Sunday, 11 October 2009

Winter vintage in Blue!!!!!

Happy Sunday..... everyone.....had a little play again and yes another vintage but silly me..i thought she was ice skating..but if you look closely she has rollers skates lol!!!! aw well ill pretend shes on a ice rink so heres christmas with out the traditional reds ad greens i also wanted to do a couple of challenges got one half done but got sidetracked..i really must try and re enter the 21st century lol!!!also if you hadnt noticed i got the courage to change my blog so its had a make over got sick of pink....i think its a bit ott...bit like my cards....but as they say a change is as good as a i shall hopefully finish the card for the challenge before i miss the deadline so ttfn love from me to


Linnie said...

OmW this is stunning what a beauty

Chris said...

A beautiful card Sassy and I would never have noticed the roller skates if you hadn't mentioned it :D! I think your blog looks gorgeous too, it's the perfect backdrop for your wonderful cards. Have a good Sunday. Chris x

Rica said...

Keep 'em rolling, another one I would dearly love on my mantlepiece (or would if I had one).
Beautiful colours, love how you've glittered her cape.
As for changing your blog and your photograph - stop it will you - I never know whether I'm in the right place or not and I'm easily confused ast the best of times.
hugs Heather xx

Chrissie said...

You do this style so well Sassy. This is another winner!