Monday 31 August 2009

This is for my sister with love im sure you have all been over to my sisters blog yorkie lover

well she has done some wonderful sketches in amongst her fabulous work and this is one of them which will be winging its way up to bonnie blythe....i have alot to thank this wonderful person for who came into my life i wish i could do more for her but she always has my love so i decided to colour her image with the polycromos and added new leaves and flowers from stash the backing papers are from papercellar...tried to explain how lush they here my card just for you will be with you special sis .. Also thanks everyone for popping into my blog.... sorry been a bad bloger of late...but have been visiting lots of your blogs most of the day.....thanks for all your most treasured comments...ttfn xxxxxxxxxxx

cute daisy may

hiyas to all my blogging buds.....happy bank holiday..where the sunshine we were promised got me pinnie ready for the barbie..and me sausages and burgers out.....but looks like it might be a big mac instead.....cause its yer thought i meant a mc!!!! well had a play and came up with this cute image from daisy may designs and as she has a challenge i though id enter it shes very bubbly everything from stash had the beaded bow for ages and seeing all the pearly things popping from it it thought it sorta looked like bubbles lol!!!!! just humour me .... anyway have a brill day whatever you are up too.....lvs yer ttfn xx

Sunday 30 August 2009

The cute bear

Morning sweeties...the sun shinning in warwickshire today....hang on a minute it was lol!!!!!!!!! well even though i have no decent specs...i have struggled to make a card ijust had too cause im missing my sanity....and me out with the glamour dust..and my polycromos and coloured in a digi image...not very good but codidering im blind at the mo ...temporary you understnad i though i wasnt bad...well not good but not bad....i have bought a few goddies and been itching to i hope you might like my little bear...she a bit cute...bought new papers from K* flowers from all things crafty lace from stash leaves with the most fabby punch l-em and my new martha stuart lace edge .. its gorgeous..had a job to line it up though...did i tell yer i lost me glasses lol!!!!!!!!! ttfn off out for a bit of window shopping.......i wont be able to buy anything as i cant see the prices...did i think i told yer i lost me glasses heheheh lvs yer

Friday 28 August 2009

COOOOOOOOOeeeeeeee!!!! my effort to draw

COOOOOOOOOeeeee just popping in to say HI!!!!!!!!!!!!!...and cant craft as i haven't got any glasses i have gone and lost my best specs.....I've searched and searched but just cant find them been down the town to the last shops i went to and nothing i have been doing this for nearly a week re-tracing every step so i cant do much for long with me other glasses cause they just magnifying ones so they hurt and strain my eye im so mad they cost a arm and a leg so been to the opticians and my insurance and they think im covered on my house fingers also gave me a voucher for the eye test too so just need to make appointment and have given insure the new quote for two more hope it gets paid through my insurance till then im struggling with work too as i cant wear me magnifying ones all the time and cant see to write stuff or use computer if you could have seen this before i did a spell check lol!!!!!!!......anyway i saw my sis has been drawing and ant she good. bloody hell !!!! shes brilliant i thought id have a dabble haven't drawn for years...and this is what i came up with through her inspiration....haven't told her yet lol!!! she will accuse me of copying but she copies off me all the time heheh....don't yer sis..but she loves me and i love her so my sketch was taken from the image from Sarah Kay but changed the teddy to a doll.......anyway rabbited enough im trying hard to make a card got new stuff which i cant enjoy doing i hate these specs..and i get a brain ache too ...well ttfn lvs yer

Sunday 23 August 2009

Vintage rose

Hello my darlinks....well busy busy had visitors my son and my granddaughter popped down from Bradford oh the joy it was my lad is such a tonic and even though hes hurt his leg at footie and is on crutches he still cheered me up no end...and he didn't need his mashed knee to drive thank god so its been fab..we had a great day out with his other child conor who's birthday he just couldn't miss so we all went out shopping..yep round one heck of a big market him on crutches and me with me bad hip etc etc and by heck we was knacked.....but then later we all went for a family meal super dooper....then catastrophe struck!!!!!....jessica was to go to bed and all tears and woes she'd lost her bear........and would she settle nope as this is no ordinary bear hes so special he has a real heart and is called muffy....he was born in April and dad poor soul had to drive nother 40 miles to fetch muffy who by now realizing his mum has left him in the pub was happily tucking into some salt and vinegar crisps and a orange lol!!! and this was one happy girl when he turned up back into her arms i couldnt believe how important this little bear is too jess but i just hope now shell never lose him again and yes i even got to see his heart tucked inside his bits lol!!!..well didnt see it really but she told me he had one and that she even picked the colour of his fur and he has a birth certificate too.. was it ever that interesting when we had bears as kids well i surely know i just got a bog standard teddy.when i was 6 ...but hey i loved him just as much as she loves muffy...

hopes you have all had a fabby week end and heres a card i made earlier before the girlie night i had with a 8 year old going on 30 heheh

Wednesday 19 August 2009

Look me in the eyes

Hiya my loverlies..well im back to work had to just give it a go..and cor!! im fair worn out been non stop and had my boss to visit and me and the Bradford factor are gonna fall out big time (have you heard of it) well i jokingly said what do points make ....prizes...and guess what i have had a final warning cause im a sick bunnie...i do think it makes folks so scared of being ill and if your ill because a procedure went wrong I get am not a happy bunnie whatsoever..and although its down to manager discretion..i told my manager as i am a manager myself im overiding it..disgusted i am..right moan over lol!!!! i made a card with a new stamp ive had a while its made for no particular reason as i dont feel i can cope with a challenge as im still in loads of pain but i need to get my therapy back on track so i hope you like my little guy whos name escapes me and hasnt he got the most goo goo eyes......i hope youve all had a cracking day weather been so warm and just pefect even though works been tough im glad to be doing what i do as i do love my work most of the time anywas ive rambled shutting up lol..thanks for popping in to my life of sanity on my space of the wrold where its truly surround by marvelous friends like blog

