Friday 16 April 2010

No card but a question ???sounding you out

Hiya to all you lovely peeps i as you know havent been at all well for a while and although things are looking up ..thankfully i have decided i have to down size my craft supplies as im thinking of retiring and that will mean i loose my i will never get anywhere as big as the accommodation i have and the craft front has taken a nose dive.temporarily but i need to get rid of my stamps im not really a great stamper and if any i do i have digis and sheets of Tilda's and my Victorian collection etc already to colour or assemble so if any off you are interested in buying some of my collection .. 9 magnolias...3 papermania...elisabeth bell( one)and the girl baking..... Sarah kay (christmas post)... pink ribbon girl... large cake(new ones)
....just a few i also have some wooden idea what to ask for but if anyone could be off help id appreciate it i will have to stay with posting in the UK I'm afraid but just wondered also do you think its OK to do this...and would any off you be interested... some have been used and some are brand new ... if there is interest i will take some piccis but email also
love to you all xxxx


Christine said...

Hi Sassy sorry to hear your thinking of selling sopme of your stash..some of the peeps on the docraft forum have been putting their extra stash on their blogs with piccys & prices & have been snapped up so I say if your sure go ahead take your pics & peeps have been paying with paypal.

hope this helps..

Hugs Christine xx

Jackie said...

Hi Sassy, good to see you :o)
Of course it's alright to do this and I am sure a lot of bloggers would love to get their hands on stamps a bit cheaper than normal! Sorry I can't help with pricing though!
Good luck to you whatever you decide to do :o)
(((((((((hugs))))))) Jackie xx

Sherry said...

Wow Sassy that will be such a huge life change for you - but your health must take priority.

I've never sold any craft stuff so can't really advise - I have seen stamps for sale on Ebay so that might be a guide.

If you do take any pictures I'd be interested in having a look at them - you can email via my blog.

Good luck in whatever route you choose and I hope you're not in too much pain. Take care xx

Yvonne said...

In answer to your questions.. yes , you can sell on here.
Loads of bloggers have and still do.
Myself, if you have unused stamps, I am sorry , but I would ask for what you paid..well they are new.. yes your others would go a little cheaper.
So , so sorry that things have taken a such a turn for you. Sending you much needed hugs and best thoughts hun xx

linziloo said...

So sorry to hear your having to sell some of you craft goodies hun...
and i think this is a cool way of doing it.
I would also be very interested too!!1
hugs Lindsey x