Saturday 28 November 2009

Baby jaynes Christmas Card

Happy Saturday to all me luvverlies....havent done alot lately i reckon mojo has cone awol again.....have of course made a couple of card one i cant let you see as somewhere my sis will see it lol!!!...but this is for my sister Jayne..she popped round the other day and threatned me that if she didnt get a boxed card for christmas she not get me a pressie lol!!! but of course id already made it ..never told her that...anyway i fancied burgundy and cream am not really that impressed with my effort though but she will like is doing my head in and im sure it hasnt been light all day..or perhaps it was here for such a short time i never noticed and no i havent been having a duvet day haha....just seem busy doing nothing...round in circles and not geting any where fast....hope you are all well ttfn xxxxx

Tuesday 24 November 2009

Midnight Challenge #29

Evening hunnies....a bit late posting..had another day in paradise ..NOT!!builders here again and theyll be back lol!!! but not for a week or two and im so happy i have a proper back gate and a secure office at last...dosnt take much to please me eh!!! anyway in between i managed my entry for the Midnight Challenge 29 why i did lemon,,,,hardly ever do lemon but hey ho,..i realised though i put my ribbons oo close to the edge so imagine the bands are wider lol!!! anyway of to bedibyes m a shattered bunnie ttfn love you popping in

Monday 23 November 2009

Vintage Peach

morning my blogging buds......what a performance i think Mr blogger hates me lol!!!! in and out off and a right tizzy......but at last i can dropping in to wish you a happy monday..all go here have the workmen in altering and building in my office so as i cant work in it im on here shush!!! dont tell ....heres a card i would like to share with you i made it a while ago sohope you like...its a bit on the peachy side i changed my camera and its not as good as my old cannon..well im off for a cuppa and im freezing workmen in and out like a weather vain...brrrrr!!! at least its stopped raining......loves yer ttfn xxxxxxxxxxxx

Thursday 19 November 2009

Colour create Challenge red green & white

Afternoon my cherubs....been to work to keep the old back from seezing up..and although sore im quite well..but have had orders to rest so i sat and made this card and thought it would be ok for the colour create as they wanted green red and had a tilda off ebay...lace of ebay ant it lush?!!!...had some old christmas paper from last year for the backing coloured tilda in with my polywhatists..glamour dust ..of course..i havent much in the way of embellies in christmas theme so used my flowers from wild orchids and glittered like a little frosty snow effect...awwww ....and a few cut offs from old christmas decorations for the pretend mistletoe & ivy.....anyway i hopes you like her guarding the pressies my colouring could be better..but hey ho shell do for me for a nap!!! do feel very tired if you hear roars of thunder its probs me i sound like a i have been told...who me...nahhhh!!! ttfn xxx

Wednesday 18 November 2009

Midnight Madness challenge #28

Hiya me luverlies....well im home from hospital a little sore but all went ok...well need to wait to see if its taken some pain out my back as it was tricky to drain will have to give it chance ...enough of me wafflings heres a card i made last night for the midnight madness challenge and of course back to vintage and there is a little charm although the flower is hiding it...... i dont own many charms especially crissy ones so its a snowman...hope you might like my card i gold leafed the green card stock..... image from Joanna sheen added chopped up christmas decorations ribbons and glamour dusted thanks for popping in i appreciate your all busy fingers... off too scoff some chocolate....heheh...hubby gone to work now as he should have stayed with me for 24 hrs but im ok and i wouldnt have got me chocolate or been allowed on here either i the rotter.....only joking....ttfn have a nice night xxxx

Monday 16 November 2009

Onsies Card sooo cute

Hiya me again and have had a little blog hop...and found a gorgeous little onesies card by a really clever lady Lauren Meader
i hope i have her name right as lauren...they are so cute i jusat had to make one although there is a tutorial i cut my cards out free hand used my nesties and ran through swiss dots i hope you think they are as cute as i do...the red i thought for a babies first christmas and the pink for a birth congratulations... i also found this adorable card to from Deb
and its a really stunning card so with the inspiration too from this lovely crafter this is my take on these cuties
hope you like...thanks for visiting my blog and any comments left certainly lift me ttfn xxx

Christmas Angel challenge

Hiya busy fingers....well this is really out my comfort zone and my very good friend VIV offered me the opportinuty for this challenge id been on Sherrys blog and loved this oh so different altered angels and viv mailed me to see if i wanted a go here she is i used sherrys template and altered it slightly not sure the dimentions are acurate ...added my feather tothe wings so hope that was ok......right must dash im at work....ooops but needed to get her on before she flys away lol!!! hoping you are all having a lovely monday.....ttfn my loverly busy fingers crafters and comments would be lovely too thanks so much for all the comments that really do make me smile xxxxxxxxxx

