Thursday 27 June 2013

Hello im still around....

Well hiya my little sweeties thought i had better say hello before you all forget me......i have had some time off this week but all the things i wanted to do have gone by the by....had two hospital appointments which were both cancellations i had to go for a blood transfusion on Tuesday and then back Wednesday for follow up platelet' in between car parks blood ...needles ive had enough back for my other appointment on 26th July then the results will be!!!!!
so being fed up and drained i have just sat and colouring in but hope to do some on Saturday i just have to do some colouring in i have 2hrs before hubs is home i might print off a image or two
but in the meantime here is something's i have rustled up

and another pair of shoes
the other pair i sold on ebay and yayyyyyy got a great price why do peeps send electronic cheques gotta wait for funds but at least shes paid i should NOT  grumble...think they gave me a grumblers soooo grumpy lately !!!!!

got to stop idle hands
off for  NOSEY......ROUND YOUR BLOGS.....sassy hugs

Wednesday 19 June 2013

My first commisioned hat

Well hiyas..from a happy bunny who has done her first commission a halo pill box hat..and she loves it was so worried  I would  get it so wrong my client..(oo get me client lol!!!) had been discussing a wedding  she is going too for her granddaughters and being a older lady didn't like the fascinator she bought she saw my first hat and asked me too make her one more suited for a wedding to go with her royal blue outfit so here is is i used satin to cover with buckram to stiffen..edged in ivory and white bias binding made a gathered band added the bow a few scattered pearls  and the diamante pearl button finished off with spot Russian veiling the back i made leaves and matched the button with decorative ribbon hiding the seam ..oh...was so relieved when she ooo and rrrrd over sassy one relieved and happy bunny today be even happier when i start my jollies on Friday..and relax.....

The back 

love to you all for the kind messages left and as yet nothing from the Hospital.......ta ta  for now love and sassy happy hugs 

Sunday 16 June 2013

Tis only me popping in

Well a BIG hiya;s I'm sorry i have been a bad blogger and i  been having a rotten time so many  hospital glad when i get results of my MRI oh my they were horrendous talk of Hannibal lector and the with work not much time to play but i have 8 days off from Thursday so I'm going to get my pens out i have had a break from my DT at Crafty Catz as any inspiration for colouring is absent But i have not given up although the thought did cross me mind but get this week out the way and im hopeful i can get some mojo in the meantime i haven't been too idle and did another rescue on these shoes you may or may not be aware i do EBay and bought a job lot of wedding shoes ages ago  some are superb the odd few are damaged as was this pair and rather than consigning  them to the bin i have altered them and you know what I'm like when i get into my lace box i have been learning  few tips on making  ribbony things thanks to you tube so not completely idle hands i hope you like them shame i cant wear them as there a size 5 not get my big toe!!!

Made this tooo...
and this...hehheh xx

 will try and pop around tonite as hubs is on a late shift and im home and miss you all biggest hugs sassyxxxxxxxxxxxx