Saturday 25 June 2011

Failed attempt

Hiyas well keep popping in for a gander and as im still off work i have time on my hands.. not the nicest of picci to start of the weekend**APOLOGIES** it is a bit yukky as this was my hopefully last procedure sadly it didnt work to get the filter out by my heart 2 hrs of pulling and poking its was really painful and now i have to do it all again as drs said **PLAN B** in two weeks to do TWO holes next not looking forwards to it and as i have to be awake ill be using a few well chosen swear words..oh dear!!!! but having time to heal i have made yet another card so hope you like it happpy weekend to you all thans for popping in and cmment sure do lift my spirits


June Nelson said...

AW ME SIS I will murder em!!! your sore likkle neck bless you, your card is beautiful as always , but your my star tutor so it would be, Hoe your feeling a little better, take it easy darlin love ya loads xxxx

Cheryl Walker said...

OMgoodness Sassy you poor thing, Im sooo sorry you are in pain and that looks bad :( I do hope and pray that you feel well very very soon dear! Be sure to rest and take it easy ok!! I love your work hun, your cards are beautiful and I see you tooo LOVE the color PINK :) hehehehehe


Wellnifty said...

Ouch..hope you feel better soon, lovely card x