Sunday 15 November 2009

Christmas Tilda with present

Evening all you busy fingers...two posts in one day...crickey just wanted to share the other card i made and this time my fav colour pink....the paper was found in my computor and i adjusted the fade as i wanted it fadey lol!!!! the image was from a dear friend coloured her in with promarkers and glittered used my nesties which i forgot i had...too much stash then eh!!! added the flowers bought from ikea ages ago and glittered all the flowers ..leaves and tinted them pink added a little festive white bits from old christmas decorations and of course a bow....and i finished this before my rush to B&Q....just wished id looked in the mirror before i went hahah...i was covered in glamour dust...but i looked right at home in the chrismas section ...the woman at the check out must have thought id been sprinkling myself under the wonder she looked at me funny....i cetainly sparkled and hubby never said a word..mmmmmmm...we had words later AFTER hed connected my new cooker....ttfn and thanks for popping in..xxxxx

Christmas inspiration from Tab & Midnight madness #27

Happy Sunday my luvverlies.....would like to share this card with you and first off want to thank Tab for the inspiration for this card i was blown away with her card so much i just had to try and replicate it and had a bee in my bonnet for blue for my mdc challenge and although there are so many fabby cards you have all made ....this card for some reason stuck in my head..... so just had to have a go and this fitted the bill for the blue i wanted..i hope she wont mind and have tried to do it differently but all the inspiration was from her so thanks Tab..i hope Ive done it also it fits i think perfect for the midnight madness 27 challenge now gotta dash over to b&q for some wire hubs is off work to put in my new cooker so hope we can have a decent tea...had a call on Friday from hospital I'm going in on Wednesday morning to have this Synovial stenosis drained in my back as I'm in so much pain...i went for the mri results on Wednesday and it was better news than i could have hoped for well it could have been worse..but they have decided as the pain is intense it should be removed its on the L3 & 4th fingers crossed ill be better and my op for my knee will be early next year...they were going to wait and do them together but the'yd re looked at my MRI and decided it would be to much to have then done new nightie pending lol!!! and another gander for me on the delish consultant Mr Waite's....
Bum.. hold that thought .for a month!!!....will be in day surgery so ill be home for tea..
must get my bum in gear so ttfn love to you all and feel free to comment as i do appreciate your time in visiting and that you are all busy fingers...xxxxx

Wednesday 11 November 2009

Lilac Vintage Christmas

Evening crafters me Again!!!...found this adorable image in my stash already mounted so just had to finish her have gone for lilacs and gold and a dusting of glamour dust...then i went to take a picci of her and found i had her upside down doooh!!!! what a plonker ...anyway rectified it...hopes you like....i rather do...nite nite sleep tight..lvs yer al xxxxxxxx

Christmas vintage....Hospital update

afternoon blogetts.....just got back from hospital and the bad news first is i do have a lump in my spine 6cms by3 cms which it to be removed but they say it looks good....mmmm!!!and then im also down for a knee replacement over the next couple of months as the pysio & Dr also said that it will help my back and my hip which i have osteoarthritis in both so soon ill be jumping around like a springy lamb.....and although im not looking forwards to it just think off the crafting i can do for all that time off work so there is a up side...had my pre op thingys too they were good and have to go back a week before my op for bloods etc...but other than that my bp and sats were fabby....and to top it off my consultant has a fab bum lol!!!!! also hes cute and tall its actually the first time i have meet him i normaly get his little helpers and he is ONE cor blimey lushy wanna play drs and nurses hhahaha i wish...steady on i hear you cry...but my legs might be knackered but i still have a good!!! sanity ressumed heres a card i want to share with you..made last night along with my shoe us a favour and leave some comments just so ikonw im not talking to my self to you

Tuesday 10 November 2009

Blue is the colour

Evening me blogging beauties a bit of a late one for me got engrossed with the *F*word i love gordon ramsey...i likes a bit of rough ooops got carried away there well as per the normal i have found the second shoe which i enlarged in my photo shop coloured with polycromos then added crystal laquer and sprinkled gems...used gold leaf on navy card stock & sole of shoe also used my new flowers from wild orchid..adore that place...adorned in my ott way with ribbons cant for the life of me think of a any suggestions please...hope you like it i know im not of the norm but when ever did i say i was normal lol!!!! off to hospital tomoz for my MRI results about my back so fingers crossed they can mend me....heres hoping ttfn have a good day tomoz love and thanks for visiting and any comments you care to leave would make me smile before bed time.....nitey nite sleep well xxxxx

Monday 9 November 2009

Think ill stay and annoy yer lol!!!!!!!

