Monday, 12 October 2009

Very greetings Card & Tag

Hiyas...hunnies...ever had one of them days when a dark room is all you want and for the world to stop cause yer wanna get off lol!!!! well today was one off them...grr!! work...annoying computer...annoying gardeners...annoying everybodies cor talk about winging Wednesday it was certainly moaning Monday and i was in a good mood TILL!!!!! idiot driver today nearlly hit me head on...i kid you not the idiot only indicating no road did i see for him to turn he wanted topull up the side of the kerb i was driving along with him on my side of the road... what a plonker..i broke that hard and swerved at the same time to stop a collision and my cream bun landed on the floor plus the contents of my open handbag and my NEW!!!! glasses..cause i don't like driving in them......well i could have sworn...buffoon head!!!!anyway i am fine...alas my bun is no more....i think hes recovering in A&E after the gob full he got off I'm all calm having gone to lie down in that dark room....and made a rather unconventional...coer!!! get the big word...Christmas card.....not a red berry in sight..just a brown one and twigs...please dont ask where i nicked these from lol!!!!.....anyway i hopes you all had a good day...and that someone might just like my twist on Christmas sassy style hahaha loves yer ttfn xxxx


Keep It Sweet and Simple said...

Ooh Sassy, sounds like that was a near miss. Glad you sent the idiot off with a flea in his ear. Aww your poor cream bun - you were never meant to have*
Gorgeous card. Love the flowers and twigs and that added bit of sparkle.
Caroline xxx

Vee said...

Fabulous card Sassy glad you're none the worse for your misshap. Hope tomorrow's more fun....
xx Vee

June said...

Hi Sis lovely card, I love brown and creams for any occasion, pleased to told him off!! poor you Ihope your not too shajen up, Off to work now.....................knackered!!! love and huggies from me xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Jackie said...

Oh dear Sassy, no matter how careful you are on the road it's those others that are the bother! Good that you are okay though :o)
Brilliant card, I love the sepia tones :o)
Jackie xx

** Irene ** said...

Hello Sassy

Unconventional definatgely NOT I love browns and creams especially for Christmas.

Hope you are feeling better.


Tab said...

Oh wow, I love your card, sweetie, the image is so beatiful! Fab colour combo too!
Hugs Tab xxx