Monday 6 December 2010

Alls well that ends well..

Morning!!!!!!!!! sorry not been around for a few days again been really quite busy fiddling...nope not on the voilin lol!!!had to do a commision for wedding flowers worked me socks off tailored to her colours..back and forth to the city finally did thel all and there were loads..and THEN!!!! she didnt want them said they were too expensive and she really wanted second why did she ask me for the colours why did she send me photos of the dresses and i sent them every inch of the way to show her and ask if there ok..omg she said fantastic...yeah right and total cost was nearlly hundered quid..we all know how expensive flowers are and she didnt want small bouquets...!!!! spent more money on the extras she offered me 40-00p cheek...the hours it took me to get them just so...people..BUT!! had a wedding dress for sale so it went on ebay..a lovely lady bought it..and also she came to pick it up she was intears of joy....second marriage and all...told her my story and that id list them ..they went away gown in tow..and later they rang me.... they wanted the flowers aw bless...another visit and had to dismantle all flowers bar her bridal bouquet as she wasnt having as many bridesmaids except her grandaughter and three pageboys her daughters wernt gonna be bridesmaids but found out shed lost a twin so they wanted something to place on the jigged them all around again... worth doing..also been sewing appliques..thats a secret LOL!!!!!will tell you more but have apliqued 60 of these and ready to attach ....beading isnt my forte..but have sat an sewn and sewn...the piccis not very interesting but thought id upload so you know im still around loves yer all and thanks for poping in

Friday 26 November 2010

Black lace and Ivory Bouquet

Hiya's bit of a late post for me but jusy got my old camera working dosnt seem as good as it was but certainly improved...just a black and ivory card not for anything special but found this wonderful lady and had a play feels like my mojos back....and its now locked in a draw so i wont loose it again lol!!!!! not any snow our way..thanks heavens cant stand the white stuff..well not in my job as now im officially the head gritter, not critter lol!! im even having a spreader this amongst my many job discriptions i can add a new one to my CV hahha....thanks for popping in hugs & love take care in the snow should you have been unfortunaye to have had a delivery off it ......xx

Tuesday 23 November 2010


morning......well seems a little birghter today unlike me yawn couls have slept in for a duvet day but postie rang door bell geees you can here all over Warwickshire lol!!!... Midnight Madness

No 81 have missed doing these challenges as my style seems they belong in Pricillas Blog .... silly really but im not saying i dont like the tildas or the wiff of joy or anything wymsical i love them all ... but i always go back to my OTT vintage...
my comfort zone i think anyway im rambling..not physically on the move rambling ahaha!! my card is again vintage cuties and the loopy bits were cream satin twine hand sewn..and added swarzorski crystals to the end of the loops yes by me .. new papers from the linen collection er get this Victioria and Albert museum London..HONEST!!! found it on a recent visit to hobbiecraft..very nice feel to it i must say
Flowers wild orchids which i sprinkled with gitter dust added tulle as her shawl and there you go a sassy vintage hope you like her i must force my self in futire to go green instead of pinks lol thanks for popping in have a good day wherever or whatever you do hugs & love xx

Monday 22 November 2010

Brown eyed girl

Morning me luvverlis and a happy but cold..ruddy frezzin morning...brrrrrr!!!! i just cant get warm this morning..anyway less moaning cant change that so onto my card made for no reason other than to keep me from going stir crazy some might say im already crazy and perhaps there right but felt the urge creep upon me and here it is themed browns.what a cutie image from my endless piccis of cuties i used paper from Once upon a Time and K&CO it cost me a fortune 12x12 scrap book..forgot it had it lol!! nothing new about being forgetful think its my middle name at the mo...what was i yep the image i have had for yonk's from a cd and the flowers from Wild orchids a fav place of mine and of course the **Sassy Bow** and some lace i bought of ebay..and the little gold beady spray things too used my martha stuart punch used the negative and positive of the border waste not want there you have it ..hugs & love thanks for stopping by.....

