Thursday, 24 September 2009

Ive been robbed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!the swines

Hiya in a right mood..and upset as i have been robbed of over £200-00p out of my MasterCard...?????????????????????? dont know what else to say..they at Virgin cant do much till 4th Oct to see if this company or person from SINGAPORE...ER!!!!!!!!!!!! has tried to cash a pending transaction of over 321 dollars..lord knows who these people are but i haven't stopped crying since i got back from shopping when my card was i loaded it myself yesterday.(its a pre pay card so i wont get in debt) but as i knew i was taking my grandson shopping for his birthday pressie.i don't like taking lots of cash ..luckily i had enough cash on me for all the bits we bought...and was dumbfounded when M&S said my card was declined ... and checked my account as soon as i got home i had 7.16p bloody wonder some sodding thief had wiped me out and at 8-17 last night...i was watching the secret millionaire...about that gutted..i just hope its a mistake on someones error...but i feel violated out of my hard earned cash....anyway not much else i can do till 4th oct and they will open a fraud investigation if they try and take my money....i just can believe my luck...but we did have a super afternoon and this is the first time ive shopped with my everso patient wonderful 19year old grandson Chris.....sorry to go on...but whatever you do be everso careful..but saying that i am...and there are some clever swines out there...just have to wait now and see what you all xxxxxxxxxx


sam said...

I can't believe it hun!!!!! I hope they catch the little bees that did this to you.
Thinking of you ,take care
Sam x

Keep It Sweet and Simple said...

Oh hun, that's awful. I can imagine how sick you must have felt. Having to wait all that time is going to be a nightmare, but please try not to stress out about it. It's not worth making yourself ill. Fingers crossed for you, that they don't take the money and you can get it all sorted out.
Caroline xx

Christine said...

Ohhh Sassy sorry for your awful news please dont makes yourself ill over this its not worth it...easy said I know, you rant all you like hope it is a mistake..little B.........s.

big Hugs Christine xx

June said...

Oh me darlin what a bloomin shame im typin as im talking to you, I could kill anyone thats done this to me sis, bless you im feelin it too!!! honest if I had the money you coould willingly have it darlin. Please finish your card cos I know it will be wonderful and not like a chocolate lime!!!! everything you do is wonderful, if it wasnt for you , where would I be now eh. loves ya always sis xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Leslie said...

Sassy, I am sorry to hear about your troubles. I hope and pray that it gets straightened out.

gina g said...

Sorry to read this has happened to you it happened to us last year, its so bloody annoying and i think its happening more and more and they say your bank accounts safer than ever .... I don't think so. I hope they hurry up and sort it out for you. luv gina xx

We did get all of our money back. xxx

Diamond Doll said...

OMG thats bad, hope they cath em Sassy.I had money taken from my debit vard a couple of years ago.from sweden!!! but Co-op bank wavered it all. i got it back,not sure if they caught who did it though.
Chin up
Trish (-:

Jackie said...

OMG Sassy, I am so sorry, what can I say? It must be devastating {{{{{{{{{{hygs}}}}}}}}}}
Jackie xx

designsfromwithinbycharlotte said...

Oh Sassy, I'm so sorry to hear that! I can simpathize with you coz I've been robbed two times before, but that was from my home!! You feel horrible and violated, especially when it's something you work so hard for. Makes you wonder what kind of people would do something like this doesn't it. Hang in there kiddo, as I'm sure the bank will be able to sort something out for you, especially as you reported it as soon as you found out.
Sending extra big hugs to you, and know that we all love you!

Jane, at Thepaperaffair said...

Sorry for all your troubles lately, I hope they can help you and you will get your credited back what was taken from you!!

Priscilla said...

ohhhhhhh I am so sorry to hear about that.. how horrible..grrrrrrrrrr it make me so mad when I hear stories like this. I want to get in on the hugs too.
{{{{{{{hug hug hug wiggle hug }}}}}}}}

Phyllis said...

This has happened to me with a debit card, one day my checking account was over $2000 less than it should be and I thought to myself "What have you spent it on now??" But couldn't think of anything so I called the bank and they told me that some charges to a home improvement store over 1000 miles away were made. I had not lost my card, someone just took the number and even made it into a different brand of card and with a different name and used it. The bank refunded my money right away, but they did warn me if they found out that I was involved they would take it away again. (Real sweethearts, that bank.) I found out much later about the culprits using my number on a different brand of card with a different name. But in the end everything was made right with the only inconvenience to me being I had to learn a new number for my debit card. I never even lost a tear or worried at all because I knew that I didn't do anything wrong and the credit card companies cover all fraud on our cards as well they should with all the interest they charge. Of course no interest on a debit card, but they stand behind them just the same.

In the end all will be okay for you as well. But it is a very unhappy thing to happen. Hugs to you and I like your new "eyes"!!

Phyllis Midnight Madness Design Team

Carol said...

Sorry to hear about your finanical crisis. I used to work in a bank here in the US and we open investigations and give the customers back there money. I hope that is the same as your country. Lot's of times it hackers-hijacking credit card numbers. Hope you day goes better and you get your money back.

Midnight Madness Guest Designer

Carolyn said...

Aw, Sassy~ I am so sorry to hear that this happened to you. We had that happen on our credit card once, and the credit card company was really great and automatically took the charge off of it, closed out that account and opened a new one for us. We are always notified now of any suspicious charge on our accounts..even our bank lets us know. I am sure that they will fix it for you even if it does take a bit of time. If you have online access to your credit card, many of the companies will send you an e-mail anytime there is any activity with your card. That way, if you made a charge, you know it or if someone else did, you know it. Don't give up, and don't worry about it. It will be made right. If you aren't happy with the way your bank is handling this for you, when it is all done, you might want to check into other banks and their policies and take your business elsewhere. Makes me mad when banks act like you owe them something when in reality, without you and the rest of us, they would be nowhere. Watch and see how nice they will treat you when you say you are taking your business somewhere else :) Chin up, Sassy....we love ya.