Thursday 31 May 2012

Candy Pip in lilacs

Hiya..yes its me again...shame you all missed out on the coffee from previous post it was delish...and i popped into our local cake shop...and sortta bought a cake to go with my cappucino  ....Viennese Coffee Finger ....yummy ..this cake shop called The Bakers Dozen is family run and  make all their cakes and pastries and their pastry is too die for and the cakes are so huge are the scrummiest ive tasted....none of this mass produced stuff..their always really busy their home made bread is just the most gorgeous!!! i  also bought myself a pie,,chicken and mushroom ...cant wait for my tea...with a slice of homemade bread .....well we have to save our small shops they need my support........

well now my taste buds are awating tea time i rustled together this little Candy pip my new stamp from sugar nellie...isnt she cute and im popping her into a challenge when i find it as it was used my distress inks..card stock again Tim from wild orchids and ny circle nestie oh and a little bit of cheescloth behind..just love that stuff.....well i must go off to prepare ones a bit of tele...and take drs early up this morning and honestly didnt know what day it was thought id stood the dr up..thank god it was only Thursday...and while i was out i bumped into a friend who ran a craft shop in the town for a few years but sadly it had to close..but so loved it there it was like a second home i also demonstrated for her a few times but that was over 4 years ago now,,,and although it was brilliant bumping into karen (me luvverly friend)....she told me some rather exciting news..for some this might not seem exciting but for ME!!! so exciting!!!somones opened a New Craft Shop in Town...yahhhYYYY!!!!!!!! guess where ill be tommoow after the doctors........answers on a post card....i probably wont sleep tonite as i cant wait to go to town hahah ..!!! lol!!!.....loads of soppy sassy hugs....loves yer all xxxx

Envelope card

Hiya my luvverlies....well its allot cooler today and as i hadnt the strength to go out yesterday i really have to pop to the shops ..oh dear i have NO COFFEE!!!!!..i need my!!!.never drink it after 5 in the afternoon though but its my special Dolce cappucino...anyone want one....its delish..ill even chuck a choci bicutes in too...

well the rain came and really gave it a good drenching you could almost hear the grass going awwwwwww!!! thats better and the plants have perked up no end ..perhaps i should have sat in the rain too it might have done me the power of good.....well im wittering as per usual i made this a few days ago..for nothing special just had a play i found the  fabulous blogger i thought did amazing stuff . im her follwer and i thought id give this envelope card ago...again a free hand drawn  shape...used Tim Holtz Papers...the heart slids out with room on the back for message etc..kept it low on hope you might like it..right gotta go...decided i need a cake now!!!! TTFN loves you all and thanks big time for the wonderfull messages of support etc...sassys hugs to you all..

Wednesday 30 May 2012

Dance Ballerina Dance..

Afternoon my gorgeousnesses.......well not gonna waffle on phew!! relief i hear you yer sick of me moaning..anyways couldnt made another card i love my Melllisa Francis embellies  its a bit hard finding all her stuff  here in the uk .. if only i lived in America....but then again id spend a small fortune but her embellis and papers are stunning as i had her sticker pack of  Mellisa Francis  bits i took the ballerina stuck it on card stock and mounted yet another frame... this time lilacs...yeah !!! no pink....used papers again from Lucy Cromwell i hate using it as it will all be gone soon but it is lush some are double sided too and this one is done with the reverse in spots...added a little birdcage(dont ask me why lol!!!!) and a dance ballerina dance...used pins from ribbon girl wild new die from Memory Box..some gorgeous lace from my HRH in Switzerland shes a hunnie....added a little tulle and a lialc  bow i made a right boo boo of it though i assembled it upside down lol!!! so had to improvise and make the card bigger..which in turn meant i had to make a custom fit box..and pleased to say i hope you like her..many big thanks and mamoosizve hugs for each and everyone that takes the time to comment it means such allot ........trying to catch up with my blog i have missed some wonderfull creations....sassy hugs xxxxx    ....anything goes

