Sunday, 4 October 2009

Candy winner wooopeyyyyy

Good morning me luverlies and yes that's Mum & Me trying to ride a bike
flippin heck i was only 18 months old i know im good but not that flippin good lol!!!!!!

Had a bit of lovely news too *I won some Candy* woopeeeee!! from Chelsea and i have them coming by super fast jet plane set of gorgeous stamps from chelseas designs yeahhay!!!!! so happy... and congrats to the other winners as the sun is shinning and im off to hobbicraft..i shouldnt go really but did loads oh housework last night AGAIN!!! off out in my car for sweetie o/h gave me some pennies cause ive been having my **mummy days.**.when i cry for me mum...and cant believe its nearlly a year since she left a little retail therapy might be just the hes at work till 6-00 and theres only so much housework a girl can do lol!!!! loves you all thanks for comments just popping off to see my sisters dotties sunday challenge card for dotties world
ttfn xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Sherry said...

What a lovely photo of you and your Mum - you don't look very comfortable on that bike though - lol. Hope you have a good spend up in Hobbycraft - sounds as though you deserve it and you've got your OH trained well! Take care xx

Diamond Doll said...

Aww Sue i love the piccy and wow lucky you to win those stamps(i wanted them Bhoo hoo).
Thanx for the lovely comments on my blog.
Trish (-:

June said...

Erm..........where was I hiding on that photo lol......oh I forgot I was just a twinkle he he he h.Hope you didnt spend too much at Hobbycraft, Andys a good un , ask him if he could send me some cos im skint, and a housekeeper cos I aint got time for the housework too busy colouring in lol. The candy couldnt have been won by a better sis ont he planet, Enjoy your new crafty stuff and let me know what you bought, love you lots xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Sue said...

Hi Sassy, dropped by to say thanks for visiting me blog and leaving a lovely comment. Hope you had a lovely spend at Hobbycraft, what a lovely hubby you have. Sue.x

** Irene ** said...

Hello Sassy

What a fabby photo of you and your Mam, gorgeous. Enjoy Hoppycraft, and the hint is taken - watch out at Christmas for Mr Postie ????


designsfromwithinbycharlotte said...

What a lovely photo Sassy! Precious memories that will live on with you even though your mum is not here with you! I hope you enjoyed your little shopping spree and that it cheered you up a bit.