Wednesday 1 June 2011

Pink my Fav colour

hiyas to all that have popped in as im still off work i thought id have another attempt at a card guess my fav colour?? of course pink i coloured this in hospital so thought not to waste id make this card for a birthday have even done the inside have been having a wander through your blogs and left a fewmessages is blogger being a pain as i have to keep signing in well just keep trying comments appreciated and valued hugsxxxxxxxx


Pamela said...

Hi Sassy - good to see you crafting again. hope your health improves as each day passes. Blogger is being a right pain so I'll be shocked if this gets posted! LOL Just in case Mr Blogger is playing silly people this is from Pamela.

Jackie said...

Good to see you Sassy, gorgeous card. Uncheck your keep signed in box and you will be able to comment. It means you have to sign in every time you open your blog but at least you can leave comments okay :o)
Jackie xx