Tuesday 31 March 2009

Me again....

I knew i had made a card last night and have just found it behind my desk......told you i was having a bad day ...so thought i had better post it before it got lost again and its not the best card as i mucked up the sentiment straight onto the card and me rub offs didnt rub off so had to add extra sentiment to hide it does it look daft ..?? love


Excuse my ramblings....i lost my signature too ...how do you all find it so easy....or am i just a right thicko...lol!!!!! i do get in a right two and eight still i have a excuse today as had me weep...been struggling at tescos me knees are killing and got a boring managers meeting tommorow...no wonder me mojos gone and hid....

ooooooo flip have just deleted that post...silly me having a bad day..the mask is a atc...the baby shoe was a commision and the dungerees just me playing....still cant find me mojo......

Sunday 29 March 2009

Blue and lilac.challenge colours

had another play...cant really say i like this now......mmmmmmmmmmm something not right but it will do for a spare if a baby boy pops out in the near future its very glittered too not sure it shows though
added a tiny shoe on the bottom of the bow.....a friend sent me the *sweet cheeks*..cut on a circut
Just playing and go the urge to do a signature reckon other peeps looks so nice....although i found it confusing...but then everything confuses me..new name confused . com lol!!!!!!!! so this is a trial run on a brand new post please excuse the rubbish...just hope ive done it right....

Pass it on........

This is a little Blog lottery, which has come my way from Chrissie i promise to send a little crafty surprise sometime before the end of 2009, to the first 3 people who leave a comment on this post. They in turn will email me at sue@dtow.freeserve.co.uk. email me to let me know their address, but... they must continue the chain and offer to send a little something to the first 3 people who make a comment on a similar post on their blogs.
It should be a fun way to get to know new crafting buddies.

Who will it be ?????

Saturday 28 March 2009

Found this from ages ago...

I stumbbled upon this creation i made a while ago......i do love playing and a mask what on earth will i ever use it for lol!!! just though i would share my mask with you all...as it quite a pretty thingyinmejig......suppose if im having a bad face day..it would improve things ..thanks for popping in...love

Friday 27 March 2009

Heres a award for you all

As the decsion is too great to decide who should have this award i am giving it to all my followers and visitors too in thanks for your support of my blog..... so please pick it up and view it on your blogs many thanks for all the support you have shown and a big hug to you

Thursday 26 March 2009

Sugar and spice.....

Had a lovely image from my sis and i really liked the simplicity of the image...meant i then could go a little over board on the trimmings....so ribbons and flowers and bows.....glittered her frock with glamour dust...and of course cheapo shop bought roses and lace trimmed with chiffon ribbon and a few pearls hugs

Introducing Marvina...

This is my baby marvina who is only ever been called marvin for a reason when we had *itshe* we were told it was deffo a boy cat so hence the name marvin..and so it became known over the cat world he who had a name at 2 weeks old......it wasnt till we had him home and he would come to us when we called him by this previously practised name by the lady we bought him off and when i took him for his first trip to the vets..where i tentivly asked *how old has he to be to have his Nutsbits done...at about 10weeks was her reply aw bless (but hed thank me later and forgive me too as toms have a such bad name lol!!) so she had a look.. looked again as i talked to marvin telling him mummys so sorry but its for the best..stroking his ears.poor baby marvin and me cooing over him ....and then vet smiled and giggled again for we had been mislead and my new boy was actually a girl.....hubby so wanted a tom cat....so i had to break the news our boy was a girl......so hence the *a* on the end of marvin on the vets notes and insurance etc...so now i have A posh pussy with A posh name....(do you get it lol...my silly play on words...)oh well i tried... forgive my ramblings but will hubby let me refer to her as a her and he still insists shes a flippin boy ....good job it wasnt a female child we had...poor thing would be dressed as a boy in a sailor suit aged 4 ......thanks for reading my ramblings its my age...senior moments...me thinks ...thanks anyway normal service resummed soon...lol!!! hugs sassyxxxxxxxxxxxx

