Tuesday 8 April 2014

Hiya my sweets dont faint....its me back on blogland its been way too long my health has improved and feel so much better had lots of hospital appointments and procedures so hope fully youll see more of me..dont switch off!!!! i have given up card making now and to be honest dont miss it my hands are suffering and have new glasses my eyes arnt too grand but getting old BUT i have embarked on yet nother crazy craft the art of reborning.....what a leap of fate this turned out to be so proudly want to show you girls what that ols sassy's been up too so here they are i started doing this since my poor baby pussy got killed just outside it broke my heart she meant the world to us and we miss her so very much..i still have a weep but doing these has kept my mind from wandering back to when i picked her up not long after she got hit by a car i tried to get her to breathe and the vision i carrying   my baby home ...too awful so heres my first shes called *ANNIE* she as born on 10th march  shes up for adoption as we speak and finished my newest one today she was born on Sunday 6th April ive named her after her scuplt name wivh is *Mollie* shes a chuncky baby still have a little work to do on her but waiting for the postie...well i have missed this and miss you all but im back how long for never sure....but for know enjoy the pictures ogf *My Girls* huggles sassyxxxxx