Wednesday 7 August 2013

hiya poppetts

Hi sweeties just popping to say  hiya and miss you all.....haven't been idle although it is with regret i  have finished my DT work with my lovely teamies at Crafty catz as my health has had another twist.....and i'm off into hospital on the 15th August for a op on my head....wont bore you with the details  but im scared...but im sure i will be tumour has grown and it needs to come out so you can understand im not in a colouring mood as my left eye is affected so till they sort me out i can then get some new specs but haven't been idle and still trying to make my little hats and pleased there selling well...better than i thought getting a few commissions and have just sent one of those off hope she likes it ???.....any hows just a couple of new ones to show you i hope you like????? doing more of the playful rockabilly hats at the moment too and there are being well received just been to my local craft place and bought some more pretty material and bits and bobs fab little shop full of goodies..right love and leave you all for the time being will pop nto your blogs WHEN my blog roll tells me i have some saved blogs as yet it says im not following cuse me i have loads of fav places.......hugs of the big sassy kind to you all and i so miss my girls at crafty Catz......sooooo much....but i needed to keep my health in tow and not over stretch my eyes..or BRAIN!!!!lol!!!

roaring 20's bit of fun
siver satin


Aunty Sue said...

Hi Sassy goodto see you posting we are missing you and all the best for the 15th these creations are totally stunning

Pamela said...

I like all these hats too Sassy! Gentle hugs hope all goes well for you.

Inger Harding said...

Beautiful work Sassy!!
So sorry to hear you are not well.
Sending you love, many hugs and all good wishes ♥
Get well soon!

♥ Hugs, Inger

Christine said...

Hi sweetie these are so delish creations love em..well who wouldnt? my blog roll sometimes says I'm not following then it decides I am after all..just silly ole blogger playing tricks..Sassy..
Hope you soon get your op over with & on the way to recovery with your strength & wit you'll be back before you know it..


smiles Christine X

carol said...

Hiya Sassy nice to see you are keeping yourself out of mischief, I do wish you well on the 15th dont stress too much i'm sure they no what they are doing sweetie and it will be over in no time!
take care and you do know our craft room door at CC is always open for you x Carol

Rita said...

Sassy, what gorgeous hats. I'm sending positives vibes for the 15th and you will be in my thoughts that day. Hugs Rita xxxxx

Jo said...

Wow Sassy....fabulous hats! Will be thinking of you....sending you huge hugs & best wishes for a speedy recovery.
Hugs Jo x

Laine said...

Wonderful creations Sassy. Will be thinking of you and sending every Good Wish.

Wendy L said...

Hats are stunning. Good wishes for 15th. xxxx

mags said...

Lovely hats Sassy. Sending hugs and best wishes for the 15th. Wishing you a swift recovery.

Jackie said...

Wonderful creations Sassy. Sending good vibes for the 15th...hugs
Jackie xx

julie_woolston said...

Stunning Sassy gorgeous detail.
So sorry your not well, hope all goes well for, sending hugs Julie xxxx

Moni said...

Waw Sassy, I haven't been around for a long time, sorry, I was on my vacation for more than a month. All your projects are awesome, love them all. And I keep my fingers crossed for you on 15th August to all go ok. Hugs,moni

coops said...

your hats are fabulous sassy, all so stunning,
lots of healing and positive thoughts coming your way.take care and i hope all goes well for your operation.

xx coops xx

Darlene said...

Oh Sassy these new hat creations are 'to die for' ... absolutely stunning! You have such a talent my friend!
I will certainly be keeping you in my prayers sweet Sassy! Hang in there and know I am always here for you (I know it's a long way) but I am here if you ever need a shoulder to cry on or just someone to listen!
God Love Ya!
HUGS from Ohio, USA!

Naomi Johnson said...

We're missing you too hun. Gorgeous new collection of hats though x

Unknown said...

Now look missus, no need to be frettin' 'coz when they look in yer head, they'll discover you HAVE got a brain!!! It'll be a shock, but you'll gerrover it me old Trout!

Seriously though petal, I'll be with yer in spirit on the 15th..probably Bacardi.. Of course you're scared. You wouldn't be normal if you weren't, but it's better out than in, INNIT!! You will wonder what the heck you were worried about afterwards and I look forward to you takin' the Mick outa me again when yer've recovered.

Oh! The hats are a credit to yer Trout and I especially like the first one! LOVE YA!!! xxxxxxx

Judith said...

Was just thinking I hadn't seen you for ages Sassy - so came to look for you! - I obviously missed this post and Ive been on holiday since - do hope you're doing well now - sending big hugs for a speedy recovery.
Hugs Judith

Ps - I just loooove these hats x