Saturday 26 December 2009

The Happiest of greetings to you

Hiyas!!!!!!!!! just wanted to say a big sorry for not posting over the past few days but glad to report christmas day was great very quite this year but never the less it was a lovely day heres the newest picci of my little grandaughter mille....and it leaves me to say happy boxing day and wishing you all the happiest of new you alland the biggest thanks for all the comments and good wishes i have recived and want to give my good wishes ten fold back to you all love for you my friends that live in my computer lol!!!!xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Sherry said...

Oh doesn't your granddaughter look adorable! Happy Boxing Day and New Year to you Sassy - and I think you need a bigger computer coz it's getting a bit cramped in here with all us followers - LOL!

Jackie said...

Morning Sassy, what a lovely little girl :o)
I haven't posted myself all over the holiday!
I hope the New Year brings you peace and happiness :o)
Jackie xx

Viv said...

Flippin eck Sass..... just got out the pic of Millie when she was born... feel as old as Methusala now!!!!!!!!!!! Happy New Year and please give Millie a kiss from me! x

LoloDesigns said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! Here's to a great 2010 for us all ;o) xx