Friday, 30 October 2009


This is Mum aged 18 on her wedding day
A year has nearlly passed since i lost my best friend i miss her so very much ..and too loose both my parents in less than 5 months of each other shook my sorry im always sad..but if it wernt for you all out there id be so lost ......

i found this peom on facebook on the remeberance wall then i went to lite my

candle for my mum whos 80th Birthday would be on Sunday and also for my dad who again would have been 8o in june just gone but i have tried with all my heart to find the words and but these touched me
lite your candle here

A friendly voice in the dark of night ,
The tentative rays of morning light,
A host of butterflies high in flight,
A rainbow extending far out of sight-
All these miracles tell me this;...
Angels really do exist.

all my love to you all sassyxxxx


Babz said...

Gorgeous words hunni, I'm sure your mum is watching over you and feeling very proud, love and hugz xxxxxxxx

Sue said...

Aww sending cyber hugs hun, lovely words, my mum would have been 80 last sat, the day of my daughters wedding, she picked that day so her gran would be with her. miss her everyday. hugs,sue.xx

Diamond Doll said...

Beautiful Poem Sassy,sending you some Big ((((Hugs))) last thursday was the 1st Anniversary of my Dads passing and a year ago today was his funeral ,so i know how you feel,it,s hard but i,m sure they would want to see us smile.
More (((Hugs))) for you.
Trish (-:

Frogs-n-Butterflies said...

Such a sweet poem. :) Sending blessings of comfort to you today! Really enjoy your blog! *hugs* Cheri