Friday, 31 July 2009

Sexy Diva

A late evening all....phew talk about struggle been like trying to turn a sows ear into the silk purse....why do i take on these tasks..brain all over the place and high on ones lol!!!! bumped into a friend who invited me to gate crash a party tommorow..and not feeling like ginger rodgers on the dance floor or shopie ellis bexter i declind..but offered to make a card for our mutal friends birthday of course got me thinking,,she a right sexy lady and loves her corsets makes them too and is a fabulous seamstrss..loves her flowers and ribbon came up with this!!!!! was such a quickie and it took ages in my head i knew what i wanted but when it came to the nity gritty it just didnt had to leave it at this ...not one of the best cards ive ever made but glad i dont think its the worse.....she be that bladdered by the time she recieves it she wont be that to you all leaving me such lovely comments am so truly touched..... by the fairy's so used a charmed cards download had it a while so as its trendy..i think it will pass coloured in pro markers..ribbon and roses from stash...ttfn xxxx

Thursday, 30 July 2009

Learning to love

Well hello bloggers..yes it really is me.....still hurting from me little op monday if they'd told me it would have hurt like this i would have thought twice...but just waiting for the pain to subside.....otherwise i is ok....not been too work though so i made a card...theres a sort of story in this card....i wont bore you with the story..but rougly i was packing up a scrapbook for my sister and sending her mums silver locket over to where she lives on the Isle -of Man and we just dont get on or like each other it isnt for the want of trying....but i spoke to her when mum died and of course spoke to her 5months before when dad died that she then sounded like she had a heart..she was going down memory lane about our childhood..and dad & mum times which i remember so very fondly..but never realised she did i promised to do her a memory book as im the one that has had the contact with our parents and have all the whilst iwas wrapping it i burst into floods of tears....and telling myself i do love her and a part of me really does..i have one photo of us together and when i saw this vintage picci it amongst my collection of vintage it sorta reminded me of us the sisters...and learnnng to love...was the sentiment so this card was born out of a loving past i wish i'd had with sandra......sorry girls didnt wanna bore here it is finished..hope you like it i may undo the parcel and put this in....i also wanna send my warmest lovin wishes to my adopted sis yorkie lover (june) she not well and wish we wernt so far apart i do loves her loads.............ttfn

Gorguss girls prize draw

wow!!!!! gorgussgirl giveawy candy from leanne at fluttabyz crafty

fabby prize and would love to get my mits on these

Sunday, 26 July 2009

Rosie tilda went mad with her

Yaaaaaaaaaa!! finally made a card..gosh been so busy and all packed for hospital tomoz......i used the stamps i won from the simon stamps...i also won some nesties samll scallop circle so poped a sentiment on glittered her shoes and cherries it sorta looks a bit her perched on some ribbon from stash added some leaves which i glamour dusted...and flowers were a gift from simon stamps how sweet...all the way from america....i coloured the flowers red with my promrkers as i hadnt got any redflowers ...i hopes you like her soz havent been around im a bad blogger!!!!and i do treasure your comments and ttfn love and loads of hugs xxxxx

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Can yer see what it is yet!!!!lol

Just thought id say hello i have made a card but its gone awol...probs behind my desk as hubbies had another crack at getting my computer running better...anyhow take a look at the picture and if you can guess what it is ...a clue it begins withthe letter *T* and yes its a picci of my chest and NO its not tit......go on guess and have a titter on my me.....yes if you look closly it is a ..........TILDA!!!!! i told you me and stamping do not get on well...and this little madam jumped out of my hands and lunged at my throat and missed..phew!!!! but they are my new pyjamas top......only got em today had a bath...had a play..and this is the result...havent stopped tittering to myself at me tilda on my chest now soaking in the sink...just hope i can get her off my chest lol!!!!!! sorry for the dreaful play on words pmsl.....tfn xx

Monday, 20 July 2009

A Award for moi happy bunnie

Hiya...having allsorts of probs again with blogger....but hope my live in IT support manager can fix it after all he built it .....drats and double dratts...anyroad had a lovely comment and a surprise from christine who has so kindly sent me this fabby award..never saw if i had to pass it on and sure i must but will have to leave it on a back burner cause dont know how long i have left...cor sounds like im on my last legs...dont start sending the get well cards just yet....although i did nearlly have a heart attack when i went backwards on my office chair and got bubble wrap in the wheels pop!! crack!!! bang!!! bang!!!crack!! bang!! and pop!! wondered if it was chinese new year lol!!!!! didnt half frit me ....ttfn hunnies xxxxx card tomoz with a bit of luck