Tuesday 16 November 2010


Hiyas just a quickie entering this into the midnight madness 80 so hope they approve i have rotated the design but hey ho had a go...a poet and never knew just gotta figureout linking been such a while since i did it sassyxx

Sunday 14 November 2010

Red roses & card

Hiya my luvverlies......getting to grips with my mojo we gotta start to fall in love again so were taking it slowwwwwww.....vintage is back wedding couple.. made this for a friend off ebay she bought a red set of bouquets and loved them so much she asked me to make a bigger one for her and another bridesmaid so thought id pop this into her box of flowers all done as a thank you shame i didnt have any red ..had fun though getting the red roses to match from memory as i had alredy sent her first order and memeory is playing up too cripes a job and a half but chuffed she loves the addition to her flowers..i really enjoyed making this card and hopes you like it a little bit too loves you and thanks for the welcome home..xx

Friday 12 November 2010

The first in ages...

well since ive been gone wow!!!!! how busy have you all been blooming heck mega busy fingers..gonna have to do alot of catch up not sure if Mr Blogger liks me any more i cant seem to upload a picture aw dratts new id cock something per the normal..pressin these buttons aw there it is ..anyway shes not very inspiring is she but shes my first in ages...need to do more browsing and looking for inspiration your blogs are amazinggggggggggg xx

Weel since ive been gone my word some changes have taken place your all

First the flowers & card to follow forgot how to BLOG!!!

Well a masive HELLOOOOOOOO!!!!!! yep it is me honest and waaaaaaay!!! i have finally made a card so sorry ihavent been around to view im sure all the wonderful creations but have had a rotton time.. but op ok and sortedcant quite run but am walking further than i have for ages but still it gives me not without probs and thought at the time great will be able to craft but sitting ..NOT a option and to be honest ive been in a very dark place and before you say it ... NO!!! not the broom!!! just not been up to anything except had a new diversion FLOWERS!!! been making a few bouquets and finding it very entertaining selling on apologies all round and do you know what BOY!!!!!!! have i missed you all just bought some new lace and had to have a play not very interesting but well i did retire for a while i need to nosey round your blogs for some gonna do that now huggies

Sunday 2 May 2010

Nannie meets Francessca for the first cuddle

Went for a drive to Bradford on Friday to meet a very cute grandaughter Francessca and wow is she a beauty all 10lb 110zs although shes feeding really well i reckon shes deffo hit the 11lbs mark she was a week old on Sat and she is just adorabley cute mums doing well but her stitches are hurting poor girl...but the c section was deffo the right thing to do....i hope you are all well and im still having pain and my depression seems a bit better... so trying to go back to work on Tuesday and just see how i get on drs put me on limted duties so that will help and my firm are good about that...retirement is still forefront of my brain at the mo and as for cards my mojo gone seriously out the window and if found wandering please send it back lol....i wish i could motivate myself but just isnt in for know just a picci of to you all hugs and more thanks for dropping in

Monday 26 April 2010

Introducing you all to Francessca My New Grandaughter

JUst a real quikie me luverlies..i just had to introduce you all to my new grandaughter Francessca delivered on Sat 24th April weighinf in at....10lbs 11ozs omg my daughter in law tried so hard but in the ned she had to have a C Section as the told her baby was in distress......i will post again soon as im still not well but i have to find the mojo for the card as off to meet her on Friday

love you all

Friday 16 April 2010

No card but a question ???sounding you out

Hiya to all you lovely peeps i as you know havent been at all well for a while and although things are looking up ..thankfully i have decided i have to down size my craft supplies as im thinking of retiring and that will mean i loose my i will never get anywhere as big as the accommodation i have and the craft front has taken a nose dive.temporarily but i need to get rid of my stamps im not really a great stamper and if any i do i have digis and sheets of Tilda's and my Victorian collection etc already to colour or assemble so if any off you are interested in buying some of my collection .. 9 magnolias...3 papermania...elisabeth bell( one)and the girl baking..... Sarah kay (christmas post)... pink ribbon girl... large cake(new ones)
....just a few i also have some wooden idea what to ask for but if anyone could be off help id appreciate it i will have to stay with posting in the UK I'm afraid but just wondered also do you think its OK to do this...and would any off you be interested... some have been used and some are brand new ... if there is interest i will take some piccis but email also
love to you all xxxx

Tuesday 30 March 2010

Just a wee cake lol !!

