Tuesday 30 June 2009

Midnight Madness Challenge MMSC7

Well hiya to all those still up i so wanted to do the midnight challenge but as had blog probs im all behind....so here is my entry and of course gone vintage the feathers are ivory but look quite white..used emphera papers had them ages..flowers from stash and dusted the image with chalks..added bottle green ribbons and of course my card wouldnt be without my bow.....hope you all have a restful sleep......im popping off now...blog back to normal.hope you like it ttfn sleep tight hugs xxxx

Monday 29 June 2009

This blog is pure giggleness.

hiya me luvverlies i just had to have a peep into this blog that clarky was writing about and i can honestly put my hand on heart and say its a long time since i laughed like i have done tonite...i nearlly peed my pants lol!!!! if you wanna a bloomin good giggle you must read this blog...a wonderfully talented lady visit slightly south of insanity alot of her stories im sure we relate to....hilarious please go for a read you wont be sorry...ttfn

ooooooo i seems ok thanks girls playlist maybe the prob

WELL!!!!!!!!! i hope this BLOG of mine is ok now.,......thanks katy for the advise then me matey viv over at vivs visuals told me her blog been playing silly beggers too and she took of her playlist...as theve done something to it ...and it did seem odd that it only started to play up when the playlist was busted...((for their legal reasons))))........so as mine not working either ive got rid...boo hoo all me songs....AND ive been in and out now and everytime since i deleted it its been ok......hope i havent spoke too soon....thanks viv kiss kiss!!!!!! and a kiss to katy thanks...so fingers legs and eyes crossed this continues ok....phew!!!! was beginning to call it a day and just delete my entire blog.........but stick with it so far so good......ttfn will make a card now i can upload sometime..off to catch some rays.....xxxxxxxxxxx

Sunday 28 June 2009

Grrrrrrrrr...desperate plea

HAS anyone else having probs with blogger or has it singled me out... i get in and scroll then it just sticks.it wont scroll ...ive cleaned my drives and deleted so much stuff from my archives and other bits...still it sticks..with either a little hand or egg timer.....then it suddenly seems to load unsticks and goes bonkers...scrolling frantically....so so fed up.....soz no card just moaning minnie sassyxxxxxxxxxxxx

Saturday 27 June 2009

motivet stamps blog candy

As i havent many stamps i clicked into tabathas page and found her stunning...always make me drool cards so thought id nip over and have a gander hey there are fabby...i need them.. so as there doing a blog candy win all the set on offer im in.....diving!!!! head first....belly flop coming your way !!!!!! MOVILET please go for a peep..there sooooooooo cute ttfn hugsxxxxx

Totally dottie

Coooooeeee!!!! my luverlies hiya....bet yer thought id fell of the planet had awful internet probs all due to ickle mouses....the tinkers been a nibling so no phone and no internet for two days felt very cut off lol!!!! one minute it was on then off so will be going for a rather long walk through the blogs to play catch up...... see what youve all been creating so while im off on my rounds ill share my card with you....a resident has a great grandaughter who they call dottie.......and as shes a fun charactor she asked me for a fun type of card....and fav colour is red....so had a new stamp the other day from stampezzee....dalia...ant she cute...and of course red ribbon from ribbon oasis...coloured with pro markers and flowers from my xcut punch added buttons and of course ihad to have a bow....so here she is...totally dotty..im not that good at moderny cards lol!!!!but just have the sentiment to do so i hope you like her and hope she will too.....hopes you are all behaving and having a great weekend.....tfn hugs xxxxxx

Tuesday 23 June 2009

My Dad Raymond 9-06-29 to 24-06-08

My Dad
This is a picci of my Dad and today is the 1st aniversary of his death so dont know how ill cope today but felt i wanted to do this and thanking my sis for the scrapped page in his memory its truly wonderful i hope you dont think im too depressive ...i just think it helps...after loosing both my parents in 08 both within 6 months i really am struggling every day so thank you for your understanding ttfn xxxxx

A year Has passed my father dear
But sadly you are no longer here
I miss you more than words can say

and have shed so many a tear

The day will come for us to once again say hello
I will be there besides you
my love still strong and true
to see you holding out your hand to me
and hold me close to take away my fear
To hear you speak my name once more
and wipe away my tear.