Cor blimey what a palava!!!!!!!! BUT hoooooray!!! i love my hubby.....he has done a total refit....cant find anything now.. though but has got rid of the flamin virus that was killing me computor off.we tried uping the security but that had a knock on wiv other stuff thanks for the help that was left but alls ok i hope ....ive lost loads of stuff but im gonna be staying around a little longer lol!!!!!havent a clue what happened but its been horrid but him being the clever so and so he is has re done everything..except a few things had to go but who cares....i really though i was a it was really silly but upsetting...anyway you have me a while longer nananaaa!!! heres one i have been playing with well two actually....whilst the computor has had a good clean....ttfn love yer ALL and would have missed you terribly....xxxx

Enough!!!!!!!! might be sayiing goodbye to blogland

Calling all tecno having all sorts of probs..arrrg!! but now i cant leave comments on some blogs especially the ones with the comments embeded under post..if its a pop up or word verification i it blogger playing silly sods or me... also has a mesage that syas the website hasnt a proper certificate whats that all about..??????/ been into help and not much help at this rate i might be saying tara to blogland...any help appreciated im at breaking point lol!!! to bed now had enough.....ttf hugs xxxx

Sunday 8 November 2009

Christams Vintage

Happy Sunday...cor been having tecno probs..arnt computers and all the mod cons fantastic....till they go wrong...big time this house over the last two days first cooker blew up....then microwave went stupid and died ....washing machine leaked and me ickle electric sweeper wont charge up.... so been out spending money we cant afford...but just had to buy a new cooker and we are skint....and with the offending computer issues playing up big time arggggg!!! wanna scream... i hope this post posts lol. anyway on a happier note .you may have remembered id sold some christmas vintage on ebay..well the lady thats buying them all wants this is taotally brill..but do you think i can call on me mojo to kick way will it.. thats gone bust too....have been scratching my head and the application i use all the time has gone awol its lost ..oh no!!!! im lost with out dug out some cds me sis sent me last year..(thanks sis) and there from joanna had a play with this one for three days..and this is the result and again ott my usual self..bought some chrimble decorations and chopped them i hope you like it... and thank god i hear you say ..the robin aw bless he wont fit on a card( i tried but hes huge pmsl) so hes been watching instead lol hope you all have a good sunday and when ive posted this im doing a rememberance sunday post over at Gathered Memeories for all our fallen soldiers past and present and for anyone we wish to be remembered huggies and love to you all ttfn...xxxxxxx soz it isnt a good picci..

Wednesday 4 November 2009

Black Lace

Morning Hunnies....hope you all had a good nights kip...up nice and early so finished off a card whilst scoffing me special k...not made this for anything particular just fancied doing a black & white image i found this over at Dezinaworld
she has some amazing projects and pics i found myself in her blog for ages and this was one of her free images i think its soo lovely so just had to try and do something with her....I'm like a bee round a honey pot when there vintage or old worldly things to find..really enjoyed my visit..i used a free paper download i have had lace of eBay a broken hair flower clip..and found some hand embellishments like sticky twinkly hand the 1-00p shop ages ago and coloured them black with my pro markers coloured some beads & gems again with black pro marker..

have a super day just finishing off my 3rd coffee then go out to work another day in paradise lol!!!!!

weather looks bright but i have a feeling its a chilly one...brrrrrrr!! i do feel the cold
tempted to strap a hottie bottle to me bum for extra warmth it gets chilly visiting me resis..but it sure would make a funny noise with me waddling around
would have to put it down to wind !!!!!....ttfn xx

Monday 2 November 2009


Hiyas hunnies....just had to tell you i have just sold another five of my cards on my i never sell really id sooner give them away also had two commisions ordered for a 100th birthday...but doooh!!! i did them and forgot to take piccis silly numpty that i am....anyway she was deligted so i am a happy bunnie..i never rate my stuff of worthy exchange for money..but thought id give it a go and all together ive sold ten cards...anyways i had a play last week and forgot i made this now she ant the cutest card but it was a new stamp and i just coloured her in polywhatsits as i was poorley and found it this is it..she one for the charity shop me thinks....papers from paper cellar...broken chrimble flowers..i scored the gold backing to look like a frame ..think i got away with it lol!!!..not very ott for me though is it ?well change is as good as a rest..loves yer and thanks for any comments you may wish to leave..ttfn xxxxxx

Sunday 1 November 2009

Introducing ...Sheila Mary

Hiyas....first off thanks to those who have shown support to my new blog Gathered Memories Within it is so appreciated and feel free to jump on board ... i have left my Birthday card over there for my Mum who would have reached her 80th today....i seem to have found some calm over the last few days and for that my heart is grateful...and as the weather is not too kind and i feel so much better ive had a challenge..just a vintage i found these really old paper long they have been hidden who knows but they are rather fragile...tried to do a bit of distressing...all goodies used from stash paper from paper cella..cut out leaves and stuck sequins on..daft or what lol!!! but im strangely pleased with this card...i hope you like her too ive called her after my Mum..thanks again for all the wonderful comments left to cheer my day.. as always hugs xxxx