Saturday, 26 May 2012

Candy pink

Good  morning from a glorious sunny Warwickshire...yep that good old sun has managed to stay and grace us with its prescence..but enough said he might get embarressed and disapear..and we dont want we..on to my card well im not that happy with it i messed about with it too much..fiddling here and there anyway its glued down now.

i was in a right grumpy mood all day yesterday and there were tears before bedtime..had a upsetting phone call from work (even though im still on sick leave) and it really upset me..again...cant go into the finer  details..but i have someone who dislikes me so much he dosnt want me to visit this lady who he is supposed to be caring for..yeah right he lives 100 of miles away  she has no one else except me  and i get slammed for caring or helping job is all not as it seems when you get  crap people(he can always come back a loo roll cause he talks enough of S**T)  complaining to work ..even though i have done nothing wrong..just care about her but  my  company too are such in a caring postion yet im not allowed to care..and they always take things as said by thrd party before im given them my version..although nothing to tell really s like working with a noose around my neck being pulled tighter and tighter till im so unhappy i just wish they would kick the chair  and have a end to it damed if i do and damed if i dont and guilty even though i dont know what im suppposed to have done that was so bad.....except Nothing...probably not the best place to write this but i need to get it off my chest...if it werent for my crafting i would be at least i can submerge myself into something to take my mind off things....although it dosnt erase the pain of how i feel..things that have happened over the years you would not believe if i told you but some of it would make your hair curl....but enough of the doom and gloom...back to my card flowers from hobbicraft i found these the other day they fallen behing my storage it must have been meant to use them ribbon and all the extras from stash...gosh that not.. the lovely lotv image coloured in distress inks..bought a couple of the distress markers to try and there lovely i found other paper to watercolour on from WH smith..and its great to use 190gsm so happy about something...right for my shower..ttfn BIG  thanks to everyone for the wonderfull comments as always so gratefull you find time to visit and eave me super comments sassy Big world wide hugs xxxxxxxxxxxx


Wenche said...

Lovely card.

dizzy di said...

First of all Sassy, your card is awesome! I love it ;o) I don't know why you're not happy with it.
I'm upset that you're feeling so low and all because of a d***k ***d. I know and you know that there's only one attitude to live with, and that is the caring kind!
One of my daughters is in the caring profession (autism and special needs) and some of what she's witnessed would shock you. (and she can't hold her tongue).
Stick with it Sassy (((HUGS)))x

Viv's Visuals said...

Lovely card Sass.. and of course I doubly like it cos it's pink!

Doreen said...

This is gorgeous,love the perfectly coloured

McCrafty's Cards said...

Beautiful card Sassy, wonderful colouring of the image, I like the butterflies the swirls and flowers,
Keep your chin up girl!
Kevin xx

Gvendalen said...

so lovely card!

Tonya H said...

Beautiful card, sweetie. I am so sorry that you are feeling down. It would be wonderful if everyone cared like you do. Sending you ((hugs))

Mummylade said...

the markers are lovely, aren't they?
And your card is lovely too =)

Rebecca " The miss Haven " said...

Super adorable card :) Love it !
Hugs Rebecca

karen said...

Wow Sassy how can you not be pleased with this, very beautiful and gorgeous colours! Sending you a big hug, Karenxxx

Katie K said...

What can I say, another awesome card from you. You has the finest touch creating cards with the perfect embellishments for the stamp image.

Pop's Cards said...

Gorgeous creation sweetie hugs Pops x x

carol said...

oh wow beautiful card hun, so pretty!!.
I am sorry work related issues are getting you down, you sound like you had a right day of it...What ever the circumstances YOU did what you thought best and showed that you cared, some people blow things all out of context and maybe this person living miles away is feeling a little like his nose is getting pushed out!! maybe he should DO more and less TALK!!
Hope you have calmed down...crafting
x carol

Rosietoes said...

Another delicious card Sassy. Those flowers are Gorgeous!!!
Chin up about work too - sending you some wee hugs to be going on with.

Edna x

Moni said...

Stunning card, fab image and great colour combo. And the flowers and pins are gorgeous. Hugs,moni

Jackie said...

Hang on in there Sassy, we all love you here in blogland {{{{{BIG HUGS}}}}}
A wonderful card, so feminine and pretty :o)
Jackie xx

Irene said...

Hello Sassy

What's not to like about your card???? it's stunning and so gorgeous. I love the colours and the butterflies on the top are a brilliant idea.

June Nelson said...

Shes beautiful me darlin oooh arent you getting brill with those pens, wish I had some lol!!! get a different job this one is kiling you its rididiculous the way they go on me darlin totally ridiculous, im sending you mahossive cuddles to make you better from up north bless ya. Your card is stunning nd of course all the sassy flowers and bows make it even more beautiful hunie. Loves ya lots xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Sherry said...

Oh Sassy, I'm sorry to hear about the unpleasantness at your work - hope it sorts itself out and you are more appreciated than it sounds you currently are.

Crafting does help, it really takes your mind off things, and yes, getting it off your chest is good too - you rant away girl, we're here to listen, even if there's nothing we can actually do.

As for your card .... it's gorgeous! As they always are, so fabulously feminine and pretty!

Hope you have a better week, take care xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Rica said...

Beautiful!!! Your design is stunning and your sweet image and details are scrumptious!!!
I'm catching up at last, since my visitors have left!!!
Heather xx

May said...

Stunning card.. adorable image! and coloured just perfect.. love the design.. Hugs May x x x

xxcalamityxx said...

...arrr the caring profession lol we often seem to have the most uncaring management structure ever don't we darling...keep your chin up and don't let the b******S get down!! Ps your card is beautiful xhugsx Nikki x

Donna said...

So, Girl - what's not to like on this card? It is fabulous!! Showed my Sweetie and he loved it, too! He adores the hand made cards and gifts, as he knows how much heart, love and time it takes to make them!

Never mind the man who called - hard though it is, why do people do things like this to people? Especially if you are on sick leave? Why on earth would he be upset? He was just having a bad day and sending it on to you!

Chin up, you're a wonderful person, others see it in you, so you just believe it!

Hugs, Sassy!

PS - Got your anniversary candy on my blog, finally!