Saturday 28 February 2009

Such a romantic

Well another romantic sorry.. i just like doing what i like doing i cant seem to steer myself in any other direction..i love looking at everyones work and love everything i see but i always come back to my romance....i love ths image with the peacefullness of reading a book and we have a manager who is retiring so thought as she loves reading it sorta seemed apt......thanks for popping by....and will be popping of to bed soon as busy day tomoz...going shopping crafty bits of course and watch me come home with more ribbons and roses than you can shake a stick!!!!.....

altered cd

I made this a few weeks ago..and now its in my grandaughter's room...they have framed it just wanted to share it with you..thanks for popping by hug sassyxx

Friday 27 February 2009

Second award....gosh!!!

Had another award and because my award from Jackie (craft designs) was the same as the one i recieved from chrissie so i have changed the colour so i hope whoever designed this little beauty wont mind too much.....its partly because Jackie .bless her felt sorry that shed duplicated the same whoever desgned this gorgeous "BUG" please be assured it was for a good reason....i wouldnt mind having pages of this critter as awards lol!!!!! thanks sweetie and will get round to sending my awards on to others as soon as i do my list......hugs sassyxx

For Julie.

Julie wanted us to make a card for her blogversary so heres mine.... she asked for hand made flowers on the card and as i try too make my own i had to have a go to perhaps win some candy...i made the flowers from ivory card stock and colour tinted in colour box chalk... the other little roses are shop bought .... the little tag was made with my new nessties with a anna griffin stamped sentiment.....i hope she likes it....hug sassyxx

Wow I have a award..

What a lucky bunnie am i to have this award given to me by Chrissie...i thank you so much for this lovely award and am very proud to display it here amongst my bits and bobs...feel like i have won an Oscar....and having had a rotton wek at work....its just what i needed thank you so much hugs sassyx

Thursday 26 February 2009

Romantic notions ...entry for truly scrumpcious

I have been having trouble linking my efforts lol!!!! ask diamond doll bless her the sweetie...but want to thank her so much for all her patience and help so i hope with fingers crossed this gets to its destination with all roses intact....Lol!!!..its a super challenge and have gone again for romantic notions......i would... looking at this have given it to my darling mum..butshe passed away in December just before christmas but a card to such a beautiful person in my life......thanks for popping by..please feel free to leave a comment just so i know you have called

Hugs sassyx

Tuesday 24 February 2009

Chasing Butterfly

Flower Girl

Hello everybody...what a morning..think i need a job change..just a couple of new girly cards..using images from downloads i purchased from and two download companies that i have been very happy with..ihope you like them please leave a message if posible so i know you have popped by

hugs sassyxx

Sunday 22 February 2009

Help Me

how do i send my pink & grey to color create???? idea lol!!!!

Pink & Grey Challenge

thought i would have a go at the colour challenge and love the colour combo......these were the colours in a fav skirt i bought my daughter when she was two....dont tell her though shed be horrified lol!!!! know she is 36....BUT having seen the entries im not sure i will submit it ....thanks for dropping by...sassyxx

Butterfly Shrink Plastic

i knew somewhere i had done a butterfly card using shrink plastic so just to show you what you can do.... and have i told you i love the crackle it makes lol!!!! sassyxx

Shrink plastic..

Well i guess im about to tell you a SECRET to those who are interested about using shrink plastic NOT SRUNK lol!! this is how i did it...i cut out the heart in card stock using the cuttlebug folder die and then cut out again a heart with shrink dont run off to the need!!!! ......then in the folder i bought there are four heart embossing folders to use with the heart place the plastic heart lining it up with the embossing folder and send it through the cuttlebug....crunch and crackle i love that sound!!!!!......and you can also once you have cut the heart out use it placed in any of the folders you really like will get the crushed iced can use acetate too but its i go mad and use the plastic..much nicer and have i told you about the noise!!!lol!!...have a go...i did it with my butterfly cuttlebug folder too .....suppose thinking about it anything you use to cut in the cuttlebug and using any folder will have the same effect with shrink plastic ..if my memory serves me correct i used this once to add to the front of a card using the swirls folder........i found it..hugs


Love .....

What a romantic i am...just cant stop myself from flowers bows and hearts lol!!!! i had the inspiration from someones blog have tried retracng my steps and arg!!! im sorry i cant find you to say Thank you!!!! so will go for another look but the ironing board has been very lonely i must go for a visit and take some shirts with me lol!!!!!! card consists of cuttlebugged heart and the clear heart is made form shrink plastic run throughthe cuttlebug...i love the crunching makes when embossed give it a know you want too ..and the etched glass effect is brill......the corners and butterflies were a gift from my adopted sis who has the yorkie lover blog..she had a stop over last year and that was august...have only recently found them in my stash and the stamped swirls some i have had and no idea where thier from.....senior moments....have a brill sunday..thanks for stopping by....please say hello..its does make me smile to know im not talking to myself hehehheh !!!! which actually i do all the time but thats a secret so shhhh!!!....hugs