Saturday 31 March 2012

Monster or Nice you decide

Evening ALL!!!!!! you wonderful ladies and gents.....well  im in a right old two and eight..and sweeties and  if your reading this you will have seen my card or should i say my mamooose card LOL!!!! New  commission...she wanted  extra extra special 40th anniversay..unique well the last statement is ok..but heck i dunno if its too ott or completly of the scale barking on madness ..i know im a nutter and go mad but i am old teehehe....just wondering if i should have sat in the box instead off thinking outside the i just dont know if this is gonna be a like too much of a muchness..i really need help either good comments or bad or medication or all of the well stressed over this true but be gentle i know i dont float everyones boats  (with my indulgent OTTness) but this time i feel like the titanic low....SUNKEN to depths of the unknown reaction wise ...but sasssy hugs to you all  as always mwah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the only good thing i really liked was my new copics Y28 lionet gold..and yep i coloured with copics added flowers hobbiycraft in fact everything except the imagination was bought at hobbycraft..just need to make a box 8x8 omg!!!!what have i done.. have created a monster!!!!!!!card or something nice???? going to po this into

Pink Vintage and a Bit shabby

A very good morning me luvverlies..well the weather looks a tad gloomy today but not to complain weve had a few glorious days so very graatefull for the burst of super days..may they return soon i hope alls well with you  all out there and sassy went on a retail therapy to hobbycraft found myslef at a loose end so regardless off i went and lots of pennies later came home and had a play my rather PINK card is back to vintage as i found these super frames and just knew theyd be perfect for my vintage cuties although smaller than i thought they would be so they look a little lost on my card stock of 6 and a half square card stock so had to back fill with flowers bows and all the sassy sugary things i love..the chipboard bracket..well that really was the reason for the spend as i wanted to paint and crackle and having never tried this it was a sortta mission to hobbiecraft and of course all sorts of goodies jump into my basket..i have a commisssion for a 40th wedding and would you believe i have no red ribbon or bits so the challenge was set and i got everything and more than i needed  so im broke now lol!!! but worth it just looking at my goodies ...the papers i used were freebies from a craft mag.. flowers from wild orchids and hobbiecraft ..chipboard the oval  frame from The Craft Boutique..i mounted up-turned pin caps added a crystal and also a couple of pins i made odd bits of lace wish i could get more of it as its supposed to trim lampshades and is rather ornate but i trim the tear drop lace off so lots of uses then finished off with my sassy bow and a ruffled shabby trim on one flower from a broked headband from primark..theres a use for everything isnt there....

i hope you like her and many thanks for you all to take the time to leave me such wonderful comments loads of sassy hugs have a super weekend mwahxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
just had a comment..cheers jackie for the compliment too  hunnie ... and i really feel i should have and want to give credit to  this other many other  wonderful  ladies blogs  i have been following Inga  a while now & where my actuall inspiration was sparked off for my card .... this lady who has a truly awesome beautiul blog and right up my street so without further to do
give her a visit she is one out of this world creator my comfort zone...i love it there
so from sassy to Inga thanks her music choices too....

Friday 30 March 2012


A very good morning my lovelies i hope you are all still enoying this fine weather..its glorious!!!! shame i gotta work but it is FRIDAY!!!! yahy....have been playing at colouring in and thnk  i have to accept im not good but gave this my best shot she is from Mo's and i have had her ages but never got round to colouring,,i wonder why!! its cause im crap hahah...but actually i am ok with it cant be good at everything..but i try and conquer my faults anyway in reds and grey (it was seeing the start of britians got talent and sponsored by virgin then whats hsi face that Branson Richard came on with a red tie & top ocket hankie the virgin logo in red of course and a grey suit..and said to the cat who always agrees with me ... i like that colour thats where my colour combo came from .)and as i have a good friends birthday coming up and she rather a wild child loves and thought this a fun card for her her fav colour is red so as ever adorned with chiffon bows a pin i made a old pair of rose earrings embellies ...cut on nesties lace from ribbon girl and flowers from wild orchids it wasnt meant to have been a easel card but i stuck it to the card upside down..grrrrr!!! so had to adapt it to get it the right way up what a nit i lucky i had some coordinating papers left over had this spotty paper years so havent a clue where i bought it and of course im still testing my new copics there scrummy so yep quite a few images done but only this made into sassys craft bin to be assembled i do hope she likes it..well getting ready for work so must dash grab a coffee so will bid you all a see yer laters many deep heartfelt thanks for popping in me blog..BT all finished just gotta get to grips with changing my new email..looking forwards to making a complete hash of it lol!!!but leaving it till later love and leave you with sassy sunny hugs mwah!!!!!!
popping her into

