Monday 25 April 2011

A card

Well long time has passed and im still here but sadly my card making has took a turn for the worse..also been in hospital for a month i found myself with a massive Hematoma in my abdomen..also had internal bleeding and had 3 lots of someones kind donation of blood i have a filter fittef next to my heart at the moment as i have a few clots but unable to have warfrin due to the bleed so hopefull the filter will be removed soon and then on another weeks stay around 12th in Hospital for warfrin IV as my bloods all over the place and im fragile at the moment so i really havent been at all well ive had so many needles and tubes but good job i cant remember all the stuff that happened was too ill.. but really wanted to say hello and as im home resting im taking a long walk through your blogs.....xx