Monday 4 May 2009

here again

no card again ..but have just loaded a Eva cassidy video for my darling mum missing her loats again lately..this was played when we said goodbye...if you want to hear it you will have to scroll to my music and pause it as it will play over her...but i guess you all know that eh!!!! sorry for being blue..but our love was so close and i miss her dreadfully...xxxxxx


Pamela said...

I love Eva Cassidy and especially her 'Over the rainbow'. It's not surprising you still miss your Mum - my Mam died in 2004 but I still miss her. Special hugs to you.

Thanks for the kind comment on my blog re hubby's word book.

Linda said...

My thoughts are with you sue, when you start thinking of your mum, am still like that now, and it will be 8 years on the 15th may that she passed away. I lost my best friend, filling up now as i write this. Hugs to ya sue. xx

Diamond Doll said...

Aww Sue it made me cry, what a lovely song.Missing my Dad like crazy too and everything reminds me of him and i guess thats the same for you with your dear Mum.
Sending you some special ((hugs))
Trish (-:

Irene said...

Hello Sassy

Oh I do love Eva Cassidy. I still miss my Mum and it's 20 years on Friday since she died
(yes I know the day before our birthday).

My thoughts and prayers are with you especially on Saturday.


Wellnifty said...

Just sending you some hugs,

Chris xx

June Nelson said...

Im sending you massive gentle hugs sis, your mum was gorgeous with the sparkly eyes, and I had the pleasure of knowing her.
She had the pleasure of having a wondefful caring daughter in you too. Big hugs sis, I know how bad you feel..but im here for you always xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx