Friday, 4 September 2009


hiya me lovelies....and whoopee my candy finally arrived from Honolulu today...won it back in reckon its been around the world BUT!!!! the only way i could receive it was to pay H.M. Customs 23-00p......i am not grumbling as the candy is worth every penny but the p*p already was $41 95 paid from poor Jodi over in the send it to me......has anyone had to pay this before on your candy wins from over seas.... (either way)???????? just curious...and a little bemused....anyway a happier note the candy is fabby lush ... thank you thank you dear Jodi ....and although I'm still struggling with no specs i cant wait to play with it all................ttfn have a good weekend i will see what i can rustle up when i find my magnifing!!!! ...xx


Viv's Visuals said...

That's the tax people for you..... damn cheek, partic after Jodi paid all that much p and p in the first place.
Anyways matey you can have fun playing when you find your specs.... in the meantine you'll just have to feel it!!!! LOL xxxx

Keep It Sweet and Simple said...

Ha ha, around the world? It's probably been sat on a table at your local sorting office for the past 4 months!! Hope you have fun playing with the new stash.
Caroline xxx

Mandy said...

Have fun with your new candy Sassy, can't wait to see what you create hun. Have a fab weekend xx

stephanne said...

Postage is absurd and I worry about that when it comes to doing a candy of my own, i know the postage will drain my savings account in itself, but how to avoid the winners from paying on it also, i think is this: if the value exceeds $50 usd, then taxes will be assessed in the amount of the declared value, in addition to a handling fee from both ends of the transaction. So, you will get a handling fee from the US end, as well as your own peeps and then whatever the tax on the dollar amount declared is equals what you had to pay. Shipping OS stinks, the postage costs more than what you're sending most times. Anyhoo, glad to hear you got some cancan!! Buidling anticipation I guess!!

Horners Corner said...

Any goods from over seas worth more than £18 you have to pay VAT on. Sucks dont it. Have fun with it tho!!

** Irene ** said...

Hello Sassy

Oh my what a fantastic blog candy, but expensive. Hope your specs turn up soon so that we can see your fantstic creations with all your new goodies.

Enjoy playing !!!!