Saturday 31 October 2009

Grannys Watching you & New Blog

Remember Grannies watching you
Hiya...gosh today has been extremely strange in good and bad ways....and girls please don't think me totally bonkers but i have done the blog Gathered Memories all ideas most welcome Ive come to learn that although I'm in my own dark place from time to time and might even piss you off oooops!!!other are suffering too..This after noon i popped into town and meet a friend who i hadn't seen for ages i dunno what i felt at first ...sadness ..shock but three years ago she was diagnosed with M.S. and is now in a wheelchair my heart went out to her but she showed me that all was not lost and know counsels people who are recently diagnosed..i stood amazed as she was no different than id known her yet she seemed better stronger ....than ever she shone with the enthusiasm and the courage i wish i had..she hadn't realised my time of sorrow and wanted to know everything yet all i wanted was her to share with me what had happened to her..she had me in awe of her attitude to life..and that was the push i needed to do my new blog...
Tell me what you think...good or bad.....some ideas perhaps..jump on board if you wanna help ill be glad of the company...i don't want it to be morbid or depressive although i suspect from comments it will have many feelings but a sounding board i hope it becomes.....but with the love and respect for each other
and from that we all can gain
and most of all friendship
and to all of you im so glad i can call you friends
p.s im off to dig out my broom and put on my whitchy face complete with rice crispie mole lol!!!have a good night take care love you all .

Somwhat Bizzare please read..

This is gonna seem quite mad guys and gals......but i wonder if i could set up a blog especially for all the ones out there suffering loss illness or anything they want to litterally get off ther chests....i make no apologies for my posts and the way i may come a across you can visit and leave a comment or ignore me...but i think there maybe room out there for a special place for people just to leave words of wisdom..encouragement or just to off load. about anything ..what do you think..would anyone like to share this bizarre idea...yet is it???...i needent be all doom and gloom but it could be somewhere special...for everyone there blog out shout or scream or just to say how there coping or feeling...not that i want to take it away from them to write on their own blogs but sometimes it might seem inappropriate for them to do so..the rememberance wall on facebook is sad and yet uplifting to know so many others have lost loved ones all over the world..and just sometimes the more we understand human nature to grieve to leave unsaid last grief and happiness these messages left can say a mutitude of words too those reading it......your never alone...what do you think i have i really lost the plot and will someone step forward and help me ideas welcome ..i was going to delete this but hell why should i its just a thought..and knowing me id probably the only regular!!!!

Friday 30 October 2009


This is Mum aged 18 on her wedding day
A year has nearlly passed since i lost my best friend i miss her so very much ..and too loose both my parents in less than 5 months of each other shook my sorry im always sad..but if it wernt for you all out there id be so lost ......

i found this peom on facebook on the remeberance wall then i went to lite my

candle for my mum whos 80th Birthday would be on Sunday and also for my dad who again would have been 8o in june just gone but i have tried with all my heart to find the words and but these touched me
lite your candle here

A friendly voice in the dark of night ,
The tentative rays of morning light,
A host of butterflies high in flight,
A rainbow extending far out of sight-
All these miracles tell me this;...
Angels really do exist.

all my love to you all sassyxxxx

Monday 26 October 2009

Love is in the air....

Afternoon sweeties...firstly thanks for the good wishes..not been to work boss told me to stay who am i to had a play instead..ive gone a bit ott...and a bit lovey dovey.... the shoe was a digi download and so sorry i cant remember where... i put clear crystal laquer on it then placed some gems whilst it was still wet.did a bit of goldleafing around the edges added a tag..and of course ribbons and bows also had two rather lovely emails today and im a lucky snotty sassy..i won a challenge and also a surprise from midnight madness blog thats helped the healing all in all i hope you might like the card....ttfn xxx

Sunday 25 October 2009

I need a hug day!!!!!

