Sunday, 6 September 2009

Just had to tell im not pregnant but!!!!

I'm now allowed to tell you all the very happy good news I'm gonna be a gran again...I'm collecting grandchildren ..No 7 ....but so happy..especially for Charlotte as she says her body clock is ticking by way to new baby aw bless coo coo who's a cutie dumpling ... just!!!! and you know i did my late or early spring clean WELL!! went to put the ironing away...funny smell!!!!!!!! what a pong omg!!!!!!!!!id polished the whole of the office...our bedroom and front room in wait for it...***RAID*** ant and cockroach killer*** pmsl....we never had cockroaches and doubt we will see one ant hahahaha!!!! hubby remarked and i took no notice thought he was just being **FUNNY** "changed the polish love" as he put a bag of cold peas on his eye ..only kidding..but couldn't help fantasize ...about the black eye lol!!! and here's my other crappy card...just to finish of the perfect day..... wont half be pleased when i get my new glasses.......phew!!!!!!!!! windows open tonite..hahah!!!!

ttfn loves yer thanks for the super comments


Susie Sugar said...

Congrats darling ....thats congrats about the baby not the new polish !!! what you like I thought only I did stuff like that !!
I am loving this card the colours are blooming stunning
Love Susie xx

Craftyanny said...

Lovely card, really pretty.
As for the ants, well ~God help them

Leslie said...

cute card.
No question about it, you definitely need those glasses. Thanks for the chuckle though.

yvonne said...

How wonderful, a new little one to cooooo over. Congratrulations to you all.
the card is beautiful, Love the Lo on this one. and the colours .
Urm maybe wait till you get your glasses next time you have a clean ( one way of saying you better not do HW)lol

June said...

Here you go again mad sis, you should be on the stage too, and poor andy, if his eyes blacked your in bother!!!
Congrats me darling, can I share the baby please!!! and where d ya get those sentiment stamps cos I want some!!!! gorgeous cards even witout your specs, you dont need specs you dont!!!!! loves ya sis xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Jackie said...

Big congratulations Sassy and there is nothing crap about your card, it's gorgeous :o)
Jackie xx

** Irene ** said...

Congratulatins Sassy on your new forcoming arrival. Your card is not crap it's gorgeous.
Great sentiment - love it.


craft_princess said...

Congrats on the good news!! How exciting!!

I also wanted to thank you for stopping by my blog and adding yourself as a follower!