Monday, 21 September 2009

The new look... Glasses whatcher reckon???

OK....sis..shes a right nag at times lol!!! i gotta show you my first set of new specs be warned donot eat whilst viewing lol!!! so doing this to lets sis go to bed ooops look at the time shes in bed by others havent come yet but fetched these today and if anyones says like yer goggles...(perhaps im gonna wish i never said that lol pmsl) so here you are sis just for you....and also i forgot to tell yer sis and now my bloggin lovelies im 5lbs of six stone weight to give you all nightmares..a before and after....ahahahah....oh im so sorry girlies i thought the first picci didnt now you have THREE OF ME PMSL!!!!!!!!ill try and delete it.......still get stuck on here yer know......loves yer xxxxxx


Leslie said...

Sassy, so glad you finally got some specs.

June said...

Well well, you didnt need to put the woman on the corner on, shes too old fashioned, good job I dint have a mouthful of tea!!!! Joking aside sis, your gorgeous no matter what size but you have just done amazing, pity you transferred one of the stones to me like!!! as for the specs, well whos a stunner now eh!!!! does that mean when I get off the train you wont have to put a sign up for will be able to see me yee haa. I love the specs and I loves me sis so there!!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Flippinpest said...

Great specs and well done with the one will recognise you!

Jackie said...

You are looking gorgeous Sassy, with the weight loss and the specs :o)
Jackie xx

Sherry said...

Wow - you look stunning! Love the glasses and the weight loss suits you too. Wish I had your will power! Well done xx

** Irene ** said...

Wow Sassy you look stunning and those specs are fabby.


Chris (Wellnifty) said...

Looking good, well done on losing all that weight

Chris xx

sam said...

Well done on the weight loss, you didn't lose it in Norfolk anywhere did you coz I've managed to gain much too much lately, hehehe.
Love the specs too.
Sam x

Susie Sugar said...

you look a million dollars darling
hugs Susie x