With this ring

Good morning my luvverlies.....still enjoying the weather????....have been absent for a couple of days due to the fact mojo went awol....think i wore my mojo out as up till now have made a card even two a day...but this depression has really got hold that its taking me all my time to get out of head feels like a bucket with a nail rattling around in it...(.told you there was nothing in my brain except for the stupid nail)!!!things just seem to be getting worse not better and doctors have signed me of for a month....and have to see her again at 8-30 on Friday shes given me meds which make me feel yuck!! and cant sleep even though there Mirtazapine and there suppose to relax me.....they dont...still wont bore the pants of you loverlies my card is for the shabby tea rooms i got a honourable mention last weeks entry had that twice and a top three ..  i do like their challenges and im gratefull for the recognition i get from my entries the theme is colour me pretty...using blues pinks and creams  also material so think ive covered it...

i used a frame from Melllisa Francis with a vintage lady inside which i printed on watercolour paper to give it a raised feel..used papers from Lucy Cromwell and used some cheescloth around the frame for my its a wedding themed card i rolled some music paper and added a  ring and a old dimante earring .. flowers wild orchids and rest from stash not that happy with it but mojo not at its best...hope you all have a fab day...i might venture out later as i have been stuck in the house for ages will see how i feel after  ive thrown myself into the shower...thanks for all the encouragement and comments its so appreciated TTFN ..sassy hugs...xxxxxx

Saturday 26 May 2012

Candy pink

Good  morning from a glorious sunny Warwickshire...yep that good old sun has managed to stay and grace us with its prescence..but enough said he might get embarressed and disapear..and we dont want we..on to my card well im not that happy with it i messed about with it too much..fiddling here and there anyway its glued down now.

i was in a right grumpy mood all day yesterday and there were tears before bedtime..had a upsetting phone call from work (even though im still on sick leave) and it really upset me..again...cant go into the finer  details..but i have someone who dislikes me so much he dosnt want me to visit this lady who he is supposed to be caring for..yeah right he lives 100 of miles away  she has no one else except me  and i get slammed for caring or helping job is all not as it seems when you get  crap people(he can always come back a loo roll cause he talks enough of S**T)  complaining to work ..even though i have done nothing wrong..just care about her but  my  company too are such in a caring postion yet im not allowed to care..and they always take things as said by thrd party before im given them my version..although nothing to tell really s like working with a noose around my neck being pulled tighter and tighter till im so unhappy i just wish they would kick the chair  and have a end to it damed if i do and damed if i dont and guilty even though i dont know what im suppposed to have done that was so bad.....except Nothing...probably not the best place to write this but i need to get it off my chest...if it werent for my crafting i would be at least i can submerge myself into something to take my mind off things....although it dosnt erase the pain of how i feel..things that have happened over the years you would not believe if i told you but some of it would make your hair curl....but enough of the doom and gloom...back to my card flowers from hobbicraft i found these the other day they fallen behing my storage it must have been meant to use them ribbon and all the extras from stash...gosh that not.. the lovely lotv image coloured in distress inks..bought a couple of the distress markers to try and there lovely i found other paper to watercolour on from WH smith..and its great to use 190gsm so happy about something...right for my shower..ttfn BIG  thanks to everyone for the wonderfull comments as always so gratefull you find time to visit and eave me super comments sassy Big world wide hugs xxxxxxxxxxxx

Friday 25 May 2012

Brown girl..Pip

Good morning my gorgeousness's hope you are all card to share with you again is pip..i do so love this little girl..she still reminds me of tina turner with all that hair lol!! she again is coloured with Distress inks she didnt start out this colour but i messed up..oh dear anyway i think shes turned out ok...a bit different i used papers from Papermania collection in taupes and spotty which is a lovely collection and resonably priced..i used a  ivory old silk  flower which started life as a broach added roses in brown and  ivory with a hint of darker  ivory fromWild orchids added a contrast bow and glittered her hope it shows up ...i hope you like her ..also added tiny butterflies with a new martha Stuart punch my other butterfly looks so huge on some projects and this tiny one is perfect..also tucked a piece of cheescloth behind the image love the shabby effect although you may not be able to see it...just a shortie post today i bet oyur relieved...ttfn many thanks again for all the wonderful comments left i do really appreciate them..i reall y do
sassy huge hugs to you all xxxxxxxxxx