Not been the best week....and wow this swine flu is a right poor hubs had to go 6 miles to fetch the precription as strangely its only obtainable from certain nominated chemists also with a code..yeah gods only wanted some pills.....but this flu certainly makes you feel everso vunerable and really ill ..havent got out of bed except for the obvious this has been my bed mate plus antibiotics.strepsils..paracetamol...looroll ran out of hankies ..and lived of warm soup....zovirex for the thumping cold sore the size of a small island on my mouth... dr had to call as i had blisters in my mouth and he thought i might have a touch of quinsy's but as i have no tonsils hes put it down to the high fevers i have been having.. me its knackering this is the first day up since wednesday and im pooped..i did however finish a card i had all set out for in the week...although hardly have the strength to glue it all take care..ttfn x

Tuesday 20 October 2009

Midnight Madness Challenge 24# having a lazy day at work...on duty but feel rotton ** dink i dot a dold** lol!!!...and as its raining heavily i though it best to stay in the office instead of spreading my unwanted germs onto my luverly residents..who probably gave them to me in the first did a bit of office work ans i snuck in a card..sometimes being the manager can have its perks...and i dont take libertys as a rule but wow one hell of a headache thought id relaz into the Midnight Madness challenge....incorperated the two main elements although they wern't visible so i rammed some sticky feet under the white circle and it lifted the side layers away from the black..then if you looked sideways on all you could see were these blobs lol!!! so glue gun at the ready i popped a couple of flower heads to disguise them..and as per usual sassy ott...used flwers from wild stamp flourish on the corners ..and re stamped when id put the white circle down..trying to line up the flourish not quite as successful as i would have liked but hey ho im under the weather.....added pearls...all the bits from stash...hope to you like her...thanks for popping in off to submitt my entry....ttfn loves yer

Monday 19 October 2009

Eureka!!! & Charactor Cafe challenge TCCFF2

Evenin!!!! how's you all doing...i have been a very determined sassy of late trying to get my colouring half as good as my darlink sis (YORKIE LOVER) you know that scene in dr doolittle well i have been do littling nothing else except colouriong...and the phrase....***By george i think shes got it*** no i havent gone completly craker's lol!!!but i do think im getting there....i just wish i could pop round the corner bt we are 4hrs away by fast tain i had brief tutorial..over the telephone WELL!!!.when ican get a word in edge ways on trying to tell her what im doing and where i think im doing wrong and then she ask in her best geordie have yer gotta a pencil...draw a circle ok slow done gotta find a i drew my circle lol!!! more like a rugby ball....anyway we proceed...and again it hits me where i have been going wrong so thiis the practise 2 and a half hrs coulouring in last night and quickly stuck just to keep me little sis happy lol!! so excuse the waffle and here it is and its a mo's image if you didnt already know...and its soooooooo cute...even cuter if sis did it...but think im getting there........and this is a first for me as i cant do minimile...also there is a challenge on the charactor cafe. so gonna enter this cutie........ttfn loves yer xxxx

Thursday 15 October 2009

Blog Hop...join in you know you want too

The count down Is on!!! Just a few more days till the Prowling at the 1st Midnight Madness Blog Hop!! We are going to skip the Mid Week with Midnight Madness this week as we prepare for our FUN-TAS-TIC event. We hope you are getting excited about our blog hop. As a special way to thank our players and welcome new ones, we will be hosting our very 1st Halloween/Fall themed Midnight Madness Blog Hop.....Beginning October 16th at 8 a.m. EST and ending October 20th at 12 a.m. Midnight. AND OH WILL THERE BE PRIZES.....

One "Grand Prize Crafters Package" random drawing


350th Brand New Sketch Player SPECIAL Prize


"Cards from the Crypt" winners (picked by our very own DT members from the MMSC archives)

Plus a number of random Package winners

The Midnight Madness DT has been working on making this blog hop extra special for everyone. A few of the team members have gotten together and made up a special video just for this event and you DON’T WANT TO MISS IT !!! FUN FUN FUN!!! We are hoping you will join us for all the fun, exciting projects with tons of inspiration and prizes. So please join us for our first ever blog hop on Friday.

Pink Christmas

Evenin all.....wha dreadful day..has it been as bad where you live as all it did today was rain....rain and more rain...still ishouldnt grumble it gave me time to get my office sorted and loads of filing which i never really find the time to busy busy.....and phew ive caught upon boss will be chuffed...i even found time tonite to make a card ..just playing with the new stamps and have really fallen for these heres to a pink christmas lol!!!! i havent many things christmas themed and raided the only little box i have..i dont really make loads of christmas cards but just had to use this little poppett....and i think this is going to be for my grandaughter shes a pinky girly too.....i found one snowflake attached to a white peg andit was rather manky so coloured her in with my promarkers pink.and had this paper for years this is how she turned out hopes you like to you all....ttfn xx

Wednesday 14 October 2009

midnight nmadness #23

the other picture was pants!!!!!