Gosh....another award

Well its not often in speachless but will make an exeption today as i have recieved another fabby award from susie sugar and she thinks im funny so glad i have made her laugh...I have a laugh every day when i look in the mirror lol!!!! thanks susie and will now have to pick another five to pass this award on to so while i relish in my pride and delight i shall do it later decsions..oh my who could be next.....watch this space my bloggin buds love and hugs sassyxxx

Wednesday 25 March 2009

My Awards to YOU Ladies

There are so many wonderful blogs so hard to choose
This award comes with rules, they are:-* this award is given to blogs which inspire you* blogs which make you smile and laugh* or maybe they give you amazing information* a great read*a great design* or any other reason which makes them "uber amazing"you must display this award on your blog, nominate 5 blogs to let them know they are "uber amazing", share the love and link to them and the person you recieved it from its so difficult to single out people I hate choosing!so it is with great pleasure to award my five blogs that have for one reason or another made me smile

Yorkie lover for all her support as my adopted sis lvs yer
Susie sugar for her kindness and support
Diamond doll who inspired me to blog
Pink Piggy she has me in stiches
viv craftin haven for putting up with a numpty

Popped this in on a seperate post because i made most of this with the candy win from susiesugar...the onlt things which were already mine were the buttons and cardstock & tiny flowers everything else was from the candy goodies and susie what a naughty girl you are as something poped in the letterbox today ...you are one very kind thoughtful generous little bunnie xx hugs for you aw ......enough of the creeping and crawling now susie me kness are killing me lol!!!...i actually have a little friend who is starting school easter and has a birthday the same day so i reckon this is perfect for her she such a tiny tot off to school brings tears to my eyes seeing her growing up......so tina this is for you...not that she will see it here you understand...she should be tucked up by now so its just the ramblings of a broody old gal who misses her kids......thanks for popping in love &hugs sassyxx

Pretty Pink

Well at last i have managed to make a couple of cards........not really feeling in the mood though....poor sassy happy one minute and right misery the next.....aw well never mind as me gran used to say *it will all come out in the wash* bless her so heres a very pink girly card.....coloured the little flowers with my promarkers..image from a friend..thank you friend lol!!!! and the rest remnents from my stash oh and used my nestie small round for the happy birthday rub ons from pebbles and co...i love the fonts on these..thanks for popping by love and hugs sassyxxxx

Proud as punch!!!

Had a right rotton day again at work...cant seem to do right for doing wrong..i get so upset so it is with pride i can show my award from lindi Thank you so much hunnie am well chuffed...and will try and pass it on but there are so many so clever bloggers out there with such fantastic talent its gonna be a hard call.....but thanks for making another day alot brighter...

Tuesday 24 March 2009

Postie called lol!!!

The postie has been ..oh what a happy bunnie am i ...so a massive thanks to
Susie for the lovely box of goodies i recieved today...it has made my day thank you so much for all the bits and bobs keep havng to go through it all and looking at all the wonderful goodies ...all mine.lol!!!!.....and love the martha stuart punch...never seen one like that before....so now iv fiddled and fannyied around doing all the linking i can get on to make a card or two....i just have to keep going till i fathom stuff out ...a phrase ..*dog with a bone* springs to mind lol!!!!!so watch this space for a new creation....and hopefully with some of the goodies sent to me in my candy win.....love and hugs sassyxxxx..oh susie did you forget to pack the XYRON machine to use with the design disc pmsl.....only kidding my darling.i am such a cheeky so and so sassy........it looks cool and clever..... so it gives me a good excuse to perhaps to buy one........lvs sassyxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Monday 23 March 2009

Sorry buddies

so sorry for all the rubbishy bits you may have seen its only me trying to fathom out this linking business lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!.....want to say big thanks to my blogging buddies Diamond doll and viv for all the agro and questions im amazed i have a blog at all...am such a numpty but think i have now achieved my goal....hoooray........its only took hours...so know thats sorted i hope ..now will get my head round a card..........thanks for all your wonderful comments and for visiting my blog spelling mistakes and all ..i hope i have included their links to their fabby blogs...if so pay them a visist...love and hugs sassyx

candy happiness

Well just cant contain my excitment...i have won another blog candy my first win was carlz cards and my second from susie sugar...cant thank you both enough how hapy am i.....this much .......................................................................................
..............................................................................................and more......so when my pressies arrive hope i can find me mojo....as it has eluded me these past couple of days..........love sassy