Thursday 24 May 2012

I'm a Little Tea album

A very good morning to all my gorgeousnesse's....i hope the sun shines ahain like it did here yesterday it as *HOT...HOT...HOT** wonderful weather and hopefull are venturing out today so gotta dig out me flip flops..i would do the Kylie  shorts and t shirt but ive seen some damaging piccis from not gonna bother....especially with my legs..they look like a road map..LOL!!..even though im off work still i had a resident call yesterday she just like Mother Riley..anyone remeber her?? showing my age..anyways she been to see my oldest resident whos 100 years young in Sept and told me she is missing me..shes been crying as she wants me...a lump in my throat i told her id go and see her asap...when i went she was so happy to see me .....and as she held my hand.. ..she told me that she was getting even more tired of late and has made a decison to move into a Residential Home on the isle of white ..she has set a date for 6th June..i was so upset as i love her to bits ..but tif this is what she feels she wants to do i have to give her my support...she asked me for my  permission..i told her she didnt need it and but when she goes shell be missed terribly but it will be nice for her to have loads of TLC in this last chapeter of her life... we have become so close over the 11 years ive helped her..chatted over numerous cups of tea sharing  all her memories ..eaten my body weight in her biscuites and just so enjoyed and priviledged to have been a part  of her wonderful life....

so as i was blog hopping yesterday i came across Blog and she'd made this lovely tea pot mini album (pop over and have a look its thanks for the inspiration hunnie)..she used dies from cottage cutz..but it got me thinking..perhaps if i drew a tea pot i could make a mini album for my lady i have a few picci 's of her over the years and also photos of other residents who like me adore pencil in hand i drew this tea pot shape ...i used the back of a 12x12 scarpbook cover  for the front and back and used papers  to cover it all from Lucy Cromwell..papermnia which is a good 200gsm paper and soo very pretty..i glued everything on the front used a very old beaded thingy round the handles they were off a old wedding headress.and decorated the inside with different papers..ive left on page blank for all the residents who know her well to say good-bye...i have popped a couple of sleeves in and added tags for piccis and will add the when i have bought myself a new ink as sods law it ran out just when i needed it most...and thenall  tied together  with pretty ribbons rather pleased it turned out like it  has i just hope when she gets to her new home she will look at it and remeber so gonna miss her.....i just know ill cry when the day comes...well im off for a shower and wanted to thank you all who have left me wonderful comments not only do you all inspire me but keep old sassy heart full of love a mamooose hug from me to you have a great day...mwah!!!xxxxxx challenge im entering and

Tuesday 22 May 2012

Cottage garden

Good morning gorgeousness's hope you are all well... another one of those nights....but made the most of the time to finish this card..i have new residents moving in the not so distant future and thought id take advantage of this and as every good girl guide..knows *be prepared**

...made the card using a picci from a folder i have had years but hought it a tranquil setting made a frame around it  from cheescloth..been dying to play with this stuff i love the shabbiness of it..added lace from a lovely Allessandra  in switzerland..cant thank her enough...i edged the card with  Tim Holtz on the edge in flourish die...distressed the sides in theres a change...double butterflies with pearls and incorporated a tag a touch of finish..i hope you like it,, a nice short post of me this morning ..have a wonderul day whatever your up too...loads of sassy hugs xxx ttfn mwah\!!!!!!

Monday 21 May 2012

Cherry Pip

Afternoon gorgeousness's  how are you all???...been to drs this morning ana have to have more tests....but hopefully im geting there..wherever there might be....a lovely sunning day bit  nippy and really didnt want to go out in the fear of frightening small children...dogs or people of a nervous dispostion..but sassy just had too go..driving the car was wierd today and im sure 20 miles and hr was peeping peeps off..*now come on im not well** perhaps i should have had a sign on the car..Sick Girl on board .. and if you can read this your too close..SO stop honking im not well...i suppose i wasnt that bad..but in sassy's world anything can be deamed as wrong..especially at this!!!..even my card dosnt look right...her face looks like too many sunbeds..or fake!!

.got home to finish this card so i hope you like me new stamp from sugar  nellie her names Cherry pip...shes just so cute a cross between a young tina turner or him fromthe monkeys.. with all that hair ...i m still trying to get my watercolour with inks right but not quite managing it..any tips ..anything at all would be helpful Becky has been fab but i reckon its all down to personal style as rembrant nor picaso were the same with different style..even good old moni...he was a!!! anyway having had afternoon dawnred on me i have a sodding appointment with the bank...oh popp!!! ive cancelled it three times gotta get bum of seat and go out have put notice on car.hehe .also  made one for round my neck..*im not mad ..just look funny**.so all should be safe to go back into town .well love and leave you for now thanks for all the wonderful comments they are so appreciated...tffn sassy hugs world wide..mwah to a brilliant bunch of followers....xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Saturday 19 May 2012

