Wednesday, 7 October 2009

I need your help...pleazzzzzzzzz!!!

the blue is called *candy vintage* cause shes sweet and this next one is a birth ocngrats to give her a name but cant think of one lol perhaps you can??? gosh im asking alot off you all tonite!!!!!and do you like the box??25p each

*Candy Vintage*

Hiya me luverlies......been on a roll today well last night had these two planned out and today stuck em together....and have lapsed back into my comfort zone...i found some lovely boxes and i dont think they were a bad price no glueing or sticking although i have ordered a board for the future but i want to sell some cards and wanted the presentation to be nice know the dilema what do i charge???????....i really havent a clue as i sold two recently for2-80p each with out a box..i really only ever give my work i just though ask the experts lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so please me luverlies any ideas.....ttfn look forwards to your comments as always....xx


Andrea said...

What a wonderful card in a box! Luv it! So very beautiful!
many greetings

Babz said...

Hi Sassy, what about calling her princess? Both cards are gorgeous hunni, as for prices I haven't got a clue but just wanted to leave a comment saying your cards are stunning hunni xxxx Babz

Lilacanglia said...

sweet delight is what came into my head for a name,
as for price, you need to work out the cost of the materials, then you can add a little for your work, best way is to look on ebay or etsy etc and settle on a price.
Hope this helps a little,

Diamond Doll said...

Hiya Sue i decided she should be called sweet Charity. How gorgeous are they both so lovely. Thanx for the fabby comment you left for me it,s muchly appreciated.
Trish (-:

designsfromwithinbycharlotte said...

Hiya Sassy....ok now I am in complete awe with these two cards...just absolutely darling both of them! Your work is always inspirational and your talent is tops!
The first name I came up with was "Rose". As far as pricing goes, I also would take a look at ebay and see what prices people are charging then adjust yours to what you think you would like to get for them. Don't charge less than what you would like to get as then you'd be disappointed! Good luck with that!!

Priscilla said...

Hi Sassy, your work is over the top beautiful. I try not to sell my cards for less then $30 each. Most of my cards are ordered straight off my blog, but I have done a lot of ebay selling too. The lowest card I ever sold on ebay I think was round $8 my highest went for $123. I hope that helps :) All the time that goes in these cards, we are getting paid very little per hour.

Jackie said...

Sorry can't help with names or prices, but the cards are absolutely gorgeous :o)
Jackie xx

Sue said...

Hi Sassy, two beautiful cards, love the pink one think thats my fav, beautiful box too and no sticking or glueing! think these are gems priceless!! it is hard getting the correct price, but there are no others like these!Happy Crafting, Sue xx

** Irene ** said...

Hello Sassy

Oh my what gorgeous, stunning and so beautiful your cards are. I am in awe of your work, it's perfection. Sorry I can't help with the price of cards.


Christine said...

Hi Sassy stunning cards always..the baby one I was thinking of the name Rose..too as for price as much as you can get, peeps dont pay enough for this craft..

Hugs Christine xx