Monday 6 December 2010

Alls well that ends well..

Morning!!!!!!!!! sorry not been around for a few days again been really quite busy fiddling...nope not on the voilin lol!!!had to do a commision for wedding flowers worked me socks off tailored to her colours..back and forth to the city finally did thel all and there were loads..and THEN!!!! she didnt want them said they were too expensive and she really wanted second why did she ask me for the colours why did she send me photos of the dresses and i sent them every inch of the way to show her and ask if there ok..omg she said fantastic...yeah right and total cost was nearlly hundered quid..we all know how expensive flowers are and she didnt want small bouquets...!!!! spent more money on the extras she offered me 40-00p cheek...the hours it took me to get them just so...people..BUT!! had a wedding dress for sale so it went on ebay..a lovely lady bought it..and also she came to pick it up she was intears of joy....second marriage and all...told her my story and that id list them ..they went away gown in tow..and later they rang me.... they wanted the flowers aw bless...another visit and had to dismantle all flowers bar her bridal bouquet as she wasnt having as many bridesmaids except her grandaughter and three pageboys her daughters wernt gonna be bridesmaids but found out shed lost a twin so they wanted something to place on the jigged them all around again... worth doing..also been sewing appliques..thats a secret LOL!!!!!will tell you more but have apliqued 60 of these and ready to attach ....beading isnt my forte..but have sat an sewn and sewn...the piccis not very interesting but thought id upload so you know im still around loves yer all and thanks for poping in