Pink Veil you inspire me.. Vintage/shabby

Well here i find myself that is unheard off..can you put up with me twice inone day ???.just flicked round with the hoover...bloomin hard work especially as my crafting space looks like a bomb site which hasnt been done for days and with all this crafty progress you can imagine the while hubby went shopping as im still not good..i thought hes been so good looking after me id do some hoovering...but the echo of his voice in my head (no in not  suffering from schizophrenia) but when we bought our latest hoover....ive broke so BLOCKED so many then the task of trying to get it working properly well it has to be said we give back to the voice...*you ought to be a tester for ALL hoover manufactueres because anything that can deal with your mess is proven to  be the best ever it would  go on and on.the words of hubbie**..well have tried a few..and cant beat my good old henry.exel..he swallows everyting and he still smiles lol!!!...cept when a bit of fav ribbon disapears..sometimes it hangs out my drawers..not knickers..plastic pull out draws to stop any confusion.....

any was i have  now collapsed in crafty seat ...having  a latte and decided to finish my new creation..envelope card with little i wont take all the credit (if you feel like leaving me some that would be so nice ) i found a blog... hopping around as i do  and for the life cant remember where ..but this very talented crafter i found had some excedinly fabulous awesome work... but she didnt give any instructions...SO !! i had to sorrta figure it out ..mmmm scratch..head time anyway i think i may have pulled it off.**the card not me head lol!!!!** it.could have been better but this is my first attempt...the scallop bit at the top was drawn free hand no measurements just pencil drawings for a guide...i hope you like it many .thanks for all your lovely remarks..comments and abig HELLO to my newest follower TILLY..your so welcome loadsa  hugs for  re visiting me it is so lovely of you as  i know time is precious and i value your time mwahhhh!!!!! you are a great bunch...sassys hugs...xxxxxxxxxxx

i used papers from Tim Holtz 12x12 shabby collection ..ribbons/flowers from hobbiecraft new heart die which is brilliant..a few digi empheria bits to decorate ..lace of ebay and a lovely download i bought from
the little book was made with one 12x12 from the Grace collection and added smaller versions of the rest from my download...i changed the colours though in my computor as i wanted pink..of course i did...... i love pink not sure you know that...

Rasberry & Teal

Morning sweeties......well what a  gloomy old morning it is too...feels like winter.never mind though suppose it could be worse..we could have snow ..I see the Olympic torch is at Lands end...i wonder if they blow it out on the plane lol!!!??.....and hope that the Long  run  to John o'groats(i hope that the right place  hehe) goes well and  that all the other runners are accompanied with another running man behind  .. carrying a huge Brollie and a BIG box of matches..cause in this weather there gonna need it !!!.haha...Go Britian !!!!

.well hospital was ok..but never expected to have a M.O.T....and failed miserably....reckon its the body shop for me soon...i had rather a scrummy Dr .. though he only  looked about 19  in the clinic...and that makes things even more latest scan showed signs of fragmentation within my abdomen and he needed a feel..oh dear!! Bridget Jones Knicker day a sligtly embarressed sassy had to produce her abdomen..ok im saying to myself *hes a dr..hes seen it all before..oh dear..BUT hes never seen mine*** a prod and another prod all seemed ok...he noded..then he went to the groin..oh my word..if id known i would have had a Brazillian...or vagjazzild..for those that dont know i thinks its the term used when ladies pop jewels on their bits.though WHY ill never understand that a few more prods sassy was up very hot and flustered and sent back to the waiting area....blushing like crazy....a nurse fetched me just before i reached for the wait for it same mag as the other day...period property...told yer it would still be there..i was sent of for more bloods and another x ray...hate them and as it was my chest they wanted i knew i would have  to get undressed..and them bloomin gowns i can never do up..thats if you get lucky and get a gown with tags on...but got  even luckier ..all i needed to remove was my bra as my t shirt had no buttons up the arm hole and grab strap pull down  undo three rows of hooks and eyes ..grap up the other strap from under other sleeve and hey presto Bra off without having to remove t you ladies have done that before the young *MALE* radiographer looked on in awe of my striptease lol!!! ..ok i thought if id done it any slower hed now go off with a much better  insight on how to remove said garment..with removel of top..hahaha...isnt my life just so  wonderful it can only happen to me ...enough prattle my card ..another LOTV image..but its not that brillaint teal and rasberry...inked distress think i went to heavy on colour..glittered in bits..till i got to the cakes i pushed a bit to hard on my Zig pen a a big blob of blue glue so had to sorrta spread had to add a few stickles..but not sure how much you can see ..but from here it looks very glittered...anyway of to finish another love you and leave you sassy hugs to you all....xxxxxxxxxx..have a wonderful weekend..................popping her into

Friday 18 May 2012

Tilda ...

