Sunday, 10 January 2010

Sending you A sunny Day

Hiyas.... Sending you a sunny day !!!!... taken in cyprus..sorry for the horrid picci off me .. no card yet working on the house work first.....and as im a little bored with the weather some might like and love it but i just dont like it one bit never have never will..even when dad popped me onto our dustbin lid aged 6(couldn't afford a sledge) and thrust me down the tallest hill(i screamedand cried all the way to the bottom lol!!)i have the most awful thoughts although my dad thought it everso brave of me...(well he did tie me to and saftey..yeah right!!!)..i didnt seem to have much choice.. )and there along with my sis clapping and waving and wooping it up.(reckon she thought good riddance to her) ... hahaha...and with me mittens on string threaded through the arms (so as not to loose the hand knitted by my dear gran's most wanted sought after ..NOT!!!stripey bright green mitts and matching'd never miss me arriving would yer lol!!! )...anyone recall???? or am i showing my age lol!! i just knew me and snow would never get along.....and for the first time in my life i was right...have a happy and safe sunday lvs yer

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Anonymous said...

Ohhh thanks Sassy doesnt that look gorgeous ? and you look lovely my friend ,i could do with some of that sunshine
hugs June xxx