Midnight Madness challenge #23

Hiyas..this is a quick post im soo tired ...took my tipple of cooking sherry a hr ago....only joking i dont drink lol!!! my entry for Midnight madness #23 i really had a problem...really stretched the old grey matter...but hope it fits the requirements..i hope as i do miss stuff out lol!! its age thing...
and of course i just had to use my new stamps i won in the girlie me
lucky girlie me lol!!! i did her in a cresent shape and added the flowers undernearth the fanny!!! that didnt sound right aw well i hope you understand not sure that was i the brief oops another bloomer!!!!...coloured her in with my promarkers..paper was a free download ages ago and also used my swiss dots
for the oval.on pink pearlecent card heres *cammy* for your approval ttfn loves evrey one of you my little luverlies...xx

Tuesday 13 October 2009

i got candy..lalala.....

hiyas me hunnies....cor look what came through my post box today yeahay!!!! my stamps from Girlie me that i won in their candy and they are superlicious am like a big kid and dont wanna work just sit and make cards lol!!!! so heres one i did before work today i just had to have a go coloured her in promarkers...ant she the cutest...hope you are all hving a good tuesday and only came our my dark room to meet the fire brigade...had to call them in to get some smoke angels for a few of my resis bless them!!! and it was such a treat believe me cor a man in uniform ,,,hold me back..!!! and the face of my 97year old well!!!!she just lite up with a those eyes i was blown away by her today shes a darling and today well i think shes gonna have sweet dreams tonite lol!!! and i maybe be wrong but i think i might too pssst !!!!dont tell hubby....wonder how much it would take me to bribe him into joing the fire brigade or even the police cause a man in uniform really does wonders for me....and i mean wonders...shame i looked liked something the cat dragged in though.....never mind there coming back next week....cant wait hehe..down girl!!!!!!!....ttfn loves yer and thanks for the most wonderful comments..i treasure each and every one

Monday 12 October 2009

Very greetings Card & Tag

Hiyas...hunnies...ever had one of them days when a dark room is all you want and for the world to stop cause yer wanna get off lol!!!! well today was one off them...grr!! work...annoying computer...annoying gardeners...annoying everybodies cor talk about winging Wednesday it was certainly moaning Monday and i was in a good mood TILL!!!!! idiot driver today nearlly hit me head on...i kid you not the idiot only indicating no road did i see for him to turn he wanted topull up the side of the kerb i was driving along with him on my side of the road... what a plonker..i broke that hard and swerved at the same time to stop a collision and my cream bun landed on the floor plus the contents of my open handbag and my NEW!!!! glasses..cause i don't like driving in them......well i could have sworn...buffoon head!!!!anyway i am fine...alas my bun is no more....i think hes recovering in A&E after the gob full he got off I'm all calm having gone to lie down in that dark room....and made a rather unconventional...coer!!! get the big word...Christmas card.....not a red berry in sight..just a brown one and twigs...please dont ask where i nicked these from lol!!!!.....anyway i hopes you all had a good day...and that someone might just like my twist on Christmas sassy style hahaha loves yer ttfn xxxx

Sunday 11 October 2009

Introducing Victoria ...

Bet yer all in shock when have i ever uploaded three..yes three cards in one day lol!!!! so here is Cutie Christmas ive named her as *Victoria* ....from the Joanna sheen CD....have always thought this is such sweet picci and had a lovely mail today from a ebayer...who is very interested in buying some of my Christmas creations... so looks like im out to not happy with my glamour dusted leaves..looks more like it snowed very heavy lol!! but overall im quite a happy bunny..just have to do the inside and a that tomoz reckon ive used up my quota of MOJO.....for t0nite at least....hope you like her
ttfn...have a good nights sleep everyone

