Wednesday 29 April 2009

Sugar and spice..all things nice..

hiya.....soz not been around much... having a few probs and is knocked ten bells out of me and has left me somewhat lacking in inspiration...enough of my dribble lol!!! i made this parchement dress ages and ages ago...and found it the othe day when i last did my parchy i finally have got round to doing something with it...although not the best card i have ever madeit quite sweet for a little girl or new of course dusted with my glamour dust and added a oddment of lace....and a flower or two....thanks so much for all the comments as it does cheer me to feel not so alone.....thanks for popping by..hope to be feeling better..but still really havent located my lost mojo.....

Monday 27 April 2009

My two awards wowza!!!

The Karma Award:

Thank you sue

it means such alot..certainly lifted me up...xx
These blogs are exceedingly charming. These kind of bloggers
aim to find and be friends. They are not interested
in self-aggrandizement. Our hope is that when the ribbons
of these prizes are cut even more friendships are propagated.
Please give more attention to these writers. Deliver this award
to eight bloggers who must choose eight more and include this
cleverly written text into the body of their award.
So I would like to pass both of these awards onto:- these great blogs

Yorkie lover..

Saturday 25 April 2009

candy for celebration at caz's

Caz is offering lovely candy...and with every 20th comment she is adding another candy treat...pretty cool dont you her a visit..lovely till 12th May

Friday 24 April 2009

lost property

Help!!!!!! i went out and have lost me mojo.....if you can return mojo to me i would be one happy bunnie hahahhalol!!!!i just cant muster any inspiration whatsoever......although i have had one of the weeks from hell with work related probs i am drained and confused and i just havent the strength to lift some card!!!or fight my way out of a paper bag....pmsl... i wanna play cards no not snap or poker....i wanna create hoo!!!! anyone out please feel free to give me a kick up the bum...and get me jolted back into my majic world of crafting..oh well hells kitchens on in a will have a watch and that might ignite my juices lol!!!!! but dont wanna cook...but he might move or stir..something in!! now!!! you naughty things i dont mean sexy thoughts with marco.....hi hopes or wishful thinking.....right gonna sign off for a wee while..hopes you all have a brilliant week gonna try to enjoy it...and hope if i search i just might find my mojo hiding under my everything else i loose tata..thanks for popping by.....

Wednesday 22 April 2009

A bit about me work....

Morning dear card....just me popin by to say hiya...hope your still enjoying this fine weather although some of you have experienced it being unstable...high winds here yesterday they flared up suddenly...and i mean the weather not me hehehe...but this morning its bright and sunny....and im nearlly ready to do my rounds...and no im not a work is as a manager of a retirement scheme which along its way is very challenging..trying to get on with 4o different individuals..some of which do give me a headache...and wanna scream at them but i have to try and stay composed easier said than i keep talking the tablets..wonderful things them prozac lol!!!!!! as every day is different one never knows what to can be like living in a war zone when they get upset..believe me ......sure keeps me on my will hopefully make a card tonite as its my respite......and without furthr hi ho hi ho its off to work i go...enjoy whatever it s you get up too......thanks for joining in with my *celebration Candy* the picis are where i live and work...its in the country side and sometimes you can here the sheep bleeting....or is it the residents..heheh.....but it can be very stressfull but has its up live in such a nice place...sometimes........thanks for popping in ,see yer later...hugs and

Tuesday 21 April 2009

in shock

Im feeling alot better lol!!! have just found out i have won jodies candy,,,er like yeaaaaaaaaaaaahay.!!!...and as i dont own many stamps but with all these stamps my word i will be stamping crazy...thanks to chrissie...i am a numpty at to you all.especially to chrissie for bringing it to my attention....