Hiyas to one and all..thought id pop in and wish you all a good days are pretty long at the moment and my knee is improving although i havent had a good nights sleep in ages as i get all snuggly..and i dont seem to move around much in my sleep so my knee gets stiff and very painfull it wakes me and i just cant get back im totally knacked....someones pinched my mojo ant a happy bunnie i feel good in myself but sick off not being able to go anywhere (like craft shopping) in my car...even a trot or hobble round tescos is a painful afraid hubbie is on his own today...i did however have a play on sat night i have a friend who like a wee few of us (more off a cetain age ) women have sudden urges for the loo..and tenar ladies are the standing or should i say the sitting joke i bet youve heard them all if i laugh pmsl ..if i sneeze oops lol..make sure you go 10 times before going out .(in case)so as its her birthday and she loves my nappie cakes i made her one replacing the nappies with tennar ladies just for a giggle and filled it with lady goodies instead of baby products..complete with a cuddly friend a tiny pefume bottle ....all wrapped in a fluffly white towel....and she has a wicked sense of humour and laughed that much on the phone last night i reckon shes used them all hehehe.......i hope you like my cake with a twist...people do say in mad..well now i believe them lol have a good day what ever your up to and thanks for popping in it means such alot...loves to you all..keep safe and dry lol!!!! xx

Wednesday 24 March 2010

Nappie cakes..without calories

Morning me luverlies....birds are singing..the suns shining and im itching for England hahaha...but im healing nicely and still feeling good.....bored witless but good and as i bought a few packs of nappies before my op i thought id have another go at a Nappie cake or two...the neutral toned one isnt a good picci im afraid but hope you get the jist i even popped a rubber ducky for good measure and it contains nappies and clothes plus other goodies the pink is a two tired masterpiece lol...with a cute snugly ted Ive attached recipe cards to and have been practising my florists bow...what a easy thing to do once you know..good old you tube hahaha,,,anyways i think they will do.and look nicer in the flesh so to say....i ventured out yesterday and what a nice feeling not to be cooped up indoors although it never stopped raining but managed a slow hobble through tescos..and left hubby to do the food shop and to let me just hobble around at my speed witch is slow or slower hope to increase my hobble to alot speedier was just nice to go out...was almost tempted to get in one of the motorised thingies..but my driving up the Aile's wasnt gonna risk backing into the Easter egg display was bad enough when i fell into a walkers crisps display in asda..ha vent been back im sure a few big bags were flattened i just hope whoever bought them liked crushed crisps....right off for a coffee and do i little house work....lovely of you to pop in and its so good to be back..mojo not quite back to speed but hey ho!!! loves yer

Monday 22 March 2010


Well hiya..long time no speak.....feeling brill today the first time in ages had the clips out my knee today a boy it feels great..and of course i get the nurse whos never done it before so as a guinea pig i sat there hoping she wouldn't hurt me ..what a wuss...but the girl did good and now it feels less tight got physio at hospital on Thursday and everything it doing what it should..cept me cause i hate being idle and have done los of house work...and can manage really well without my crutches...have a bit of pain in my muscles as im walking straight now and not knock kneed anymore know i dont look like ive been on the cooking sherry..hahaha...and Eurica i have made a card....just felt id have a bash nothing out of this world im afraid but had a little colouring in session yesterday and heres the result hope you like i hope you are all ok and who knows might make another seeing my mojos come back dunno where its been hiding but ive stuck it to my desk as not to lose it!!! loves to you all for the messages and mail all so appreciated as been feeling rather low and lonely and actually looking forwards to going back too work in a month......what will i do with another 4 weeks....

Thursday 11 March 2010

OP update.....