Sugar Bowl Challenge to jump in or not

Crikey 2 posts of me today i have left house work to finish this i know im a bit doooh!!! at times so i hope this is a sugar nellie lol!!! cause a friend sent these images to me ages ago to practise my colouring and i admit i had coloured her a while back..but loved the sketch over a sugar bowl so have jumped in....well nearlly ..haha!! so if this isnt a sugar nellie im so sorry for being a numpty not knowing the difference from my woj to magnolais from my penny black to my sarah kay im only embarking on stamping as you know this is out my comfort zone thats my excuse so sticking to it lol!!!! please excuse the error..!!!in advance... and i quite like her know she finished..and the more i think..its a WOJ!!! so dont think i will bother entering the'll think im daft and very old!!!!
and there not wrong ttfn xx

now i cant get rid of this either lol!!!!!!i tink this is ok..dont yer just love fiddling....

Winter vintage in Blue!!!!!

Happy Sunday..... everyone.....had a little play again and yes another vintage but silly me..i thought she was ice skating..but if you look closely she has rollers skates lol!!!! aw well ill pretend shes on a ice rink so heres christmas with out the traditional reds ad greens i also wanted to do a couple of challenges got one half done but got sidetracked..i really must try and re enter the 21st century lol!!!also if you hadnt noticed i got the courage to change my blog so its had a make over got sick of pink....i think its a bit ott...bit like my cards....but as they say a change is as good as a i shall hopefully finish the card for the challenge before i miss the deadline so ttfn love from me to

Friday 9 October 2009

Introducing Mary

this bit is the inside

Hiya sweeties.....Christmas is a still in vintage mode
and one of my resis has asked for five boxed cards for her family ooooer!!! i gotta get into top gear nipped again to hobbicraft becausei hadnt any christmas bits and im not really gonna be in the bestest mood over the festivities as it will be a year since my mum left us....I'm not being a party poooper...just have lost finances have taken a right bashing in the last 15months with two funerals for my parents and i have a new car looming...anyway got that out he way and trying real hard to let my creative juices flow so introducing *MARY*my mums middle name...i think im going a bit ott as with the boxes i can go a little more exaggerate..
so i hope you like Mary and want to thank you all for the lovely comments you leave....and i must tell you today at i was feeling a bit low...and as i looked up a tiny white and grey feather just floated out the sky birds anywhere.. so i caught it and looked up nothing to be seen and now its in my purse...they do say if a feathers lands near you ...your loved ones have sent you a kiss and their do you believe in angels ??? ....i im blubbing!! sorry wanted this to be a happy post...loves yer ttfn xx

Thursday 8 October 2009

Vintage *Hope*

Afternoon me luverlies.....i'm really enjoying myself at the moment although my back pain is bloomin rotton..i have decided to have as much time playing and heres a new project think i'll call her *Hope* and as its on a love theme aw gone all romantic...ive placed a litle silver heart nestling in the flower and hope someone will love her...again new papers from K&Co and backed on gold matt card stock with the side cut away with my martha stuart punch also used my other for the leaves which is the reverse of the main paper flowers from wild orchid crafts how i love them added a decorated pin with odds and end from stash..of course my signature bow actually did a four fold for the top corner one added a little dusting of glamour dust on her hair i also coloured her in my picture it application on my computor clever me ...not!!!!..and also went mad and decorated the off to do a little of the house work...while my morphine is helping..and also had a call from hospital they are fast tracking me for appointment to discuss my hopefully thell get me ttfn loves you all and thanks for the help and wonderful comments you leave it realy cheers my little heart xxxxxxxxx

Wednesday 7 October 2009

I need your help...pleazzzzzzzzz!!!

the blue is called *candy vintage* cause shes sweet and this next one is a birth ocngrats to give her a name but cant think of one lol perhaps you can??? gosh im asking alot off you all tonite!!!!!and do you like the box??25p each

*Candy Vintage*

Hiya me luverlies......been on a roll today well last night had these two planned out and today stuck em together....and have lapsed back into my comfort zone...i found some lovely boxes and i dont think they were a bad price no glueing or sticking although i have ordered a board for the future but i want to sell some cards and wanted the presentation to be nice know the dilema what do i charge???????....i really havent a clue as i sold two recently for2-80p each with out a box..i really only ever give my work i just though ask the experts lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so please me luverlies any ideas.....ttfn look forwards to your comments as always....xx