Sunday 25 March 2012

My odds and ends

Welll there are quite a few challenges that are saying use up yer scraps
and so to oblige would seem rude not to
So here are  my scraps ..made into really fancy shabby chic tags

 as i sat here fiddling about with a piece of my foam pads  packet  i cut it into a tag shape..the rest came out my odd bits and bobs.odd bits of paper i just cant throw away.. previous scrapped cards..old earrings and string and with trusty glue gun ...this is what they ended up as very shabby chic my lace tags..look far nicer in real life hope you like even a little like haha
Also finished a packet of new pins i have made .... guess what colour you got it  pink..sorry i didnt get the outer label on straight  on the packet a few too many vimtos. Sassy .hugs and loads of them to you all ((HUGGGGGSSSS)xxx

Visiting nan...

Hello sweeties...enjoying the weather are you??..i have yet to venture out properly although popped out quick in my pj's to get the washing on the line oh how i love the smell of freshness....well heres my attempts today..but why do i do it er!!! change my mind now i preffered my other layout but  never mind worst things happen at sea me old nan would say..bless her...and actually this is visiting nan by mo of my treats..matted a layered onto hot diggity dog papers ..embossed folder to panal..roses of course wild orchids and the rest of the bits and bobs from stash...did a bit of faux stiching lol!!! couldnt be bothered getting the machine eyes struggle to find the!!! thanks to all of you new and older followers who have taken time out of your day to leave me such lovely means so very much have been blog snooping  and have found some more  totally delicious blogs to add to my collection every one of your blogs are awesome  ..sassy hugs to all

Friday 23 March 2012

D Arcys

Good morning crafty peeps...hope you all had a good nights kip.awoke to the .birds  singing their little heads off this morning with overtones of fresh cut grass..and the noiseiest mower in the world..**THE COUNIL** cutting the verges what a flamin racket..not the birdies though and  i have a headache  already plus reckon i slept too heavy me thinks..anyway must not prattle on too much and here is  a card i made last night its a D'Arcys digi arnt  they the cutest..coloured in with my new copics wish now id done a different colour on one of the girls..but never mind enjoyed colouring them in i added a die cut  frame from ebay ..added a sassy bow with a new pink pin i made yesterday a tiny postcard with a rub off had these ages.years....wasnt even sure they would rub off ..but there still ok.they are from Pebbles inc..must go and have a look if i can find some new ones as i rather like the font....papers are fromK&Co Designer pack and flowers from Wild Ochids...i think this has a bit og a vintage feel im popping her into a comp over at     lace and ribbon challenge...right its hi ho !!! its off to work i go..mwah sees yer laters sassy hugs and thanks in advance if you leave me a much appreciated comment....will be blog searching later to drool and oooo and r over your fabby works..

Wednesday 21 March 2012

Ponder for a while. sorry .dont bother with the one below i deleted error.

SORRY im a right idiot went to edit and deleted instead......sorry sweeties...well still her no show on the bt man naughty bt i needed to rush into town for some bits for my resis who needs a bit ogf help at the mment and at 99 years young shes after a bit of sassy tlc im happy shes eaten and settled for the night..i made this card with a digi from D'Arcy *ponder a while..* she was so cute it took ages to do her hair though i did use my boring waiting time for the engineers to arrive ..but hell no they forgot huh!!!so utlised my time  and threw this card together...i used papers from *Not sure***... no not a new line in papers lol!!! coloured in with my new copics.....i  had bought some 10mm silver fiigree crowns for the pins im making but they were too big so added a lilacy pearl  and glued inthe middle and flattened the sides to form a flower shape added silky twine in a  small bow behind them..what is is with me and bows.??.. did the same with the flowers from wild orchids  popped them in a filigree crown these flowers were a free gift from my last order them how sweet of them to do that..added some odd lace and punched border in hope you like her and now no doubt its a re run for tommorows change over internet provider and as Hubbie arranged it and hes at work now i cant if i get probs  with outr new ITP when its installed  .. he can sort it for me hes so good and a brilliant IT tecno clever sod  he can sort anything that might go wrong in case or wont  do it myself and do somthing daft like this post which i  i accidently deleted it ...silly me...thanks for the encouragement that the change  of internernet provider will be ok im fretting i know and if i lost weight with worry id be 8 stones wringing wet....i hope you like my card and many thanks for the kind words left its so lovely of you to take the time hugglies far and wide...i have big arms to hug you all  hehe...sassy HUGSSSSSSSS xx