I love and Miss you Dad
rest in peace
kiss mum too...
your everloving daughter



Monday 22 June 2009

Ive won a prize...woooppeeeee

Oh just had to share the news ive won a prize in the next level oh how thrilled am i says she wishing she could jump round her crafty space...well ill do a mad hop lol!!!! i got pennies to spend....at simon stamps.....oh how wonderful.....thats made my day.......gotta dash again ttfn xxxxx

Susie challenge

morning everybody......just popped this on quick as im off to work in a mo...thought as i couldnt sleep was up at 3-38 after 2hrs kip...i would have a quick play and had work to do typing up care packages etc etc.......so bin a busy bunnie...i used the paper wotsit teqnique...when you stamp on to colour papers and used a glittery piece for the blouse added brads and of course my bow and flowers susies challenge is all spotty....and glamour dusted...so think ive managed that although i dont like this one bit ...its out my comfort zone...well must dash ..loves yer have a good day...ttfn xxxxx

Sunday 21 June 2009

gee up for new arrival

well a late good evening bet yer thougt id run off...not likley...just had some mean days especially dads day and no dad..but im not alone so to all you who have no special daddy hugs to you all.....had a little play and did paper piecing i roughly knew what to do but me old bloging buddy sent me some tutorials bless you trish....its a sorta patchworky theme going on..and im not to sure ....you know when youve done it.but have looked at at most of the night and its growing on me.....scuse me got the sneezes..asoooh!!!! flippin heck where did they come from and can do as many a 20 repetations lol!!!!!if i remember the best i ever had was 28 one after the other ashooo!!!.....anyway papers from blueberry hill and me lovely horsey stamp just love it...coloured the lace with my promarkers (they look a little washed out though)added my bows and glittered the outside of the horse as i mucked it up lol!!!!!paper flower with buttons no sentiment as yet...i hope you like it..thanks for all the hugs and support it means alot especially as it all seems still so raw.....and yesterday had three letters for mum..well what do you say..thought the last was delivered a while ago but a home payment thing hadnt gone in although its all square and the pension service for a review now that did upset me...so have to phone them monday..and i know ill cry on the phone....right ill stop waffling for england...so comments as always very welcome you do all keep me fired up and happy...your all lovelies...hugs xx

Thursday 18 June 2009

Introducing Rosie

how are you all tonite....
its been a up and downy day emotionally again for me thought i was getting better but suppose as it fast approaching a year since i lost my dad...seems like last week ....and knowing that 5 months on it will be a yr since i lost my mum...where oh where did all the time go.....i seems like yesterday she left me .. but everyday she is still with me...i carry her inside of my heart which today for no perticular reason i have spent sobbing it out ... but im ok..it happens in places you wouldnt think.. asda or like the bank..feeling a proper numpty paying in a cheque..not a big one either... bursting into tears the minute i went to the counter....well there you go....my card i made this little munchkin a couple of days ago but she missed my photo shoot...so here she is another cutie from my images...isnt she a bonnie girl and introducing rosie well a name i think suits her...whatever her real name was ..she sure was a cutie..there has been controversay about using old portrait images....and maybe to some it seemed not right/proper way to use them in this way... but to me it is a priviledge a honour to use these images of past lives and to share a beautiful face with the world and hope i have added a teeny weeny bit of life and love back to her...i doubt anyone would ever use my ugly mug 100 years on !!! lol...i hope you like my cutie...i rather love her.....ttfn hugs xxx to you all.

Wednesday 17 June 2009


Hiya...what have you all done to the weather lol!!!! gosh what a difference a day makes and i know good old British weather... MY Card well i got quite excited doing this card dunno why ..but i just did...i used the cuttle Swiss dots folder on the whole card...contrasting paterned paper on border i tore some old card a scrapped it over with blues and greens with my colour box inks...i found an old stamp with a lovely poem on and stamped a little bit off it as i wanted the emphasis on the words i hope you can see them ..they were *love is kind ,and envies no-one and faith....*..so off set the vintage cutie and edged her in the colours used on the back bit lol!!! used flowers from stash and edged the white large petals with again the same tones from my colour box inks ...added the bow..of course..and my leaf punch from l-em...(forgot what it stands for its a girl designers name lol!!!....)...so hey presto a card is born....i do hope you like her....hope your all well and will leave you to paddle my way to the shop...ttfn hugs xxxx

