Sunday 31 May 2009

Time out Vintage style

Hiya....well have had a very busy couple of days been looking after my sister jayne who had a op on friday..and she wouldnt stay in hospital so..ive been playing florence changing the pressure dressing on her back i hope its not stuck too much bless her...anyway had a wee break today as shes alot better and i have her on pain management calls now lol!!! just topping her it was a rather big incision..anyway what im trying to say is i found the time to have a sit in the sun feet up and a good read.....and for me thats a real treat......but after 35mins was too hot ,,,so i made a card instead....hope you like it and of course its a vintage...and thought the title apat considering i dont get many me still waiting for hubs to do my email as its been playing up something i have to be extra nice....signing off,,scuse me wafflings the suns gone to my head....arms face and legs...hahah...hope you had a fabbulous day and gonna play catch up with all your work.....before i go has anyone else had their comments not published when it said they were am loosing a fair few......?????...ttfn hugs xxxxx

Wednesday 27 May 2009

Two in one MMSC3

I have just found my sentiment....hope this looks ok
*How unspeakably the lengthening of memories in common endears our old friends* George Elliot
..hugs sassyx

Hiya...bit of a late one..but have messed around tonie and getting nowhere fast...this is my entry into midnight madness..again on a vintage vintage and have used the same design as my pony except using the lay out on the challenge and off centered the portrait slightly..again the will have to imagine ....finding it hard to get the right verse.which will be under the flap on the main card ...this design came around by cutting the bottom off a A4 size card folded.cut into a square .i was putting it away together for matting and layering and it sorta looked nice together so my donkey design was born it was the first and i quite like the idea of two cards in one...would like to know what you also gets decorated with the coordinating papers on the inside to finish..and on the back of the image you can write your personal message leaving the other intact..if you get my drift lol!!! well Ive waffled on....... so thanks for viewing and of course comment appreciated ...... ttfn hugs me lovelies

Tuesday 26 May 2009

Two in One

Afternoon me lovlies...just a quick card to share today i might pop this into the promarkers challenge..this is a two for one if you see by the pics the horsey flap comes off to reveal a phrase...but!!!! i have lost the one i wanted to pop its behind my desk as everything ends up there eventually lol!!!!have to get hubby on his kness..mine are killing me...hehe...its a ruboff you will have to imagine it for the time being....
i seem to be rushing round everywhere today havent had time to email or nothing...where does time go.....why i did this on a blue and pink theme ..dunno but ina sorta nice fashion it turned out know what im like for my embellies....thanks for popping in me luvs..ttfn xxxx,,oh just scanned the dashboard loads of lovley creations ..ill be back !!!!!!

Monday 25 May 2009

Blue ..Lace Gorguss

hiya's......well certainly a change in the weather today very reckon an easy day is called for...wanted to share me little card with you sure i read somewhere a challenge for blues and cream but i may well have dreamt it...i used hotp papers which have had for a life time....a gorguss sis sent me..shes a babe fanks juney sis...i coloured her with my new poloycromos although its a tad dark...ermm...practise in need of...lace paper from my impress machine and my friskas border punch hasten to add this is the first punch i actually can use with repeating the!!!! so i love it added a pin with extra beads and of course a ivory bow from ribbon in stash...the lace was coloured with my trusty promarkers its brill for couloring in lace....but mind whilst it dries or youll get ink on your card..added a touch of blue velvet ribbon from tesco's ages ago so dont all be rushing of to find any...cause i looke every time and nope ant got non.....last but not least a odd lenght of sticky backed ribbon...overall a quite nice card........have a fabby break everybody ttfn hugs xxxxx

Sunday 24 May 2009

My Little pony..

