Friday, 9 October 2009

Introducing Mary

this bit is the inside

Hiya sweeties.....Christmas is a still in vintage mode
and one of my resis has asked for five boxed cards for her family ooooer!!! i gotta get into top gear nipped again to hobbicraft becausei hadnt any christmas bits and im not really gonna be in the bestest mood over the festivities as it will be a year since my mum left us....I'm not being a party poooper...just have lost finances have taken a right bashing in the last 15months with two funerals for my parents and i have a new car looming...anyway got that out he way and trying real hard to let my creative juices flow so introducing *MARY*my mums middle name...i think im going a bit ott as with the boxes i can go a little more exaggerate..
so i hope you like Mary and want to thank you all for the lovely comments you leave....and i must tell you today at i was feeling a bit low...and as i looked up a tiny white and grey feather just floated out the sky birds anywhere.. so i caught it and looked up nothing to be seen and now its in my purse...they do say if a feathers lands near you ...your loved ones have sent you a kiss and their do you believe in angels ??? ....i im blubbing!! sorry wanted this to be a happy post...loves yer ttfn xx


Babz said...

Sassy hunni, I am more than sure that your mu sent you that kiss and is watching over you proud with how you are coping with things. Your card is absolutely stunning and I am sure the recipient will think so too. Babz xxxxx

Mandy said...

Oh Sassy, Your card is so beautiful hun, you are gonna make me blub too. I do believe in angels now, a similar thing happened to me after my dad died when I was only 25, and I was told about the feather/angel thing which I'd never heard of before. It's a comfort to believe it anyway and that's all that matters
Big hugs Mandy xx

Vee said...

Hi Sassy, such a beautiful card with gorgeous details. I too believe in Angels....My sister in law had a beatuiful white feather drop from nowhere after her Dad died too.
xx Vee

** Irene ** said...

Hello Sassy

Oh your card is so beautiful and gorgeous, stunning, what more can I say PERFECTION.
I am sure your Mam and Dad are watching over you
and the feather was from them. Sending you lots of huggies.

Take care


Diamond Doll said...

Oh sassy beautiful card with a beauties name.The same thing happened to me i was feeling very low a couple of months ago thinking about my Dear Dadwhen a white feather floated into my kitchen through the window i believe it was him sending me a message not to be sad.I still have the feather.
Trish (-:

Rica said...

Another beauty - you do vintage so well, this is one card that would have pride of place on my mantlepiece - love it Sassy.
hugs Heather xx