A Very good morning lovelies..ths sun has got it hat on hip hip hooray......but for how long??? im of to the hospital this morning so as one never can tell how long one sits around waiting or how boring it is  flicking through the mags that have be there for years picked up a mag last time called *period property* that looks ok...opened it up and it was all about periods...ladies you know or have known and all the ruddy accessories you can!!!! i thought it was going to be a mag on country wrong!!!! i looked around and no one was looking i discarded it on the mans chair next to me whod popped of for a cuppa....i just hoped id have been called by the time he returned...thank god or the blood nurse i was .so i thought it upload my latest crazy creation before i go  lol!!!oh before i forget i was featured in special is that ...sooo fabby a million thanks for choosing me and two other very talented ladies  thanks hunnie..
i have had this poor tilda on my desk for days and just didnt know what to do with her..shes become my special friend.. id try and chat know pass the time of morning with her....**what we gonna do today tilda**....she never says much ..anyway it was her turn last  night  to be conjoured up in her own setting..not quite sure in which direction i was going so added my tim holtz cage with bird(dont suppose she talk to him either..) coloured with re inkers in weathered wood  tilda that is and her face is a little washed out as i go and put a rosey glow...and she suddenly turns into a female version of David Dickinson...for those not familiar..hes the one on tele with a orangey fake!!! so matted her with papers from tim holtz an ddistress the edges i meant to stich but i got carried away...used some of my new LUSH lace from my  HRH lady Allessandra..(shell understand this secret code lol!!!)she one great person...the ace colour  went well with her frock i found this ribbon and flowers on my last disaster dilemia  in **sassys going to hobbiecraft** NOT not bad colour match considering i had'nt stashed my new friend in my bag  ...i did a little stmaping of a butterfly..used some little tags( i see these around but dont know where to buy them) so i bought these from staples edged them and printed hugs it looks like IUGS because the bows hiding..i distressed every thing.i also have seen of late these lush out the page borders sassy hasnt got much in the way of dies..and the only one i had was this sizzix so chopped it in half and used it under the card..added a tag...and of course the bows.oh and i coloured some tulle in weathered wood it blended nicely not a deep colour but took away the ivory went nicer  with my ribbon  so know i have a big glass full of weathered wood..i need to use up so i guess your gonna be seeing a few creations all in weathered wood for the next week or so ..LOL!!!!..Anyway i really hope you might like  it ...many thanks for the most wonderful comments of really makes me feel a mamooose sassy hug to each and every one..consider yourself well hugged today....mwah!!!!

Thursday 17 May 2012

Anyone for a cuppa

Good morning sweets hope you all had a good nights sleep..again no sleep for me so sat again at silly o'clock playing..well one cant get the hoover out at that time although it would have drowned out hubbies snoring.....and the ironing is banned from use  till after 4 in the excuses and i m sticking to them..i treated myself to a couple  more LOTV stamps im so in love with these and just want them all so practising my ink distress colouring..i cant remember what shes called ooops but she is so cute coloured her with tattered rose with a hint of tea dye...spun sugar with a hint of barn door...and gathered twigs for her hair glad she hadnt got allot showing as i cant get the hair right,,,finished her with peacock blue..a few pearls..papers from the Tim Holtz sahbby chic papers..bargain 12x12 book only 5-99 should be around the 14-00p well chuffed and its so delish i didnt want to cut it i used the hint of blue matted layer from a free pad of papers sorry cant remember the name got it free in a craft mag..added some flowers from hobbicraft..a homemade pin and last but not least Lace all the way from a sweetie of a lady who lives in switzerland for my birthday,,isnt she the most loveliest of people i was so thrilled i did a happy dance for a hr!!!lol!!!then cried....was so touched by my gift and the beautiful card i was quite overcome..i never expected the gift to be so beautifull with all the assortment of Lace and you now me i eat..sleep(when i can lol!!) and dream (oh i wish as the two come together lol!!)and drool over lace..not a  nice look in hobbycraft when i have given in to their lace collection in the past.....

