Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Need some help girlies...frustrated

hiya me darlings....no card but i could do with some help...ive been searching the internet for boxes...all day !!!!! for my cards have any of you bought any and if so where from ??? i just cant find anything suitable i need them roughly 6x6 and 1 inch deep or anything near these dimentions ...but just so fed up now looking...so wondered if one of you luverlies might be the answer to my prayers hugs love and thanks me poppetts.............


Lilacanglia said...

I used to buy my boxes from ebay but instead of paying out all the time, bought a crafters companion and make my own when they are needed,

Horners Corner said...

Cant help sorry i make my own on a score board. Have your tried e-bay?

yvonne said...

Sorry cannot help you with boxes via net. I have always made mine.
Or do you mean for sending the cards in ( ie , more stable boxes?)

yvonne said...

dont know if my last one went on ... comp played up.
I have always made my own boxes for cards.
Or do you mean to send them in the post , If so , I know loads of places do them. WH smiths / Parnters ( now Rymans) £1 shop does them now and again.
Hope this helps

Janet said...

I'm not sure exactly what you had in mind, but I did a google search for "6x6x1 packaging" & got several matches. Here's a couple:


Looks like most of these places require you to buy in bulk - they're all for packing type boxes except the last one, which is silk - like for an invitation. Wasn't sure what you were looking for, but hope this helps........

Mandy said...

Sorry hun I make mine with the crafters companion scoreboard
hugs Mandy xx

Sheene said...

you can try googling for a mini magazine files..
better yet check these links..

hope these helps..
i'm making mine now as we speak.. im making my christmas cards now so i'll have more time to wrap presents later hehe..

have a good one!

Priscilla said...

I got the boxes at www.fingerpop.com or http://www.indyboxes.net/index.html can't remember which, but I need to get more they have to be extra thick for may cards.

here is a direct link..I hope it helps you dear

June said...

Now then stop getting vexed and chewing at your laptop, it wont solve anything, or I will have to send you back to anger management classes!!! behave your self!!! now then I dont know where to buy them either but the odd one I hmade I made on the crafters companion too, looks like y ou have to get one me sis, although they arent that cheap!! hope your ok darlin, im decoratig. speak to ya later love you loads toots xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

LoloDesigns said...

Oh that piccie made me laugh when it popped up in my reader!!

I'm with most of the others, make them myself on crafters companion. You can just get the pink card folding board which does boxes/cards for around a tenner! see here