See you soon...i hope..MWAH to you all

Morning my sweets ...hows you al doing looking like another good day dry and fairly sunny..will be out in a few minutes on my rounds..gosh it has been busy but im not complaining id sooner be rushed of my legs than sit all day...i made this card  a while back in early Feb and forgot all about her its a lovely Mo's digi and fell in love with the green spotty paper from Hot digity Dog ..why i decided to do green ill never know but you gotta try it now and again..coloured with t he new spring collection promarkers ..embellies pins and lace from ribbon girl and flowers from stash ive had them ages and good job..i hadnt any other yellow flowers...added vintage bias bow a flutterby a swirly flourish of ebay  and a few odd thats it for me today and maybe for a while .. as not sure whats going to happen we are changing our internet provider lines new phone new home number (Sigh!!!) and i will  have a new email..oh dear not looking forward to trying to change all the accounts with out loosing  my beloved blog ...ebay. my pay pal account.and  so many more contacts so if i loose you ill TRY and get  back....i hope... perhaps its **simples**....and i m flustering at the prospect of loosing so much a HUGE  mamooose hug to you all and many thanks for the wonderful comments left i cant ever thank you  alll enough to keep the sassies spirits high...ttfn..HOPE!!!!! to see you soon but if not and i loose you forever in cyber space sending love  to all my friends that have supported me and overseas friends who also live in my computor and in old sassies heart..... xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ps and hints and tips other words HELP!!!!!! lol!!! xxxxxxxxx
challenge entered is at

Tuesday 20 March 2012

Softest Aqua

Morning sweeties and the sun is shining beautiful blue sky and sassys had a good nights sleep...after another very long and busy time at work yesterday...again ..well my card is so fluffy in auqa she is a Mos digi and she is so cute but wasnt sure where i was going with this one or why these strange fluffy thoughts come popping in my mind..and the hardest bit transfering  thoughts to the paper lol!!!! ever tried to restrain myself from going bonkers on embelies but you know me im a ott choco box cardmaker hahaha....i used tulle and formed it like a rossete stuck to the back of the image and then fanned out mounted her onto contrasting aqua card ive had for years from coredenations i bought the flowers from hobbicraft..why this blue i wasnt sure perhaps they just jumped in my shopping things do dont they!!i coloured her with copics but dont like the gren trim on her pants..i just need some more shades but am enjoying them loads cant stop colouring in...i glittered her wings and a rose from Wild orchids  added a sparkly butterfly...and some tiny pearls i found a old corner punch with butterfly cut out to edge of card so dont look to close as i missed a bit getting the corners in so wings slightly clipped..there is a challenge im popping her into the theme aqua/blue but for th life i cant find it so gonna have a search for it..well sassy must pull her socks up and get ready for another day ..hopefully not as hectc as it was again yesterday..busy busy !! poorley people here at the moment bless em ... sending big thanks sassy hugs to you all that have kindly left wonderful comments it means so much and i h have been wandering and drooling through your blogs .there all delish and inspiring..MWAH!! xxxx
the challenge im poping her into is at ribbon girl and papertakeweekly ...

Sunday 18 March 2012

Commission pinks&blue

Evening hunnies i do hope all you moms out they had a spoit rotton day my post a little late due to visitors my darling daughter becky,,and nope  recieved no flowers but a spoty Cardigan & key charm with love you nan from my grandson which  is the cutest..and its so cute so the kids did good bless them and super cards and flowers from other two sons ..had a call from a lady who wanted flowers and more flowers in blue/pink..easy peesy or so i after much ado this is the card for her gran..she loves cute things and collect little dolls and thought the image a cutie one i had another play with my new copics...not as easy as i thought lol!! its a art in its self with the colors blending but gave it my best shot and took ages to colour even though shes not that here she is my stamp from LOTV from from Hobbicraft ..the pin i made myself but  had a woopsie glue gun decided to drop a lump on the side and had finished my lay out,,**OH DEAR** and as not to wreck my card i found a button or two and added them over the **WOOPSIE** bit ,,so now i can enter  her into a comp which as to have buttons so perhaps my *woopsie moment ..paid off lol!! i quite like the card and hope she does i did rather allot of matting and layering too..i just hope she likes it
well as Monday looms on a very beautiful clear and a  very stary in their clory night..have a good week and sassy hugs one size fits all and many thanks for the wonderful comments it warms me old heart so much you really dont know just how much
Sassy xxx  mwah!! (only found out what that stands for tonite blowwing a puckerd up kiss LOL!!