Evening all....well another little card to feeling so much better so had a little play...i bought some polycromos...and this is my first its not very good by any shadow of the imagination but it will do...for the charity sis yorkie lover does the most fantastic colouring and am in awe of her patience...unlike i need her to stay for a week for lessons....i even bought some sansador and spilt the bl***y bottle all over my desk..yuck what a mess...but hasten to add before i made the card phewy!!!!! tell yer what it cleaned my desk at treat..just no-one strike a!!!!! thanks for popping in and any comment you wanna leave is great new allways appreciated....ttfn ..xx

Friday 22 May 2009

Boy Dungerees

Morning......up with the lark and feeling so much better...i made this card this morning..have made a few of these over theyears with my own template..outlined in caligraphy pen..hope you like it not into babies cards..but i was always making baby's cards that is lol!!!! im in the grown up sction lol!!!!! well must polycromos have just this minute been posted with a thud so hope there still intact...i need to have a play....have a good day whatever it is your doing..thanks for popping in..thats if you can get in had problems too...gremlins eh!!!! tffn hugs

Thursday 21 May 2009

Sugar Bowl entry

Hiya...just wanted to share this with you yet again lol!!!! went for a good browse ans found this gorgeous card on Judys blog i though how fantastic this card is and i really loved her colouring and overall card stunning as i havent any inks..i grabbed a pencil and coloured and shaded in pencil and added glamour dust to give it softness........i used the layout also with papers from blueberry from stash ribbon from ribbon oasis
and a pin with pearls added metal had to be included so the brads from PM are metal and also the pin..i think will fir the requirements. i think the challenge was over at Sugar Bowl may well send it now its finished ....overall im not too overboard on it but its cute in a cutish kinda way lol!!!so thanks Judy on the inspiration i hope ive done it reasonably well....thanks girlies for popping in your comments are so truly accepted and means so much ttfn xxx

Wednesday 20 May 2009

Millie MMSC2

hi.....just wanted to share this with you and will be submitting it to the midnight madness..
hoping i have done the lay out ok...been trying to have a play hope you think she is just the cutest little girl...and you may like what i have done with of my all time fav pics in my vintage collection of piccis...hope your all well.....popping back into bed....thanks for popping in i do appreciate it your all stars huggies xx

Sunday 17 May 2009

Evelyn..using pink green and brown mmsc 1 and /stampacular

hiya,,,hoping you all haven't had the rather wet.soggy and downright miserable weather weekend..hasn't stopped since Thursday so what better time to craft caused the washing wont dry..that's my story and sticking to it...i have made this card this afternoon and it was for stampacular....BUT..i didn't realise it was a stamped entry this is definitely not stamped oops but thought id show it anyway....i suppose it could go in midnight madness but haven't done the corners oh deary me what a numpty.....hope you like her anyway shes yet again vintage..and again all editions of Victorians flamboyancy...or to me and you ott..I'm calling her Evelyn...don't ask me why..just seems she needs a name instead of a title...and it was my late aunts name reckon she would have liked it.....and i haven't many stamps just thought i would tell yer that bit.....ttfn hugsxx

Hiya,,,hope you havent had the wet.cold and very soggy sunday that we have had here it hasnt stopped sice Thursday

Party Time Dotties world

Party time !!!! just couldnt resist to go have a look and to see..well sure glad i did ..what a array of spectacular goodies..go and have a look youk now you want too go to dotties world.....and happy birthday too...from me to you...


Morning peeps.....just a little something to share with you all...again Victorian or vintage..this is a slider card..dont ask why i made it lol!!!! but in the early hrs it just evolved..also sorry about the quality but it was a hard one to take a picci its so big..i used to make these in ATC much easier than a card size..and yep its a bit OTT...its my choco-boxey style....hope you like it..the lace again from the fellow of the tele and said i wasn't gonna give Llewellyn Bowen any more free advertisements lol!!! but just love these lace bits....see you later..thanks for popping in...ttfn xxxx

Saturday 16 May 2009

two quickies

Had a little rest from cards...trouble at mill...and im just not feeling fact im poppin off to the Drs tomz....just cant handle the pressure..thats where you guys come in..your support is appreciated more than you will just a couple of quick cards not very inspirational though but its all i could muster....thanks so much for popping in it means alot....thanks everyone.... your friendship and support is just beyond compare...ttfn. xx

Friday 15 May 2009

Three awards wow

Love award from charlotte

well am a well chuffed bunnie...and now my head and eyes are back to normal i have just been awarded these three fabby awards and the love and lemonade are from coldwaters2
will get around to passing these on later as there are so many fabby blogs out there its always difficult to decide......and all of you inspire me...make me giggle....and make me feel the!!!so who's it gonna be......ttfn xx