Monday 17 August 2009

Blog Candy..jeepers wow!!!

click her name to take you there
good luck everyone
You have just gotta go and have a look over at priccillas blog for the amazing generous candy

Sunday 16 August 2009

The fun with a new die

Hello campers!!! tis only me popping in once again,,,still in pain re me bones and wentto hospital on Wednesday my specialist wants further tests so down for a MRI soon i hope been back on the morphine a couple of days so flitting here there and cant settle unlike a fly lol!!!! had a play not a very interesting card but bought the flourish sizzix..oh my!!! hadn't a clue how to use it in my cuttle bug...but had to google not made for any purpose than to fill my ever increasing charity box..i hope your all ok and sorry for not leaving many comments i must try your all Little stars leaving me comments that's i am deligted to recieve so all have a lovely sunny Sunday and steady on the york shire puds..oooommmmm fancy a roast me self...and as i don't eat meat hardly i must be hungry

Sunday 9 August 2009

Nice day for a pink wedding..

Hiya its me like a bus nothing for ages then two come along lol!!! well had a play day i know i said iwas gonna tydy and de glitter the cat ..well di dneither the housework can wait and the cats gone out dancing lol!!! so made a card instead i bought some rather bargain basement stamps an dthis isone of them im not a stamper as you all know but just thought id invest in some wedding as i have a scarpbook order coming in heres my card..all in ice pink card stock linen fromstash and ribbons from wild orchards and roses too ...stamp from papermania and the odd pearl oh and some vellum used my friskars punch added ribbon to the reverse to show through pink bits and used swiss dots folder and of course glamour dust of the cat lol!!!!! oh and coloured with polycromos....have got another week off...boss wont be too happy but im only just feeling a bit better and whats the telling ill rush back to work and undo all the rest i have had......anywya hope you like my wedding card just need a wedding to go to know....ttfn huggies to you .....

Two Problems lol!!!

Hiya..first problem i'm back and the second i have a glittered pussy lol!!! first off yes im back so hope you can live with that hehehe glad to say the pain is nearlly gone and for the first time i actually slept so off the morphine now and waiting to see what the hospital say on wednesday re my bloods pills worked on the infection which allowed me PLAY time this is where the second problem occured...something really funny happened whilst making this card...nothing funny there you might say...but my sweetie pussy decided just as i was putting the finishing touches to my card with my GLAMOUR DUST she decided she wanted a cuddle ((only when she decides she loves me does she interfere))so she is now covered in glamour dust..and shes gone off to sparkle in the sunshine and sulk as she didnt like it when i tried shaking her to get some glamour dust salvaged back into the bottle pmsl......pity poor Mrs Salcombe (from are you being served) isnt around she'd have loved that....anyway on to my card i have had these super fairy's for a while and not being well hadn't the inclination to do anything till last night so as my sister yorkie lover has shown them to toatal utter perfection pop over to her blog i thought id have a go
and also not being well i have bent my flexible friend in ways you cant imagine and its Tabby's fault..hehe i saw her oh!!! so gorgeous card go and have a look if you already havent and the flourish punch so i treated myself to it off!! arnt they cool so oh yes have ordered another thanks tab for the inspiration...well she is finished minus some dust and all the contents used are from my stash ikea flowers and roses from wild orchards ribbon too and download from Charmed cards
so hope you like her and i decoupaged her slightly

ttfn good to be back home with me blogging luvverlies

Thursday 6 August 2009

Little brown girl....

Hello...thought i had better stick my head round the door and say hi!!!! soz been a bad blogger but have been so poorley and found out i have a infection in my pelvis presumably from the injection i had last week i went to my drs and he got me a emergency hospital appointment today not much could they do except do xray and bloods today and to keep taking the antibiotic and morphine...yes its been that bad and also the hospital have managed to get my appointment brought forward to see my consultant next week the 11th August instead of the wait till 26th October as something is so wrong with my hip and back sice this injection...wish id never had it am worse now than when i went so hopes they can sort shattered..anyways enough moaning...i did manage to finish a card the longest a card has ever took me as im doppier more than normal....its the sevredol morphine they make me fall asleep and on cloud cuckoo ....and i must pop back to bed in a mo but wanted to go will give it a go...not joined any challenges so this is just me trying to play...i did use some new promarkers in the browns so of course i just had to have a play...its not that good but getting withdrawal symptoms too....and i did find it relazing especially at 2-30 in the morning as i started this last thursday and only finished it this morning....right wont bore you all going for a gander and send mail to me special sis....ttfn hugs to you all xxxxxxxxps can anybody see the elephants and mice...orthe funny sycadelic pictures....cause i can lol!!!!

Sunday 2 August 2009

Wowzer twice..

Many many thanks im so chuffed to have recieved this fabby award twice from the lubberly christine
and the equally lubberly susie

i am really fed up of this pain now so these awards have cheered me no end as just sitting here is so painful there is something wrong as i shouldnt be in this much pain nearly a week after the injections and getting worried..but got to try and get to work tomoz but certainly not loking forwards to it and also me sis is unwell yorkie lover aw bless we like two bookends and not good ones at that...but my word hasnt she got the most stunning cards well i would say that wouldnt i ..pop over and visit all these fabby blogs and as for passding this on...well please feel free to display it on your blogs as your all fantastic blogging buddies.....accept it with my love ttfn xxxxx