Tuesday 16 June 2009

Olive Green

hello...do so hope your having a gorgeous day with this sunshiny day......been on my rounds and it makes all the difference when the suns out...i get a lift...not often do i get jobs that make me titter ...but today i must tell you *the lost teeth*....went to visit one of my 90yr old and she was in tears she couldn't remember where she had put her teeth...they had been searching all morning bless her...so the search was on..well no cupboard or draw was left un searched ..every where i looked i had her tell me *Ive already looked * and it certainly looked like the tooth fairy had nicked them where could they be....well as she was distressed i offered to make a pot of good old tea....and low and behold found the missing teeth in the biscuit barrel......to my relief.....and to hers...so as we sat munching custard creams lol!!!!!(a new packet though) we did have a giggle....who'd have thought false teeth would be that funny....good job she has a sense of humour....and she blamed her hubby as he says she eats to many biscuits and he hide them..don't think so...but it certainly turned a shift into a more memorable one......to my card not made this for any challenge..i just made it because i wanted to use my new roses & ribbon......used Anna griffin paper..border Punch from friskars and olive green ribbon from wild orchard crafts...i spent a fortune on new roses and ribbons..don't tell hubby will you our little secret...lol!!!!i have given her a name of olive...and isn't she a cutie...i have thousands of images and found her whiles having a browse...hope you might like her...my matting and layering could have been neater though and wished i had used ivory lace...but i must have used it all......never mind the charity box is filling up nicely....of to the weekly dash round the supermarket...well a stroll in my case me knees are still bothering me ...but hobble i will...ttfn hugs..........having trouble loading ..hope this works now....tut! tut!!! mr blogger

Monday 15 June 2009

Next level no 3 challenge

Evening all you loverlies....what a rotton day..started out all sunshine and smiles and ended up thunder and lightening... the weather ..not me..what a mix bit like my card made this for the NEXT LEVEL challenge....hadnt gat a clue what i was doing (a bit like the weather lol!!!)......well its finished but well not sure...the lay out was really different and because i folded the half moony shape with black card on the inside clever so and so moi decided to do a spine down the side so all the four pieces of card are all together are you still with me (cause im lost )..anyway theres more....so this card has ended up with four leaves (not in tree)....but its finished.... wanted to pop some of them roundy things in the holes but i couldnt find me silent setter...remember i lent it out..so hence no roundy metal thingies...so it has bows in knots....and glamour dusted all the spine .....added a matted gorguss girl and a tag,flowers and of course a bow or two....the tag slots in the back (behind the gorguss girl....with happy birthday ...just believe me it does and the lacey edge paper is actually the black card not the front bloomin heck are you still here....as im off!!!!! getting in a right two and eight....hope all this makes sense hahah i doubt it...well im leaving you all hope you havent lost the will to live....lol!!!!! its ttfn huggies

Sunday 14 June 2009

Penny Black Sat 1st Birthday challenge

Hello everybody hope the sunshine is lifting you all on this glorious Sunday....i fancied joining another challenge for Penny Black Saturday challenge aslo its their 1st birthday so happy birthday toyou....tra la la tra la......im not the best stamper in the world and therefore i dont have many stamps but this gal is one i bought a while ago so hope it fits the bill..off to put the washing out...and maybe just maybe sit for a while and watch the garden grow....weeds in my case as im not a gardener either lol!!!!
whatever your up too today just enjoy...hugs and thanks for any much welcomed comments left xx

Saturday 13 June 2009

Summer colour..Honey pot challenge

afternoon cherubs......was up early today 6-00 why cant i get up that early when i need to go to work.....im blaming it on me leggies lol!!!!!!.....had a play there is a challenge..need to find it where you had to use a penny black...need to ask is this one lol!!!!! as it was a image from me friend....and dont wanna look a numpty submitting it and its not a penny black .....i havent many stamps still its not my normal card as i dont do cute often im rubbish at cute ...also the colours had to be spring colours so whattcha reckon....suns shinning beautifully today might go sit in the garden instead of ironing...seems a good idea....so its love from me and hope you likes my card...its growing on me as at the minute im lovin greens.....ttfnxx..found the challenge over at HONEY POT this is the criteria for winning lush goodies go for a peep
1. Use a Square Card
2. Use any of the Penny Black Stamp Range
3. If you come to my classes, don’t use a shape/style we have already done!
4. Use ribbons/fibres
5. Use matting and layering styles
6. Use bright, spring colours
7. Don’t use your Die Cutting machines
8. You can use punches
9. Put the kettle on when you finish your card….you will have earned it!

Friday 12 June 2009

Chocolate and cream Daisy

very late evening to you all.......hope your all looking forwards to a lovely weekend....today has been so hard again walking i would love to know what they did to me at the hospital...because ive never ached this much since 1970 when i went on a cross country at school...in my bottle green knickers ...got totally lost.. police search on..got found ...got spanked by irrate father..got a sore everything from the running and the slipper yep the slipper lol!!! although not funny at the time we had just moved up north and in a new school..thought i knew my way around after a week ..but evidently no i didnt...so lesson learnt..the hard way..looking back ive had a really naughty past...school days wernt my best times but hey just think of the stories i can tell entertain my grandbabies.... hahah.....had a mad idea tonite to do a chocolate daisy...so here it is not one of the best ive done it must be my meds...cause theymake me feel all wobly and swoony....anyway i hope someone out there likes her...coloured wiv my polycromos and messed it up bit time...added papers from dovecraft (i think) flowers from stash and two earings from primark...with the backs cut off nine prs for 1-50p...added a touch of stickles in bronze and a sprinkling of glamour dust......and of course a bow...so am nearlly ready for bedie byes have a good weekend whatever it is you get up to and i know i wont be running anywhere on a go slow like me pooter....ttfn hugs me luverlies xxxxx.