and talking of hobbycraft i did take myself out yesterday for a little drive now my heads not so dooooooooh!! and just by accident found myself outside did that happen so it would have been rude not to go in...i had a good rummage and decided i needed to go me and stairs dont get along...especially at the moment so sassy decided to take the lift....ok finger on button constantly to get it down...sooooooo slowwwww...then got in on my own..finger again firmly on the up arrow..till i eventually reached 2nd floor BUT!!!! the sodding door wouldnt open oh hell!!! panic,,,i need a wee trapped!!!!.i need HELP!!! so i had no choice to press the button with a Red Bell printed on it.....geeeeeeeees..its a wonder the firbrigade in the next City didnt hear it...didnt have to wait long.sadly not for the burly fire crew ..oh what  shame..but a really sweet assistant came to my resce panic over...haha  it can only happen to me so stanner did nothing for my street credit...i looked worse when i came out the darn thing than when i went in  and much to my surprise when the assistant said did i need a dr....i replied no just!!!!!.well all ended ok and she escorted me back to ground floor  when id finishe perusing as i was still paniked by what had birthday pennies spent i went home a happy girl well as happy as a poorley girl can sassy hugs to you ALL !!!! for being just the bestest people mwah!!!.

Tuesday 15 May 2012

Lovely shade of Lilac

Afternoon my lovelies..... a warm welcome to my new followers please stick around your so welcome ....well the weather is a right mix to-day dont like it but i have no stairs to hide under i live in a bungalow lol!!! cats fright too and shes hiding under the duvet!!well didnt sleep much last night so had a painting session in distress (the ink variety..not me hehe) at around 3-00...really quite on me own...

so  finished her  off now although im not that over the moon with it its a small card and me flowers look too big although love em and the butterfly looks like hes on the attack...have glittered bits here and there and im covered..used the new shade shaded lilac in the  Ranger inks..but had a couging fit and spluttered coffee at her ...but dont think you can tell..hehehe!!!couldnt help it honest..i used lace around the edges and gathered it to go round the corners.. backed it onto deep purpley wild orchids and one pin i made the other smaller is ribbon girl and for the life i had some spot ribbon in liac..well the ribbon fairies have pinched it..i guess i looked till i got sick of searching...anyways i hope you like my LOTV picci and i've treated myself to two more..please hurry mr postie sassy needs them to paint...thank you from the bottom of my heart for the lovely comments and best wishes ill get there with a little help from my friends....who sang that then????.....right gonna stop waffling and try and be its boring being a miserable numpty....!!!! so with sassy hugs extended to you all that take the time to leave me a wonderful comment's thanks so much  mwah xxxxxx

Monday 14 May 2012

Little Pink Purse

Hiya sweeties......well what a day..will get this bit done with first have been to the Drs and shes says my chest is sounding a little better thank fully..but!!!! shes more concerned about my state of mind..yes reckon it official im MAD!!!..verging on to have a nervous breakdown and although im fighting to keep myself busy my mnds is like a bag of nails i really cant think of allot except work stuff..and life in general but not gonna waffle im sure ive bored you enough this is  theone place though i feel safe if that sounds madness too forgive me ......

My card isnt a card today its a Mini handbag ..i made one of these a while back in vintage so as im quite the lunitic at he moment i have drowned myself in this creation..just to keep me feeling safe..(no razor blades were used) just alittle high on glue!!! im ok..really i have made this for the challenge over at Shabby tearooms and think i have done what was asked of course always willing to oblige but it had to be a shaped  i have used different flowers wild orchids..lace and lots of it..i have used bits of old jellwery..made a tiny fan and lace hankie hanging with the decorations on the side..inside it has decorated pockets with tags inside all from my stash which i have edged in sepia to age it a bit...really gone bonkers with it it also has a silver chain handle and have decorated the back with a picci of a prety button and used pink pearls...of course in there are a few bows....sorry its abit picture heavy but there are lots of bits to see...and want to thank you all from old sassys heart for all the kindness..shown you may all live in my computor but your all here next to me.sassy hugs xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

the challenge colours etc..fabby!!!!!