Saturday 17 March 2012

Glitzy blue..stripes

Good morning my little rays of sunshine !! and a  Very big sassy warm welcome to my new followers thank you all so much...its so nice to have the weekend that lovely feeling of not having to rush to work.getting my knickers in a twist..two legs in one hole of trousers whilst trying to combe hair which is also * hair having bad day*.forgetting to charge works mobile..lost shoe..mislaid keys and office work left undone as its been a very busy week so will catch up with office work tonite..well i might unless a card is born to distract me LOL!!!...theres been 4 ambulances called this week..3 emergency refferels... 8 drs apointments made ..hosital mad dash..late gardeners..cold callers 6 in total... and one skitty wonder the admin has been on the back burner put paper can wait how was your week?? my card not so sure i like the KIRSTAS image though but went a bit glitzy..paper from hobbiecraft..nesties from ebay as i havent any nice dies still from wild orchids..ribbons from the ribbon lady my new pin i made last night and all in blue tones from  promarkers to the new copics im breaking in..not successfully i might add..perhaps i ant no colourer in..used some tuelle for softness and a odd glass bead from my bit box..she may not be the cutest card on the planet but shes mine.sassy hugs to you all one size fits all and many many thanks for all the ownderful comments makes me think getting up ant so bad xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Comps im popping this in too:

Thursday 15 March 2012


Evening me hugglies well what a funny old day..thick pudding fog!! and a hospital appintment all done and not yet dusted.will have to card is a monocrome just fancied a change i have invested in a few copics yeahy!!!! and lovin them...only have a few but found them for 2.49 so did a little order and local outlet brilliant  for the fast delivery i used free ribbons from somewher lol!!! colour image from added lace coloured in with a black promarker..feather from stash bought of ebay ages ago..pearl piece of very old broken headress..and a few flowers from wild orchids....oh forgeot me bow..i did again the easel card and have yet to do the inner but in progress not sure what occassion it could be for.. as she looks a lonely bunnie dosnt she? but cute my papers from hobbicraft & Basic grey...hope the day has been knd to you all and tommorrow it ""FRIDAY"" gosh dont they come round quick...been on a wander through lots of  blogs today and wow such yumminess and in awe of them all fabulously delish.... so sassy off for her pills....sassy hugs and love to you all that take the time to coment on my blog it means the world and glad im back..xxxxxxx.

Wednesday 14 March 2012

MMSC 136 spotty

Morning peeps just getting ready to start my shift really dont feel up to it today..i feel soooooooo tired and in pain drs have put through a urgent scan so waiting to hear from Hospital this morning i have a problem..but hopes it will be sorted soon..anyways yer dont wanna hear this first thing in the morning and im trying to work to take my mind of the pain been up since daft o clock so though id concentrate on a card i do love spotty papers and i bought these papers from Hot digery Dog by Andrea Jayne such cute papers and i couloured in a **Kirsts Hand** me down image with my promarkers she looks sortta minty ..chocolate minty with the touch of green im really try ing to get my colouring better and think its used a sketch from MMSC36 challenge as i liked the lay out so allot of matting and layering going on added what was left odf the scrummy green ribbon a few grog roses fro Wild i hope you like it and heartfelt thanks for the lovely comments it means the world to me that  you find my work nice enough to leave a comment been doing the rounds and trying to comment where i can..sassy hugs xxxxxxxxxx
also entering into