Monday 20 April 2009

When your feeling blue sketch saturday

Evening all......still feeling blue and had a rather long day...ever get the thought that the whole worlds against you...and nobody cares ...although you know in your heart they my little peom is....nobody likes me everybody hates me im off down the garden to eat some worms...yep im in a right sorry for myself as im feeling blue...i had a play with my parchment butterfly pattern again..tried to incorporate a challenge and i cant think which one is was doooh!!!!!....must go for a look....thank for the lovely comments on my work i know they arnt to everyones taste and a bit fluffy and romantic..but i got fed up colouring in lol!!!!!!!!!! if you want to leave a comment please help cheer up miseryguts...have just found where i was going to send it too saturday challenge

New WOJ Stamps...

Pop over to Creative ideas with Katherine she has 2 sets of new stamps up for grabs...compition is high..but yer gotta be in it to win it..

On the wings of the butterfly

Well its getting late...still feeling rough..but managed to do some parchment work just for a change as i find it relazing..havent done any in ages so its far from perfect in the grid work..ive never had lessons and sometimes i wish i had ...i hope youve all had a good week end and hope you like my romantic card lol!!! i used linen card stock and the egding was my impress border die..of course gilittered with glamour dust..a panel was made with the cuttlebug swiss dots folder and also dusted added the left over edge from my border also dusted with glamour dust ...3 layered parchy butterly tinted in palest pink with roses under the wing...*carrying them to a loved one*...bows and gems of course..did i ever tell you i love my embellies lol!!! added a pale pink feather in the tail of the butterfly...thanks for any comments and also for stopping by hugs and

Sunday 19 April 2009

Candy pink ... the middle of a creation and stoped for a rest and saw this over at Tammys place looks scrummylicious......have a peek!!!!

Pink and Black

Hiya everyone..hope your all enjoying your Sunday and the lovely weather...i mst admit im under the weather today and feeling the strain..i feel quite i have tried to cheer myself up and have made a card for the colour create pink and blk challenge.....but looking at it now im not keen.... althought these are my fav colours to work.... with something isnt right with let you decide if its a ok card.....hope thats dosnt come across as pity lol!!!! it could just be the way i feel...anyway gonna try and do some havent felt up to it for duster in hand i wave you tata for now ..thanks for popping in ....

Saturday 18 April 2009

blues and touch of brown bored so had a mess about i couloured this little girl in last thought id better mount it before it got lost forever..the stuff i find behind my desk lol!!!!!it was a quick and simple card...used cuttlebug folder swiss dots backed with blue on linen card stock..i found the oval from a old scrapbook kit coloured it too with my promarkers added flowers the brown ones i also coloured with the promarkers... added atouch of glamour dust to her hairband and brads from stash and of course the bow.....hope you like her thanks forpoping by se yer tomoz having a early night..catching up on my beauty sleep oh dear!! just looked in the mirror i reckon i should have beeen in bed a 6....hahahha!!!

Blog Candy open!!!

If you fancy getting your mitts on this candy ..pop up and add your name to the list hugs ..will add more piccis of the 2nd lot of candy when it arrives...hugs

Penny Black Saturday Challenge

Afternoon my luverlies...hope your enjoying this sunny is beaming through the windows here...looking throught them though ireckon i need to give them a clean lol!!!! the is another challenge for Penny black as i have nothing better to do..yeah right....i thought id have a bash....this is my newest stamp from penny be honest i havent many stamps as im not that good at the stamping lark!!! i do have few images friends have donated but not sure who they were made by ooops!!! so didnt wanna risk sending in something not from their range....i have kept her quite simple with a hint of pink..luvs pink!!!!set a few seed pearls in the hem and bag and a couple in her hair..oh and her shoes..i used linen stock and papers from lord knows where ..(dreadful on info arnt i ?!!! anyway their noce papers added a pale shimmer ribbon and tiny spot ribbon and flowers from craft that one in...and a pale pink pin to embelish now yer know what im like for me embellies lol!!!!....and glamoour dusted her frock so i do hope you like her...thanks for stopping by have a great weekend i was gonna attack the garden again ..but my blisters from the last time are still not healed ..thats my excuse and im sticking to it ....hugs

oooooooooops missed my Award

Dearest little susie sugar had nominated me for another bless and because i hadnt picked it up she thought shed upset me....*NEVER*..but bless her she mailed me a little note apologising...silly billy i dont ever get offended by comments that only make me chuckle......or smile like the cheshire it is with a great honour to pick up my award now...soz susie i just missed it hunnie...lvs yer and yes im nuts hahahh

