Wednesday 8 June 2011

Back to vntage

well totally fed up drs and hospitals do not communiocate oh dear went for anoth script of tinziparin and my needles and what trouble my discharge notes i was given differ from theres on drs computors so wrong precription..and this stuff is not medicine to get wrong...and im running around trying to explain ..even been back to out patients tonite warfrin nuurse rang to say my drs rang asking if the 40000 iu was right ...grr of course it right i told her i told him ev en took the box so i know its right ive been injecting it every day..bit fed up and rushed back to outpatients top pick up a precription from the nurses.then went to my drs mope it wasnt there either and noone could find it so 1hr later rushed home still no wiser till tomoz..ill be glad when im better and no trouble to peeps soz for osunding off..suppose no one will read this anyway i might call it a day no one harddle visit;s me humble blog or leaves comments anyway but will upload this card for a 50th birthday hope you like it hugs miserable sassy pleaz leave a comment or two and make me smile xxxxxxxx


Carolyn said...

Lovely card!!! sending lots of love and hugs

Pamela said...

This card is amazing! So sorry to hear the hassle with meds - we had the same the day before going on hols. Needed to stock up on FIL's meds for him to take on hols. Chemist had put his prescription to one side and left it - then they didn't have all the med to complete. Had to ask GP to prescribe a temp replacement drug!Aaaarrrgggghh!!!
And you must keep up the blog - we do read but Mr Blogger is being a pain in the rear and stopping us comment. Luckily someone has suggested a work around. Hope your feeling more up beat soon. Huge hugs.