Friday 26 November 2010

Black lace and Ivory Bouquet

Hiya's bit of a late post for me but jusy got my old camera working dosnt seem as good as it was but certainly improved...just a black and ivory card not for anything special but found this wonderful lady and had a play feels like my mojos back....and its now locked in a draw so i wont loose it again lol!!!!! not any snow our way..thanks heavens cant stand the white stuff..well not in my job as now im officially the head gritter, not critter lol!! im even having a spreader this amongst my many job discriptions i can add a new one to my CV hahha....thanks for popping in hugs & love take care in the snow should you have been unfortunaye to have had a delivery off it ......xx

Tuesday 23 November 2010


morning......well seems a little birghter today unlike me yawn couls have slept in for a duvet day but postie rang door bell geees you can here all over Warwickshire lol!!!... Midnight Madness

No 81 have missed doing these challenges as my style seems they belong in Pricillas Blog .... silly really but im not saying i dont like the tildas or the wiff of joy or anything wymsical i love them all ... but i always go back to my OTT vintage...
my comfort zone i think anyway im rambling..not physically on the move rambling ahaha!! my card is again vintage cuties and the loopy bits were cream satin twine hand sewn..and added swarzorski crystals to the end of the loops yes by me .. new papers from the linen collection er get this Victioria and Albert museum London..HONEST!!! found it on a recent visit to hobbiecraft..very nice feel to it i must say
Flowers wild orchids which i sprinkled with gitter dust added tulle as her shawl and there you go a sassy vintage hope you like her i must force my self in futire to go green instead of pinks lol thanks for popping in have a good day wherever or whatever you do hugs & love xx

Monday 22 November 2010

Brown eyed girl

Morning me luvverlis and a happy but cold..ruddy frezzin morning...brrrrrr!!!! i just cant get warm this morning..anyway less moaning cant change that so onto my card made for no reason other than to keep me from going stir crazy some might say im already crazy and perhaps there right but felt the urge creep upon me and here it is themed browns.what a cutie image from my endless piccis of cuties i used paper from Once upon a Time and K&CO it cost me a fortune 12x12 scrap book..forgot it had it lol!! nothing new about being forgetful think its my middle name at the mo...what was i yep the image i have had for yonk's from a cd and the flowers from Wild orchids a fav place of mine and of course the **Sassy Bow** and some lace i bought of ebay..and the little gold beady spray things too used my martha stuart punch used the negative and positive of the border waste not want there you have it ..hugs & love thanks for stopping by.....

Tuesday 16 November 2010


Hiyas just a quickie entering this into the midnight madness 80 so hope they approve i have rotated the design but hey ho had a go...a poet and never knew just gotta figureout linking been such a while since i did it sassyxx

Sunday 14 November 2010

Red roses & card

Hiya my luvverlies......getting to grips with my mojo we gotta start to fall in love again so were taking it slowwwwwww.....vintage is back wedding couple.. made this for a friend off ebay she bought a red set of bouquets and loved them so much she asked me to make a bigger one for her and another bridesmaid so thought id pop this into her box of flowers all done as a thank you shame i didnt have any red ..had fun though getting the red roses to match from memory as i had alredy sent her first order and memeory is playing up too cripes a job and a half but chuffed she loves the addition to her flowers..i really enjoyed making this card and hopes you like it a little bit too loves you and thanks for the welcome home..xx

Friday 12 November 2010

The first in ages...

well since ive been gone wow!!!!! how busy have you all been blooming heck mega busy fingers..gonna have to do alot of catch up not sure if Mr Blogger liks me any more i cant seem to upload a picture aw dratts new id cock something per the normal..pressin these buttons aw there it is ..anyway shes not very inspiring is she but shes my first in ages...need to do more browsing and looking for inspiration your blogs are amazinggggggggggg xx

Weel since ive been gone my word some changes have taken place your all

First the flowers & card to follow forgot how to BLOG!!!

Well a masive HELLOOOOOOOO!!!!!! yep it is me honest and waaaaaaay!!! i have finally made a card so sorry ihavent been around to view im sure all the wonderful creations but have had a rotton time.. but op ok and sortedcant quite run but am walking further than i have for ages but still it gives me not without probs and thought at the time great will be able to craft but sitting ..NOT a option and to be honest ive been in a very dark place and before you say it ... NO!!! not the broom!!! just not been up to anything except had a new diversion FLOWERS!!! been making a few bouquets and finding it very entertaining selling on apologies all round and do you know what BOY!!!!!!! have i missed you all just bought some new lace and had to have a play not very interesting but well i did retire for a while i need to nosey round your blogs for some gonna do that now huggies