Sunday 13 May 2012

Tilda Flying the Flag For Britian

Hi everyone....i have had these bits in my box waiting to be assembled onto a card for a residents Mum for over a week  and as im still rough as rope so i thought id try and get it finished for her as im at the doctors and anticipate her signing me off...again oh dear works not gonna like that one bit..but actually stuff work..for once im gonna put myself first... im not really responding to treatment either as well as i would have hoped by now

 so before i go back to bed ill leave you with the finished card her requirements wanted to be set around the Diamond Jubilee and wanted it to be themed along those lines well i was stumped BUT!!!! on one of my last shopping trips in April  i found a craft mag which had free papers in i hadnt had the order for the card then but bought it and i am so glad i did its got me out of a pickle because ive been worrying about the theme...the free papers all about he jubilee were in this mag saved my bacon...i did my tilda in reds &blues with white distress inks ..and gave her our flag to hold im sure she dosnt mind lol!!!......i hope you like her ...i doubt well be having a Grove party..or a street party but allot of  us brits do like a *DO* and leave you all many thanks for the kind wishes and for all the lovely was worth getting out of bed for.....xxxxxxxxxxxxx
sorry about my strand of glue...answers on a post card to its location lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday 12 May 2012

Pink Princess

Hiya everyone i hope the sun im seeing here is with you skies look delightfull although i havent set foot outside in four days you may guess then im not well again!!!! im so fed up with being poorley and equally fed up that work is giving me grief ... but sadly the infection has bite me in the bum  and returned with a vengance i told them i would continue work from my office to keep things ticking over..inbetween bouts of coughing to the point of being sick and a tempreture up in the 38 i have kept going hoping the tablests will kick in and ill be ok back to normal by Monday................. i have managed two hours out of bed and finished this card...i need something to keep my mind off work...i hope you like her card again in pink papers from Grace Taylor my new die from Memory Box distresses inked image..just wanted also to thank you all for keeping me sane...although its getting harder lol!!i think i need to make a decision sassy hugs to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
popping her in

Thursday 10 May 2012

Tom Kitten

Afternoon everybody.....just a quickie post as im not feeling 100% today..all the excitment at reaching 21 again!!!! i managed to finish my little distress inked image last night and thought him a cutie...really am enjoying the inks and had to order some new have nearlly  run out but as its all new to me im practising and just get to the final bit of colouring and what do i do ...yeah muck it up so have to sart again but we all gotta start somewhere....

little stamp is from the Beatrice i loved tham books when i was tiny...if ever i was tiny....anyway you know what i mean..and i still love the illusrations and stories now so bought a couple of stamps and a couple of them are in the free candy...this one is Tom Kitten i rather like him know its finished...hope you do too...well sassy in agony writitng this must go for some tablets and a lie down......ttfn mwah!!!!!! thanks from old sassy's heart for all the wonderful messages and comments left on my recent work and my birthday wishes too you all made my day so  VERY extra special xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Tuesday 8 May 2012

Pitcher with rose

Morning....everyone hopes you all ok and that the bank Holiday was a perfect break to recharge batteries...i'm back to work tommorrow which is MY Birthday....oh dear another notch another year and  then its the dreaded 60....but i have life and love wonderful friends and family so what does it matter and today is my Daughters birthday too so will see her later and give her the Journal i made will be lovely to see he tonite so not much crafting will get done as will be too be chatting and catching up....cant wait....

The Card
The picture(pitcher)

onto my card ...well from last nights posting about how we change i think i reverted backwards and the card has not turned out like i hoped....i am popping it into Shabby Tea room as there them is a picture (pitcher) but  must have a rose...well it is a Pitcher and actually a self made one using a charity shop find of course i just had to buy it as its surprise there then it has its own dish so i popped a few roses and lace and took  a picture and even used the same lace on the card that was in my picture...a David Bailey i will never make but i tried...anyway matted a layered with lace and gingham onto pretty papers from 6x6 pad of cute hand decorated pearly pins and bits and bobs from stash...not my finest hour but the charity shop will like it and funny thing is its going  back to the charity shop i bought the pink Pitcher and Bowl from wonder if theyll reconise!!! so Big sassy hugs to each and everyone that visists you are so much welcome and if you leave a comment well old sassy will be soooooooo chuffed.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx