Monday, 14 May 2012

Little Pink Purse

Hiya sweeties......well what a day..will get this bit done with first have been to the Drs and shes says my chest is sounding a little better thank fully..but!!!! shes more concerned about my state of mind..yes reckon it official im MAD!!!..verging on to have a nervous breakdown and although im fighting to keep myself busy my mnds is like a bag of nails i really cant think of allot except work stuff..and life in general but not gonna waffle im sure ive bored you enough this is  theone place though i feel safe if that sounds madness too forgive me ......

My card isnt a card today its a Mini handbag ..i made one of these a while back in vintage so as im quite the lunitic at he moment i have drowned myself in this creation..just to keep me feeling safe..(no razor blades were used) just alittle high on glue!!! im ok..really i have made this for the challenge over at Shabby tearooms and think i have done what was asked of course always willing to oblige but it had to be a shaped  i have used different flowers wild orchids..lace and lots of it..i have used bits of old jellwery..made a tiny fan and lace hankie hanging with the decorations on the side..inside it has decorated pockets with tags inside all from my stash which i have edged in sepia to age it a bit...really gone bonkers with it it also has a silver chain handle and have decorated the back with a picci of a prety button and used pink pearls...of course in there are a few bows....sorry its abit picture heavy but there are lots of bits to see...and want to thank you all from old sassys heart for all the kindness..shown you may all live in my computor but your all here next to me.sassy hugs xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

the challenge colours etc..fabby!!!!!


Heidi said...

It's stunning!
Gorgeous work again Sassy:)
Glad to hear that your chest is sounding better. Sounds like you need to get away from your work, take some time off. I'm sure it's hard to feel like that. Hope you'll find a solution and get better soon.
Big hug from me:)

Rosietoes said...

Sassy that is so gorgeous - what a beautiful creation. Thank you for sharing it with us.
You just take care of yourself, one step at a time girl. Breathe!!!

Edna x

Viv said...

Pretty cool Sass!! x

My name is Cindy said...

Oh Sassy you sound like you've been right through the wringer!! Stuff work, look after yourself (and your sanity lol).

Beautiful bag, somethings working OK your creativity isn't flagging! Sending a big cyber hug, hope you are all better soon.

McCrafty's Cards said...

This is beautiful Sassy, you are clever!
Kevin xx

Inkypinkydelights said...

Wel this is just plain amazing! Sassy you have excelled! I absolutely love it! I keep thinking of you and hoping you are ok. Judy x

Anonymous said...

Sassy, this is absolutely stunning! You are such a talented lady.

I have been where you are now and ended up being off work for three months. Sounds to me as if you need some time away from there. Talking about it helps, so you keep talking and we'll be here to listen.
Take care lovely.

Pendra said...

Sassy if this is what you do when you are not 100%, I can't wait to see what you do when you are!!! This is just stunning and so VERY creative! Thanks for the visit and your kind words...I think we may be two peas in a pod (what a weird saying)sounds like we have a lot in common and share a bond, especially our sense of humor and maybe a little bit (or maybe alot) of insanity! I hope we'll be friends and maybe help hold each other up! Glad to see you creating...I can't seem to do much of that since Mom passed, but maybe soon, she was the force behind my creative passion! Anyway, I'm rambling...take care my friend and sending you healing thoughts!!
Crafty hugs,

Mickey's Craft World said...

Wow....your card is absolutely beautiful!!!


Inkypinkydelights said...

The butterfly edging is a Tim Holtz die Sassy. The best place to get it is either Cutting Edge Crafts or Country View Crafts as they are both not only reasonable but free pp too. Judy x

Sue said...

Oh Sassy
this is gobsmackingly gorgeous, yep made that word up! lol, such beautiful detail on it, a lovely keepsake. Pleased your chest is feeling better, i hope you are soon hun, i hope the dr is keeping a close eye on you, hugs, sue,x

Moni said...

Stunning work, love the colour combo and all details. I glad you are ok. Hugs, moni

Sherry said...

Hello Sassy - I've not visited you for a few days and now find you've not been well .... really glad your chest is improving now, but what's all this about your state of mind! From looking at all these beauties you've been making, we'd never have guessed anything was wrong. Hope you look after yourself and don't worry about work - you're much more important than that my dear.

Love your Tilda card in the post below, so patriotic, and this mini handbag is amazing - inside and out!

Keep calm and carry on creating - and blogging, so we can all keep coming for a good old ogle!!!