Well a big hello from me to all you fabby friend's out home hooray!!!i had my op at 10 -30 monday morning.......oh my word was i scared....and i soaked a couple of anesthetists with my tears.....but how kind are tumour has now gone i had it drained and i have a few pills to take inhibitors....for the last few fragments and as i had to have my back anesthetised for the drain it was decided i should have my knee removed with a spinal injection..instead of a general....but the sedatin also put me under and i slept all the way through i woke just as they were bandaging...the ruddy needle into my spine was awfully painful..but i got a cuppa tea earlier than if i had a general.....phew i neded a cuppa......and although very sleepy for the rest of monday and tuesday all went ok....untill the dreaded gastapo arrived (physio) arggggggggggggg!!!!waiting till i could once again feel my legs.... (that was a funnny experience)i did of coursse ask how do peeps have babies with this sorta injection but it is different epidural for them mine took out all feeelings from the waist down...that felt ever so strange..but 4 hrs later at least i wasnt in pain till it wore off then by heck it reallly was sore and no way could i even liift my leg....but them physio well **COME ON..YOU Can Do it **NO I screamed** oh yes you can....felt like apantomime once id managed to slide my leg i was up on my frame.....feltvery much like a kiddie taking her first steps.....and of course i set of on the wrong foot....but after what seemed like 27 trips around my bed...was 2 actually hahha.....i managed to hobble.....but a very proud after another three sessions with the gastapo.....i was progresing....of course it hurt loads but i was chuffed iwas upbut it didnt stop there back on the bed with other exercises bit like a imbering up session.i did also ask them if either had had a knee replaement cause it ant easy to bend aknee swollen to three times its nomal size and 32 staples down the middle ..well that i didnt go so well at and pray tell why do physios shout louder than other staff i politley told her i hadnt had major surgery on my ears .. im just just a cripple and i could hear what she was saying without her shouting..erm she didnt like that so im off her christmas card the next day well pleased it seemd the hobble felt a better hobble especially better as know id progressed to sticks...and although i shouldnt have emulated them as guns when the phsios walked in..even with the vocals of world war two gun replicas.....or a darleck pointing at them etxerminate hahhahah ooops i think i did it again....anyways x rays on wednesday were good and leg is much straigter.....and after my protest march to say iwas strong enough to go home even to the point of saying i could climb the hmymalayas i finally got home at 5-00...........think they were glad to get now have the **SWATT TEAM*** for the next few days to carryon the sessions and im sure ill do better.....oh and answers on a post card if you know waht the SWATT team as.i stilll dont know

Tuesday 2 March 2010

IM still here...and a bad blogger with cakes and no calories lol

My Donation to Hospital

Well thought i had better get writing as its been ages since i have made a card oer even been blog landing but my health has been suffering and too long sitting has become unbearable....SO!!!!! my operation is booked for Monday the 8th March so i pray they can get me mobile with out this endless pain and sit more comfortable when the move my little tumour in my back naughty thing it is and my new knee and having my leg reeforced and straigtened so unlucky for you no doubt when able in my recovery i will be spending some time doing what i like best stop me getting bored in meantime i have'nt been totally idle fingers i have a new grandchild due for delivery (sounds like its arriving in the post lol) in not knowing what to send them i thought i would have a go at the Nappy word they are adddictive and goona make others to donate to my local hospital thats if they dont mistakenly chop me leggies off,,hhaha so as my way of thanking them for the much needed neonatal care i thought they could do a raffle what do think.....this big one is for my new baby and the pink is up for grabs in donations in a raffle of course on the baby ward.....they are so easy to make and the heart shaped pink happened as a mistake but liked it so i hope you all do too....lovely to say hello and ill be back in the words of good old Arnie lol!!!!!...keep em peeled and now of for a wander and see what ive been missing loads of you all xxxx

Wednesday 20 January 2010

PINK Vintage

Hiya everybody hopes i find you all well my mojo has gone walkabouts again its took me ages to do this card and back in my pink mode **MY FAV**..and also back to vintage just popping off to watch come dine with me i find it so funny and could do with a giggle.....thanks for all your much welcomed comments and your continued support it means a great deal.....loves yer xx

Monday 18 January 2010

Pink creation

hiya everyone.....just popped in to say HI!!!! and ever had a moment when you thought about a card you made like yonk's ago...for some reason i had a card in my head that was quite complex and as im struggling with missing mojo again...i thought id try and find it somewhere in the archives...and do it!!!! well ive searched and searched and getting very frustrated UNTILL!!! i found it and having looked at it i havent got the foggiest idea how on earth i made it..remember making it ...remember being quite happy with the finished result rember the punch i used...remembered the card stock colour too surprise surprise it was pink....then i realised i cant make it it was two toned card stock and havent a clue where to but thought id show it you now i remembered where i stored the picci..... i might go a googling......hopes your all okey dokey and thanks for stopping by....lvs