Wednesday 13 May 2009

Nite Nite....

just to say nite nite me luvverlies...gotta scoot of to bed got a flamin migrane havent had one in years..where the heck did that spring from ??...all this stress at work probably ... surely it cant be be worth it ...god bless..sleep tight i hope i do tonite.. thanks for all the wonderful comments it means so much....hugs ttfn xx

vintage purse MMSC1.2nd entry

would like to share with you my take on a vintage purse...with a twist..inside is a smaller version of the midnight madness challenge too....the same Lay out but on a much smaller i hope its *working outside the box*...i have done this before to send atcs as a extra special gift.....cut out free hand pattern...Gosh me brain still works then lol!!!!! and covered with papers from paper mania...never really liked them but in a strange way i do you explain that eh,,,wont even try ...covered with old broken earrings as the clasp with a added Bow from stash rhinestone brad from paper mania ????? I think ???? (did i just say i had a brilliant memory lol!!!)
...cut outs from the oval punch in card stock edged in brown from colour box....and from my collection of vintage two lovely girls..cut oval .love these two so and Velcro fastening from stash......and another old piece if jewellery necklace i keep in my bit rooting through that.alot of my embellies were from my atcs days have acquired lots of cheap bits from everywhere on the high street and then broken up especially it was a sale item sometimes worked out cheaper than buying from crafty so thrifty ...not ..well i hope you like it i quite like it now the fiddly bits are done...thanks for all the lovely wonderful comment so humbly accepted....ttfn...xxxx

Vintage affair MMSC1 challenge

hellooooooo...the card i would like to share with you today is one i think I Will submit to Midnight Madness a new challenge .....and because i was up at 5 i just couldn't nod off i rustled this up then.....what else has a girl gotta do at that time in the morning could hardly get the hoover out and wake my sleeping prince charming ...yuck!!! who believes in fairy tales lol!!!!!!as you can tell its a cameo themed thingy and i added hand placed individual pearls...why the emphasis on that i hear you cry!!! the ruddy things took ages to place....haha.....not funny at that time..i wrapped ivory ribbon as a neckline finished off with a bow.corners were from La Creme.......added roses from stash and new ribbon from that bloke off the tele...hes had enough free I'm not mentioning Llewellyn Bowen's name again...oops ....i know its a bit ott for some but I Love vintage as i can go mad...which is very evident.....hope you like her..shes OK thanks for popping in and nearly forgot i stamped the card stock with some oldie new stamps i havent used from Carte Possible that whas a lot of help as you can hardly see the lable on the that will have to do ...thanks for all the lovely comments am finishing off to go for a good nosey at all your note soz the pictures not good light at!!!

Tuesday 12 May 2009

And they lived happy ever after

Another card to share with you...and i think it might fit a challenge is aw earlier but need to find it lol!!!! so will have to update ..once Ive found it i was on the right track doing it as a just another card for the box...when i saw Rica's blog....mmmam sure it was so will have to investigate to see if this fits the bill........had a grueling i hope not to do again...will spare you the details but it has left me so knackered..pooped and out of mental energy......ooops had a swear there sorry if i offended anyone reading ...back to the card had this image sent IN a birthday bundle and played with the pro markers....i glamour dusted the wings..and added loads of muted colors..I'm not good a colouring in critters..i get them too dark...but quite pleased with this end product...I'm so low on scored my bit box and found the sentiment...think it would be nice for a unusual wedding...what yer think!!!?....i coloured the back bit what maybe you can just see with pressing my colour box onto the the boxes are leaf shaped and added a tiny pink flower backing papers the pink flowery stuff from blueberry hill and ribbons and flowers from stash.......just found it its sunday challenge from stamptacular .

going for a gander to see if its ok...thanks for popping are all my poppetts... xx

New candy and new blog

New Promarkers Challenge and Candy
Just had to enter this one as they have a giveway candy of these great narkers which i do love....still practising with them and will get it right one!!!!.happy day wished to all pop over to Passion for Promarkers
be great when the challenges start.......xx