Just Magnolias Challenge

hiya everyone...hope your looking forwards to the week end..i certainly am..rough old few days at now can put it on a back burner till yet another busy week of training and had a play a bit late though been colouring my hair and flippin 3 hrs it took to pull it through uoch!!!!hate going to the me being me though hey have a go my self...and before you say anything its not!!!!!im a blond bomshell hahaha...right oin to my card for the just magnolias first challenge...but i reckon im a bit ott again...just love here she is i hope you like her....i glittered her wings for a bit of sparkle and glamour dusted the lace edging...coloured the flowers with a promarker and made one of my own flowers to added two pins and of course my bows love then too.....thankx for popping by..ttfn

Thursday 16 April 2009

New Awards

As im now off my pedestal with my award i have the great honour to pass it on too ...drum rollllllll........


please show them with pride the people named have been inspiring....funny

and supportive

and my Juney has shown me the sisterly love in my darkest days so for that reason she deserves more than one award...

thanks to everyone you all are my hope...

*little black dress*

Its me im over my moment... i have been playing ..oooo i love my i really wanted to have a go at these challenges and theres one at the moment for *little black dress* not being a brilliant stamper i did however find my dress stamp lurking and thought id see what i came up with and this is it,,,a bit OTT for some..but its different and i love lace and feathers and bling!!! so this is my version of little black when i can find which challenge it is (theres always so many brill layouts i get confused to where they all are...having a senior moments lol!!)i mighht submit it.....the stamp is from stamps happen (one of the first stamps i bought and shes a bigun)i 3d her and coloured her with promarkers..added small flower pearls..glamour dusted her around the sides...added my fav ribbon from ribbon oasis...and two pearl pins two tiny black feathers along with a broken earring...oh and not forgetting a bit off odd lace down the side and on the bottom of her frock.....well thanks everso for poppin in any comments welcomed....hugs to you all

Crikey!!! another fabby award.. well chuffed

Well how spoilt am i ...another award this time from sure you all know her and her fabby blog... pop along and have a treat looking a her fabby it is with great pleasure i accept this award...anyone would think im at the oscars...but these awards are more special than an oscar to would like to thank my parents for having me.. its such a shame neither of them are here to share my joy..lost them both my dad in june and then my darling mum in these are the litle things in life .... like this award that cheer my aching heart.....thanks chrissie you have really made me smile.......xx

Wednesday 15 April 2009

Susan Boyle on my new sidebar video

Just added a new will have to pause my a long scroll to the bottom ...sorry !!!! but i have posted Susan Boyle in my new video clips thought you might like a listen ..... i was totally blown away with her voice and funny thing when i first saw her i just felt she would surprise everyone and she did big time god bless her and hope all her dreams come true....

Candy time.....

Cor !!!!just had this sent me some gorgeous candy over at Bevs blog and my word it is soooooooooo yummy.....yer gotta go perhaps dont go lol!!!! it will make my chance of winning really you must go it so lush....heres a picci to tempt you open till the 23rd april

All loved up!!

Had a play around with one of the challenge lay outs i saw it on Ricas blog but the entry was to be made for a child but i went all loved up instead so cant enter it lol!!! just fancied trying the lay out......lush ribbon from ribbon oasis cuttlebugged pink card stock and corner a decorative pin with added gems and a rub off which i cant rememeber where form lol!!! and a odd flower from stash......and two velvet brads...thanks for popping in and hope you like it...

My nominated bloggers..your award

Well i have had a good afternoon and know its my time to give my fellow bloggers their it is with the greatest of pleasure to nominate the following bloggers for their kindness, their Patience, their inspiration, and also for their continued i no particular order

and last but by no means least

Thank you all for your wonderful comments and support i value each and every one also these thanks are warmly extended to each and everyone who has visited my blog and left comments that have made me smile