Saturday, 18 July 2009


A big hello am back.....been on ebay-planet for a couple of days and im shattered.......and my pooter would play up just when i needed it...but hubbie got it up (((OOOPs))) the computer sillies and he had a play and got me up and back on track to annoy you all......had a pick me up today in the shape of sarah from m over at lil paper pixi if you havent meet sarah pop over and say hello... shes as sweet as her cards...what a lovely change to chat to a fellow crafter face to all mean the world to me and thousands like me having you all out there but to have a real person (((and yes i know you are all real...but you all live in my pooter))) so a real cafter in my front room is so so very nice...your all extremly welcome but not a once eh!!!! ant got that big a front parlour lol!!!!!!and i miss my sis yorkie lover cause when she visits we natter and natter and natter a bit like me and sarah today was so really lovely.......and have invited her back....hope she comes...right yes i made a card...not for anything special but this is one of the stamps i won from the next level from simon stamps ant she cute...right off to go wandering ive missed such alot.......ttfn hugs sassyx

Saturday, 11 July 2009

MMSC9 Midnight Madness challenge.

hiya.....i have made a card whoopee!!! just had to have a play was getting withdrawal symptoms and thought as i hadn't done my entry for midnight madness hope im not too late here she is i of course have done vintage AGAIN lol!!!!and i hope i have kept it in line with the sketch as this is one of my two in one cards..using the bit chopped of the bottom of a a4 size sure you understand what I'm trying to say and havent i been a bad letter to self ...get crafting.....used all my odds and ends on this card so hope you like my spin on the challenge ttfn my dear bloggers

Friday, 10 July 2009

good morning ...good morning la,lalalal.

HIYA!!! just thought i had better stick me head round the door and say hi and yep im still here suffering with a rottomn cold and another infection and a bad back.........and feel a right old moaner(whats new ther then ol!!!im ready for the knackers yard..) so ant gonna mention it again.......a big thanks for all those who have have a look at me ickle shop on ebay lol!!!!!!i did it on a whim .. love giving to charity whoever she is but at the mo were saving franticaly for new brum brum!!! need pennies at this rate though ill manage probs enough for a wing mirror hahah!!!joking aside selling is doing ok..and secretly im enjoying the experience...but the questions some people ask..still its their pennies and i appreciate their interest as its there pennies there parting with so i dont mind...i just hope i give them good feed back.and info ..sadly no crafting not felt well enough to go for some printer ink or im just plain lazy..and sitting here dosnt dosnt do me back much i must get in gear after my shift and pop to itching to do a card now so keep em peeled.and as always works keeping me busy..ttfn my luvverlies keep well and smile...xx

Sunday, 5 July 2009

Day out and New to Ebay

its not often my oh gets time off so today was brill we started on a mystery journey leaving leafy green Warwickshire towards Balsall Common stopping at Solihull. Leicester, Lichfield. Stoke on Trent,Derby, Buxton ,Bakewell..would have stopped here to buy a tart yummy but there werent any palces boo hoo no cake for me ending up near Congleton Ceshire lol!!!! went through so many places today the weather cloudy over cast but not cold the derbyshire Dales looked so pretty and what agreen and pleasant land BUT!! returning towards Birmingham the rain pelted down but home the weather had been kind and got a pile of washing dried what a lovely day so no cards tonite also set up my Ebay shop lol!!!! i have lost alot of weight and although im generous to the never ending plastic bin linners through our door every day for charity donations i though perhaps its time i tried to get a bit back for my hols so if you want a gander some craft bits on there too click here
its amazing what bits i had to get rid of and at the moment have peeps watching lol!!! this is all new to me and its took me ages to list all the bits ive got fed up couldnt use , or become to big for me and i mean!!!! never though id say that. So tommorow i need to catch up on some card making ..ttfn leaving you with a pic from today..... hope you werent to bored with my advenure hehe

Thursday, 2 July 2009

Midnight madness MMSC8 luvverlies...what a scorcher it...cept it makes one perspire slightly.....i never sweat like this abroad...but im not complaining....on to my card id like to share today is for the midninght madness challenge....and surprise its not a vintage...ive run out of ink lol!!!!so couldnt look in my vintage folder for a nice one to print .. so found this sisterly image from a while back lurking so decided id be different this week ....used up odds and sods from stash and cuttlebugged the backing in swiss dots folder...sticky ribbon on the corners from paper mania ..nesties med cirlce...image from ermmm!!!! cant think..(ill remember when ive uploaded lol!!!).and glamour dusted the girls and added me bows i love me bows .....i hope you like my sisterly hugs....ttfn xxx

Little madam butterfly

Hello you late one two.....well have been so engrossed in work typing and photocopying i havent made time to play.....but i just had to i remembered this paper bag i bought from the quid shop as i loved the little set to work on chaging her into a card...and she even has a reverse side her bum lol!!!! so just had to cut that out too......of course i had to jazz her up a you do...just thought it a silly little card but cute ....and now its cooled down climate wise i may be able to nod off....ttfn i hope you like my cutie and daft card ...and sadly i can do another was a rather big bag....hugs me luvverlies..will crack on with challenge tomoz so sick of work stuff so im gonna ban myself from my office...thats the trouble when you have easy easily tempted to jump on works computor...i really wish i could jump on it!!!!xx