Sunday 22 March 2009

Thursday 19 March 2009


Hiya.....well fifi...what a palaver...my grandaughter whos two very soon is hypnotised when these are on the tele..she sings and dances and its such a joy to watch her...and a card with fifi on was just meant to be..for my darling millie.....shes been helping nannie with the gardening today so hence a late card entry....ive used muscles i didnt know i had ...it looks a tip at the mo.. (the garden that is)...but will have her again tomoz with the hedge clipers ..only jesting....thanks for popping in..love sassyxx

Monday 16 March 2009

Need Help...PLEAZ....

Hiya...had a email to say someone has tried to leave comments...can you do me a big fav and try leaving me a comments= however small just to see if alls working...and anyone else having bother?????????????..please try for me ..if you can hugs sassyx

Sunday 15 March 2009

Lovely lilacs

Silly me forget to pop this one on too.....it that bleach lol!!!! or harpic or both...my bathroom sparkles....back to cards .....downlaod paper love this check...laura ashley ribbons...poppicraft flowers..xcut impress border..my nesties cute image from pc crafter yonks ago!!! brads from laura ashley and to finish me hobbiecraft roses and signature bow.....happy sunday...get out the sun screen lol!!!!!!!!!!!....thanks so much for popping in.....love sassyx

Hats off

Morning....well the sun has got his hat on hip hip hip horray!!!!!.......what a lovely bit of sunshine it is this sunday morning ...did mega loads of cleaning yesterday and nearlly overdosed on bleach....so while i was high as a kite lol!!!! i needed a rest..so this is what i came up with..found it very relazing..

...Linenvcard base and bazill card stock..papermania ribbons image from a download iv had ages from PC crafter...my nesties and promarkers oh and the flowers from poppicrafts finished of with my signature bow..hope you like her and many thanks for popping in.....have a good sunday
love sassyx...off to clean the car...&..anoy the neigbours with the hoover....heheh

Friday 13 March 2009

Love you

This has given me a headache....pass us a asprin....i really have struggled with this card.....and now its finished inside and out im still not sure...i treated myself to a impress as i cant puch out borders to good..the old handies not so handy....so thought this would be easier and its a great little gadjet..for 9-99p with three free dies..so the border and corners made with the impress both bits used negative & positive..so no waste..its a downloaded image as i dont own many stamps and these were from pc crafter ages ago..colouired in with promarkers and backing paper was a odd piece i think from anna griffin yonks ago....circle cut with my new nesties..love em..need some more..flower odd one lurking and a new anna griffin brad which i coloured with my marker pens for the green....thanks for poping in and your comments appreciated ..hughs sassyx

Thursday 12 March 2009

Just peachy

Ever had one of those days....when a colour should be palest pink and looks peachy instead...well had one today...i wanted pinks and greys..but peachy looking instead.....cant remember who sent me the image as i have scoured for these gorguss girls..have found some now but sadly me flexible friend is none flexi today....boo hoo.....decided too that the insides look great..never though of that dohhh!! so from looking at fellow bloggers work i have copied the idea...hope thats ok you hunnies {creep creep!!!thank you....}.....thanks for popping by please feel free to pass a comment on if you so wish.... the papers were from papermania...used my new circle nesties and cuttlebugged matting and corners.....fanks...hugs



Hello fellow blogggers...still having a rest..well i must take advantage of this time lol!!!! i found some art-kure pens my friend gave me.{didnt know how expensive these are ..crikes}...she had a craft shop and was having a clear out so they came my way...lucky ne !!! never having used them i had to pop on to you tube for a tutorial...and then it clicked stamp wiv them....so heres my attempt at watercolour..once dried i used my wet brush and dragged the colours....added a touch of glamour dust...my new xcut border punch.and a bow.& a odd scrap of lace....not my usual sorta card not really into flowers like this but hey ho ...a change ...thanks for poping by...hugs


Wednesday 11 March 2009

Play time.......