You did make me laugh with your comment on my blog about Tim's bits - ooeer!!!!!

Take care xxx

Doreen said...

Oh my goodness,what a work of art I absolutely love

Sue B said...

Wow! this is beautiful !! what a fab design and so many wonderful details. It's absolutely stunning!
I really hope you feel better soon hun
Big Hugs
Sue xx

Vicky said...

Hi my sweetie OMG OMG OMG this is sooooooooooooo incredibly beautiful & perfect in every way.

Hope you are ok shug I had a bit of a nervous breakdown a few years ago & its an awful feeling. The one thing I will say is talk to someone, anyone who will listen hun, anyone you feel at ease & comfortable with the last thing to do is bottle up any feelings.....thats what caused my problems hun. If ever you need to talk you can email me anytime hunni. Take care.

Lotsa hugs Vicky xxx

LoloDesigns said...

Hello there Sassy! Not been on blog land for a while, life just catching me up and all that. Wasn't expecting to find you unwell, a big hug from me to you mwah!

As for this creation, simply beautiful and elegant just love it.

Keep on posting as I for one love to click on my reader and see that you've blogged something.

Be well, your bloggy family luvs yah xx

Pendra said...

Sassy I wish I could take credit for that lovely poem on my site for my Mother, but I found it on Pinterest and should have given credit...guess I wasn't thinking straight, sorry! Anyway feel free to share it on your site, I found it here:
I thought it was so lovely and reminded me very much of my Mom...I'm sure she is VERY busy in Heaven!
Crafty Hugs,

Inky Angel said...

Gorgeous work. It is so well put together, it looks like a real purse to me. I wish I have your energy and creativity.

Jackie said...

Good morning Sassy, I am so pleased that your chest is getting better, now you just need to 'get away from it all' and chill out, get some quality R&R...hugs
This purse is so you, it's absolutely gorgeous :o)
Jackie xx

Mina said...

wow wow wow Sassy this is amazing, what a stunning piece of work... beautiful
Mina xxx

Exclusively by Mel said...

Hi Sassy,
Oh bless, I feel like I'm going mad to!
What we have to put up with in this life eh!!
Your bag is AMAZING! so pretty, I could look at it all day.
Very clever!
And you waffle all you like xxx
Love,melly. xxx

Pauline said...

Wow, what an amazing bag! Gorgeous details, so much to look at! Just gorgeous!
Thanks for joining us at DYSU!

Liz McGuire, said...

Hello Sassy, sorry to hear you are not keeping so good, hope you feel a bit better soon.

Now then, this gorgeous creation - well, it's stunning, I love it!

liz x

Rebekah said...

You have out done yourself this time Sassy!!!
This is SPECTACULAR!!!!!!!! Such a beautiful work of art!
Thanks so much for playing along with us at TSTR

Anonymous said...

so beautiful and elegant

Ally said...

so sorry to hear that you don't feel well. I had a nasty burn-out last year and I know how it is when you cannot stop thinking about work and how things are at work. I really hope that you can find a solution for yourself that gives you a good feeling. If it helps you and gives you some relief you are very welcome to email me and waffle and shout and tell me anything you want, I'm a good listener and I also know from myself that I it can help to write down things.
Your purse is divine and it certainly fits a lovely queen in a castle in camelot ;)
Squeeziest of hugs, Alessandra

Cathy McGrath said...

This is AMAZING!!!! Love it all and well done. TFS this gorgeous bag.

Darlene said...

Oh my stars ... how did I ever miss this post??? This is AMAZING and absolutely beautiful! LOVE everything about it ... what gorgeous eye candy! You've outdone yourself on this one ... just GORGEOUS!!!

Susie Sugar said...

OMG You never stop surprising me with your wonderful creations , this is amazing you are so clever and give us all so much inspiration , thank you xx

Else Irene said...

Beautiful! But, you can only enter a total of three challenges with the same project/card, if you want to participate in a WOC challenge...sorry!

Cindy said...

Your purse card is stunning. Love it!!!! Do you have a template or tutorial anywhere? Would love one.

Rebecca Deeprose said...

Lovely! I have a thing for purses and this one's a beauty!

Starr said...

Absolutely divine!!!! Every little inch is perfection! Thanks so much for sharing this amazing creation at TSTR this week!

angelic crafter said...

Hi there! I just found your blog via WOC.... WOW your work is amazing- I will definately be adding you to my daily visit list LOL! love your work XOX Tania