Saturday, 31 October 2009

Somwhat Bizzare please read..

This is gonna seem quite mad guys and gals......but i wonder if i could set up a blog especially for all the ones out there suffering loss illness or anything they want to litterally get off ther chests....i make no apologies for my posts and the way i may come a across you can visit and leave a comment or ignore me...but i think there maybe room out there for a special place for people just to leave words of wisdom..encouragement or just to off load. about anything ..what do you think..would anyone like to share this bizarre idea...yet is it???...i needent be all doom and gloom but it could be somewhere special...for everyone there blog out shout or scream or just to say how there coping or feeling...not that i want to take it away from them to write on their own blogs but sometimes it might seem inappropriate for them to do so..the rememberance wall on facebook is sad and yet uplifting to know so many others have lost loved ones all over the world..and just sometimes the more we understand human nature to grieve to leave unsaid last grief and happiness these messages left can say a mutitude of words too those reading it......your never alone...what do you think i have i really lost the plot and will someone step forward and help me ideas welcome ..i was going to delete this but hell why should i its just a thought..and knowing me id probably the only regular!!!!


Dylan said...

Oh sweetie , you and me both..!! Your blog is not all doom and gloom, it is in fact extremely funny at times. Love the story of the crash and your cream bun..!!
I love the picture of your Mum with you on a bike, I have very few pictures of the two of us, but I carry lots in my heart.
Your feather was indeed a sign, when my Dad wants to contact me he sends those little dandelion clock like things (dont know what you call them) and my mum sends feathers. It comforts me to know they have never left me. Thanks for your heartfelt comments you leave me, I am always there if you need to talk, scream, vent or cry. Just warn me if you are going to scream on the phone so you dont frighten me to death..!!! lol.
Keep smiling and loving and believing xxx

designsfromwithinbycharlotte said...

Sassy, I think this is a fabulous idea...sometimes we all need somewhere to turn to and it would be a site with lots of encouraging words from those who care and have experienced heartache in any way, shape or form. I know that the stresses of daily life can sometimes get too much for us and to have a safe positive place to turn to would be wonderful! Count me in, I will help you with it.