Had a play day today...having a little break from work to recharge somewhat flagging batteries....not had alot of time to get to grips with jobs and time with hubby...since mum passed away so we have had a few days here and there and today was play-time....on our computors lol!!!! heres my efforts with my new promarkers still need to practise so any advise on these pens gratefully accepted.....thanks for popping in...love sassyxxxx

Monday 9 March 2009

For you all...you light up my life

Hiya fellow bloggers just a little card for you all to thank you for your comments and interest it has helped me more than you will know... i hope you like my attempts a re jigging my blog...lol!!! not sure about my slde show but was just messing.....it drove me bonkers.........love sassyxx

Sunday 8 March 2009

been playing

Been having a play as i felt my other lay out was too dark...hope this is better.......was a bit frightened as i didnt want to lose it all...but all seems there....scary stuff as poor sonia found out bless her one wrong click all that work gone and i havent been blogging long...but glad she is recovering and her blog looks fabulous .... this is my son ..not a good picci camera playing up.....might be the camera man i need to blame lol!!!!.....hugs sassxx

Candy with a twist....


Colour create...yellows and greens and orange ...

Having a browse through all your new projects and found the new colour create challenge in yellows green and orange....really great combo but orange..mmmmmm!!!!! not sure i had orange but its amazing what you find lurking.....this is a hangy thingy...altered cd..it hadnt to be a card...im not submitting it but fancied a go....not so sure about ted i had to change his colour way and hes more peachy than orange....he needs a name so mmmmm !!!i reckon ted in the garden......and have left his backside planish ...must tell you we went for a drive to Bradford yesterday to see my son ...he is such a charactor and inherited our sense of humour...it was fab to go and actually heard myself have a right old giggle...and my sides still ache from laughing.....what a great visit well worth the 2hr drive...........thanks for looking and popping by..please feel free toleave a comment so i can thank you for coming ...hugs sassyxxxxxxxxxxx.

Friday 6 March 2009

my mum.....

This is the very last picture of my beloved mum..taken may 08 6 months before she died she had just arrived at the home from another hospital stay and she said *go on caputure me at my worst time* so a flick of the brush to her hair and that smile was all she needed to portray the beautiful lady she was...and no matter how ill she became those eyes were always sparkly...and she will always be the most beautiful person in my life...sorry again for a personal entry but wanted to share it....somehow felt i needed too.......love sassy

Remembering you...mum

Ok here i am again back to vintage...just love this image of a mum & daughter....saddest thing i havent got my darling mum around now so gonna be a sad mothers day....its only been 11 weeks since she passed away but she would love this picture so will still put it up next to her photo still need to make a sentiment and it dosnt seem fitting to write *happy mothers day* so might just put remembering you on mothers day instead...do you think that will be better......? im sure there are many of you without your mums too...and my heart is with you all..remember them with all your love and if your lucky to have your mum around tell her how much you love her and a big hug...how i wish i could hug my mum...my precious gift....sorry this is long winded and personal but having one of those emotional days....love sassyxx

Thursday 5 March 2009

Promarkers 2

Just another thank you card... havent coloured since school with them huge wax crayons i wont ever forget the pong....anyone remebr them??? thanks for popping in and please leave a comment...thanks with hugs sassyx


just had a play with my new promarkers..i need a few more colours..oh dear out comes my purse thanks for any comments and for popping in hugs sassyxxx.. i quite like the colour combo......

Wednesday 4 March 2009

Not Sure..........

Suppose we have all been there and said NOT SURE!!!!!.....and having one of those moments....blending the pink and blues is neither here nor there...so am really not sure...still somebody might like it lol!!!!!!!!!! suppose me mojo needs a rest.....comments welcome..be gentle on me though...nah!!!! have decided to dump it.......so will change the tiltle to *dumped*......lol!!! suppose we cant be good all the time......so here one of those moments.....oooo sassy what yer playing at ..thanks for popping in hugs sassyxxxxxxxxxxxx