Sunday 2 May 2010

Nannie meets Francessca for the first cuddle

Went for a drive to Bradford on Friday to meet a very cute grandaughter Francessca and wow is she a beauty all 10lb 110zs although shes feeding really well i reckon shes deffo hit the 11lbs mark she was a week old on Sat and she is just adorabley cute mums doing well but her stitches are hurting poor girl...but the c section was deffo the right thing to do....i hope you are all well and im still having pain and my depression seems a bit better... so trying to go back to work on Tuesday and just see how i get on drs put me on limted duties so that will help and my firm are good about that...retirement is still forefront of my brain at the mo and as for cards my mojo gone seriously out the window and if found wandering please send it back lol....i wish i could motivate myself but just isnt in for know just a picci of to you all hugs and more thanks for dropping in