Thursday 11 June 2009


hiya me loverlies......having a legs up afternoon after the marathon i must have run yesterday....through the hospital and xrays contortions ..lol!!! cause it sure feels like it today..flamin eck!!!felt as though i have been round the block a few times and in my younger days may be so...shhhh!!!.this isn't much fun getting old..thought at one stage id have to borrow a zimmer frame of one of me resis...hehehe!!!!.....was like walking through thick mud......so resting is most definitely what i will be doing for the rest of this glorious sunny evening...so thought id have a play...not made this for anything special just threw a few bits of my old stash together...hey presto a card for the charity box......i found this bonnie lass in the bottom of my drawers...not knickers!!!!..but my crafty drawers...and she was partially matted..so just thought id finish her off...hope you like her and will be calling this one charity....what a pwetty name.lol!!! reckon im in a daft mood tonite..as i'm sure the xrays destroyed some of my sensible brain cells off yesterday and i havent many left..and yep i did have a few.........lol!!!! well ive prattled on enough..ttfn hugs xx

Wednesday 10 June 2009

Midnight Madness mmsc5

well hiya everyone.....bet yer thought id run off...but with my kness i wsh...spent a good three hrs in hospital having me kness checked and sadly im down for a knee replacement soon....also theve found a problem with my hips..(theve always been too big lol!!) but im totally out of line with the way my knee is placed...and to top it off ihave to go for a day patient tohave a wopping injection into the bone on my hip..it has to be in theatre to do this as its crucial to get it right first time...but i wont flinch cause there knocking me out to do it....but tell yer the way that radioligist had me in postions today i have only dreamt off...and sadly none were very lady like..but hey!!!! who ever said i was a lady....enough of my wafflings i decided to get myself in gear to do a challenge so this is for midnight madness and yep shes a vintage....i took me ages i just couldnt get it right but quite pleased withthe results and green ....not my colour but a change is as good as a rest....have used lots from old stash and covered inlace and my lush flowers from susies web..there brill someold pearls froma broken necklace and a pretty image..hope you like her...speak soon my loverlies ttfn..x

Sunday 7 June 2009

Charisma challenge #22

Hiya to all this dry afternoon havent done much with this fat foot of mine and feel with my second card of the day im like a bus nothing in hrs then two at once..lol!!!! having an extra special day....cause hubby is calling me all the names reffering to a person with a bad foot...hopalong..amongst others...no sympathy there then....had to recline in bed a while back after a early morning n pain..as it swelled up like a balloon...lords knows how im going to do my rounds tomoz...and NO im not a milkman....i have the resis letters to dish out so suppose im a glorified postie lol!!!! anyway..ive strapped a frozen chop(got sick of peas)to me foot and next doors dog chased me which reminds me of when i was little i had no friends so my dad tied a chop round my leg so the dog next door would play with me hahahah....,...,only joking......right my card used my leaf punches from l-em.co..love em...bazzil pink card...a polycromo'd magnolia )i think..tell you... i get really confused in all these different stamps..lol!!! flowers and brad from stash a bit of old lace coloured with promarkers....and spotty ribbon from ribbon oasis.....thanks for visitng fat foots blog lol!!! all comment welcome ....ttfn xx

Yellow and black

Morning from mrs sassy fat foot....ooooo what a painful night...so had to get up and do something so would love yo share my card..havent followed any challenges..my concentration is distracted..so as i had bought some new shapabilities and a few flowers from craftobssessions...wow delivery next day...i just had to have a play..so this is my efforts..paper from pink petticoat..flowers from bow bunny from the above outlet ..teeny weeny buttons from stask and a polycromos coloured image was a gift of a mate...spot ribbon from ribbon oasis..lush they are ..must get some more lol!!!! hope you like it..so from me and my fat foot..ttfn xxx

Wednesday 3 June 2009

Gorguss girl lilac dream

Evening all......well another card from me tonite...its a cute gorgess girl colored with polycromos..added gems (from me sis a birthday treat) leaves from my new l.em punch..papers from er!!!papermania ??? i think..flowers coloured in promarkers and the centre flower added gem and felt flowers from stash...spotty ribbon fron ribbon oasis gorgeous ribbons yummy... girl matted on die cuts from susie;s web...toned the paper lace cut from my impress with laura ashley papers and wiat for it lace of a old pr of knickers lol!!!! yes washed first...to finish a bow...hope you like her a bit different on the colours for me..but quite like it ....ttfn huggies xx