Monday 12 March 2012

Lorra love

Evening me luvvlies hopes you have had a good Monday been busy on shift but finally got around to have some me card is a lilly of the valley stamp my another little treat whilst having a spot of shopping..and as i need so badly to improve my stamping what better way to start with these adorable cuties so made this pink and green card to give My other half's mom..trimmed with lace tiny butterflies and wild orchids roses ..tulips and magnolia blossom..also a pink  hat pin  i made the other night coloured  the image with a new set i ordered in error promarkers  but liked the colours so kept them they are the Limited Edition *Spring Colours*..Er!! dont look to close my eyes arnt good a colouring little things lol!! anyway i hops she wont notice.. finished of with tulle bow and small tag trimmed with off cut of hopes you might like her thanks all for popping into my blog and leaving lovely messages that really means you care enough todo this and that means so much it really Sassy hugs xxxxxxxxxxx
challenge im entering this into 8show us some green at kabbodle

Sahbby Tea rooms 2nd birthday giveaway

i stumbled on this lovely blog..right up my street and there having a Birthday Bash..pop along to see the  fabby selection of prizes   hugs sassy

Friday 9 March 2012

Hats pins by me

Well afternoon ladies and gents ....not often you get old sasy dropping in twice in one day but just wanted to show you the hat pins i made last night now the glues dry!!! i also made a little presentation folder thingy to pop them in as a gift also i made a slip over band to keep them all in place i do need some pin caps though also added my lace and sentiment and of course my bow hope you like them ive made a few and this is a mixed set of four i reckon my vintage is crying out for them..hahaha...anyway have a good rest of the day whatever your all up too..hubs birthday tomoz so need to go the bank to get a few quid as its my pressie of money towards his gift ..a i pad...spolt rotton he is.....and im working on him for some copics...for my i need to sweeten him up..wish me luck and if i go missing youll know why!!!saucy mare i am....NOT!!!! sassy hugs xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

My green & Lilac card LOTV challenge lace & ribbon

Morning sweeties....what a nice morning so far my card today is a LOTV stamp i treated myself to and had a play with it im fairley pleased with how it turned out although my colouring ant that bril lol!! god loves a tryer i used a circle nestie i bought of ebay as i havent any big selling on ebay my borders (if you wanna a gander)as i dont use them i can hopefully get enough to buy a new set that i will use..i found some gorgeous ribbon from a local shop added some of my spot card had ages and used the spot from stash which i have had ages added my new flowers from wild orchids my gems from fairyland i think!!and the sentiment was free from a mag the pin i made my self  was a florists pin added a few silver bits also from local bead shop not sure you can see it properly i shall be entering this into the LOTV theme *lace and ribbon* when i find the link.. making a few decorated hat pins  lately ill pop a pici of the few ive made later today and the silver corner also from wild orchids..hope you like my card and heartfelt thanks to all that visit i will have a wander through the other fantastic jaw dropping drooling blogs of wonderments later when ive finished my shift..sassy hugs xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Wednesday 7 March 2012

Blues and pinks

Evening all!!!! just a quick card i rustled up tonite for a sweet 2 year old,,had a new deivery today from Wild orchids so just had to rip them bags of goodies open got some fabby new cottage roses beads etc nearlly all flowers my stash was looking worse for wear so i have replenished my stocks and they ar Lush!! papers from hobby craft basics and hobby craft elegance packs reasonable for a4 sized papers in pack of 12 they are really delicate others  in the pack that don't float me boat but the others made upmmfor them.. added new tulips tiny rose closed buds and some lilies ..ruffled cottage rose also i bought a few bits and bobs of ebay the little tiny butterflies and hearts used my little daisy stamp havent used her for a while and coloured her in pinks greyish blue denim anyway it was a quickie so perhaps could have done better shes not as ott as my usual but thought id go a bit plainer hopes your all having a mid week super time cant believe its Thursday tomoz where are the weeks going....thanks to one and all for the lovely uplifting comments they do old sassy the world of good and glad to say feeling a bit on the up!!! may it continue...sasy hugs to you all and soon be **CANDY TIME** coming soon end of April its my birthday in May so giving away some goodies..there will be lace..ribbon ..A rubber and a few crown pins and will add bits here and there  so keep em peeled...ta ta for now xxxxoh nearlly forgot i have some nestibilities borders on my ebay shop i will link it soon if your interested i need to sell these as i need the big nesties squares or marrianne Dies and more elaborate dies as i have only had a play with them i find i wont use them and wanna get some others there around 40-00p each  the ones ive seen arrrg but somthings gotta give...i also have some nesties small beaded ovals....have a look if you feel like a browse xxx   HERE