Saturday 16 January 2010

MMSC 36#

Hiya me luverlies....hope your all having a snow free Saturday....i thought i had better get my challenge for the midnight Madness challenge before it closed and set myself a challenge too not to use a!!!! went all art nouvoeu erm!!!! not that happy really as i tried to stamp and emboss and retreive the hot gun i havnet used in yonks they are the gold swirls and wanted to incorporate some fur..which is the leopard stuff i have had just that long it lost its sticky so used dst...added a lady image Ive had a while and coloured her with my polycromos...and matted on gold vellum backed paper also had this ages too....oh and as i didnt add a bow i added a feather or to and a old piece of jewllery with a middle from a earing which broke too.... so hope you like it.....and again shes a big card so can box it up for a birthday am sure there are a few looming now the new years here...thanks for popping in it is so appreciated love and hugs to you all xxxxxxxxxxxx

Monday 11 January 2010

Magnolia Challenge *pleating*

Afternoon one and all..just a quickie this is my entry into the Magnolia challenge that required element pleating sorry for the poor quality picci my cameras not very well.....but i hope it enough to get the gist...and i must confess...i couldnt for the life of me do the pleating tecnique try as i might and numerous papers folded nothing seemed right so as i did a annna griffin card years ago with pleating i used the cheats way sorry!!! so if it dont count so be it.....but it has the desired apologies girls

Sunday 10 January 2010

Sending you A sunny Day

Hiyas.... Sending you a sunny day !!!!... taken in cyprus..sorry for the horrid picci off me .. no card yet working on the house work first.....and as im a little bored with the weather some might like and love it but i just dont like it one bit never have never will..even when dad popped me onto our dustbin lid aged 6(couldn't afford a sledge) and thrust me down the tallest hill(i screamedand cried all the way to the bottom lol!!)i have the most awful thoughts although my dad thought it everso brave of me...(well he did tie me to and saftey..yeah right!!!)..i didnt seem to have much choice.. )and there along with my sis clapping and waving and wooping it up.(reckon she thought good riddance to her) ... hahaha...and with me mittens on string threaded through the arms (so as not to loose the hand knitted by my dear gran's most wanted sought after ..NOT!!!stripey bright green mitts and matching'd never miss me arriving would yer lol!!! )...anyone recall???? or am i showing my age lol!! i just knew me and snow would never get along.....and for the first time in my life i was right...have a happy and safe sunday lvs yer

Saturday 9 January 2010

Standing alone

This is the front

this is the back

Good afternoonies my luverlies...well hopes you are all safe and all toasty hare after i have braved the blizzard to get some bread and milk and resisted to get a custard slice from the local bakers..dunno about you but i always wanna eat when its rotton weather and at this rate all my 6 stone weight loss will have been in i slipped past litterally and popped into tesco..and yet more cakes did i spy but lefft with milk and bread ant i a good sassy???......but im very bored so had a play at this creation i enlarged one of mo's digital to fit a a4 piece of card then duplicated and reversed the image printed her onto card ... coloured her with my promarkers added backing paper and a few gems and i must be bored...i cut her out and she is self standing about 7 inches height just left enough for the fold where i popped the ribbon....thanks for popping by and any comments are so appreciated.....loves yer all xxxx

Friday 8 January 2010


Hiya's hope you are all coping with this weather....heard its been cancelled through lack of interest lol!!!!!...and im in a pickle went out on my rounds and wondered why my foot was getting very guessed i have a hole/rip in my boots now these arnt fashion heels..they have good soles to help in this snowy weather but now ..what am i gonna do ...cant get to the shops in the city and try finding a pair of proper snowy boots well as scarse as rocking horse poo!!!! so in a right to do..wellies ant no good as i have probs getting them on a being a bif footed gal...and prob's with me old knees and back so i reckon it would have to be mens wellies......but dunno what to do well its the wekend so not going anywhere.....on to my card a bit of a disaster this one as im not in the mood i thought i was...its for the midnight challenge i havent done one for a while so thought after i glued my boots lol!!! well worth a chance eh!!! i'd make use of my hot glue gun...anyways shes one for the charity box me thinks but will enter her thanks for popping in ..always a pleasure seeing whos come my way hugs and love stay safe and warm xxxxx