alone

This is the front

this is the back

Good afternoonies my luverlies...well hopes you are all safe and all toasty hare after i have braved the blizzard to get some bread and milk and resisted to get a custard slice from the local bakers..dunno about you but i always wanna eat when its rotton weather and at this rate all my 6 stone weight loss will have been in i slipped past litterally and popped into tesco..and yet more cakes did i spy but lefft with milk and bread ant i a good sassy???......but im very bored so had a play at this creation i enlarged one of mo's digital to fit a a4 piece of card then duplicated and reversed the image printed her onto card ... coloured her with my promarkers added backing paper and a few gems and i must be bored...i cut her out and she is self standing about 7 inches height just left enough for the fold where i popped the ribbon....thanks for popping by and any comments are so appreciated.....loves yer all xxxx

Friday 8 January 2010


Hiya's hope you are all coping with this weather....heard its been cancelled through lack of interest lol!!!!!...and im in a pickle went out on my rounds and wondered why my foot was getting very guessed i have a hole/rip in my boots now these arnt fashion heels..they have good soles to help in this snowy weather but now ..what am i gonna do ...cant get to the shops in the city and try finding a pair of proper snowy boots well as scarse as rocking horse poo!!!! so in a right to do..wellies ant no good as i have probs getting them on a being a bif footed gal...and prob's with me old knees and back so i reckon it would have to be mens wellies......but dunno what to do well its the wekend so not going anywhere.....on to my card a bit of a disaster this one as im not in the mood i thought i was...its for the midnight challenge i havent done one for a while so thought after i glued my boots lol!!! well worth a chance eh!!! i'd make use of my hot glue gun...anyways shes one for the charity box me thinks but will enter her thanks for popping in ..always a pleasure seeing whos come my way hugs and love stay safe and warm xxxxx

Thursday 7 January 2010

Sulking cause your leaving card

hello my luvverlies.....brrrrr!! its another chilly one today so have been to work trudging through the snow....have to keep a close eye on my resis specially this weather...anyway alls ok...had a email from my boss today to say one of my fav managers is leaving us sad..we started together 10 years ago and shes become a lovely friend will miss i have made another rather large card so we can all sign it at our next managers meeting...i bought a mo's digital and enlarged her to suit the dimensions of this large card..and coloured her with polycromos...wish me sis had coloured her though as im a bit crappy lol!!!! havent the patience like she has....anyway i hope it fits as im sortta sulking like the image fact im well miffed as she is leavig to retire ....i wish it was me...still i havent long to go....sorry again for the poor pici quality i reckon ive been fiddling with the settings on my camera ... and now ive mucked it up..unless its truly knacked...lvs yer and thanks for calling in....xxxxx.

Wednesday 6 January 2010

Vintage thanks

Hiyas hunnies......well i know youve all had snow..well last night was our turn and boy did it come down so i was on my rounds crunching my way round to visit my resis and actually i enjoyed thattoday but its when it gets slushy and slippy thats when i hate it slip sliding scared so much of falling..and deffo need the firebrigade to lift me or the paramedics..mmmmmmmmm actually not a bad idea naughty!!!!.on to my card i didnt send as many cards as i would have liked this year and two of my work friends sent me beauties and are very supportive so i thought id make them a friendship card to compensate for the lack of you can see yep vintage themed in silvers and creams....and have done a matching insert too....i hope you im going for a gander to catch up on your blogs...hugs to you all and thanks everso for your comments i do appreciate the time it takes and im really cheered up when i read them from a very humble sassyxxxx lvs to one and all...sorry picci not that good think my cameras on its last legs....and whos just missed this off the christmas list eh!!!??

Sunday 3 January 2010

My First card of 2010 first card for the new year and its HUGE!!!!!!.......its for one of my residents 90Th birthday in January but as she no longer lives here her daughters doing a party at the home she now lives in but she was a darling and although i cant attend along with some of the other residents i thought if i made a BIG..huge card we could all sign it....of course its vintage themed with burgundy and cream and cuttle bugged the mating and rubbed it with a emery board to release the paler on the reverse of card stock...added a large burgundy rose cut the butterfly with my cuttle bug and did a layer of vellum also on cuttle bug and glittered it added a 9 & 0 from birthday cake numbers cause they were large which were blue so i gold leafed them and added pearls and of course my lush lace and my bow...i do hope she will like it and of course hope it meets your approval...hope you have had a restful Sunday unlike work was gonna give that up for new year but doooh!!! it just had to be done along with piles of washing and ironing and now i bushed...thanks for popping in i look forward to your comments and soz for being a lazy blogger lol!!!! xxxx

Friday 1 January 2010

Happy New Year

Hiyas...i know i have been a bad bad blogger but popped on to wish you all the happiest and the healthiest of new year to you all and for all the support and friendship i have gained from the blogging world and year resaloutions...i dont make any lol!!! hope you all had a fab evening and i hope i find my mojo sulking somewhere so i can make a card or two...loves you all xx