Tuesday 6 March 2012

Last Commission little girl birthdy

Morning sweeties....tis is the last order of a few i have done recently and finished this little girl this morning she is trudy i think sorry mo if thats wrong but mo did this little cutie as a dress up dolly which i loved i made a book for my geandaughter with spares in the back cover to play changing dresses i included 6 different dresses and had so much fun... oh brings back those Bunty years..i made her dress from a piece of pink  tulle handstiched the gathers and then stiched  the tulle to the  dress pattern that came with trudy also from mo manning i coloured it pink the added the tulleskirt and a bit of lace purely in pinks papers from Hot diggity dog flowers from wild orchids and a cut out flutterby..easel style card..cant stop making these and added a tulle bow flowers and a dainty pink ribbon decorated the inside to match so hope she likes it i had trouble with her hair im useless at colouring lol!! but never mind i think it looks ok well of to work i go was a struggle yesterday  & still feeling under the weather .. wish i was under my duvet..but gotta look after me oldies bless em...thanks again to all my sweeties that have  commented it really is appreciated sassy hugs..dont get too close though haha dont wanna send cyber germs see ya laters xx

Monday 5 March 2012

Two more commissions

Morning my loverlies...well very windy here today and cold..brrrrrrrrr!! and not really wanting to go out to work been a poorley sassy over the weekend..feeling a little rough round the edges still but get my self in gear ...i managed to make two cards over the weekned surprisingly enough allthough in fits and starts but they needed for this week im not too impressed and think my poorleyness there such a word as (!!) Still ive had a go my first card she requested for her cat lover friends birthday  a vintage with a!!! okey see what i have and this is what i found so used ivory laces bits of tuelle..odd earing form primark ..and a cut out heart which i bought of ebay as i havent all the fancy cutters..finished off with a gold hat pin & feathers..the second card was requested as pink and fluffy..well hope ive deliverd..and not feeling very fluffy id say flat i just had a play with the tuelle in pink and ivory glued together added a frame of pearls to picci although not over the moon with this..covered the card in lace so no papers were used except me doiley..shes not into allot of flowers so a couple of roses from hobbicraft spot ribbon is lush wish id bought more inside i added the sentiment shed written and finished off with a cameo again fro primark and a tuelle  mix hope she likes it....well me darlings hope whatever your up to is enjoyable gotta get me bum into first gear..and thats not feeling very promising at the about slugish..i feel like a slug cept for the slimey bit lol!!!!thanks for all the visists and wonderful having trouble with computor at mo too..grrrr!! its not letting me comment on me crafting sis's blog all i get is internet explorer errorr!!and a blank box any ideas girls ive signed in and then out makes not me sis thinks i not bothering with her work which is stunning as ever  as it mainly on her blog.and if yer reading this do loves yer cards and you toos  sis......thanks again for visiting will be catching up on other blogs later i wanna see all your fabby work sassy hugs to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Friday 2 March 2012

Babys Christening Commision Ivory & cream

Evening fellow bloggers well the birds are in full song tonight and at 6.15 and still quite lightish its a very pleasant evening and has been a really spring day how lucky to be able to work outside ona day like today works been rather complicated today but all sorted..everyone safe and happy on to my card whilst on a visit to a resis home the nurse attending to one of my residents saw the card i made them for their great granddaughters and she asked me if id make her a christening baby's cards and found my lovely image from mo manning..isnt she adorable..shed been on moon pig(oops no not mo manning lol!!) but the nurse and ..sorry moon pig she wasn't interested in their cards she  fell in love with the last card i made for  little holly so here she is all ready & awaiting to be picked up tonite i hope she likes it i covered the whole front and bottom section of the easel card in wide ivory lace.left to dry added a mo manning digi with a light colour of pink tint and some glamour dust added satin ribbons guipeiere lace form previous projects in stash..popped on tny pearls from ebay and a tiny silver chain with her name and date of her big day so hope little Esmme May likes it when shes older  ..and that all her family like it given to her from  her new godmother kerry..just worried there all a bit samey?? thanks from the bottom of my heart sorry for waffling and a massive sassy hugs to all my wonderful blogging buddies your the best xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Thursday 1 March 2012

New award i won

so chuffed that i was awarded the gold star ove at Midnight Madness challenge 135 this is my card
thats cheered me up...chuffed to mint balls so a big thanks Pricilla and all the DT.s girlies hugs and love to you all as you can see it now twinkling away on my side bar....sassy hugs xxx