Monday, 29 June 2009

ooooooo i seems ok thanks girls playlist maybe the prob

WELL!!!!!!!!! i hope this BLOG of mine is ok now.,......thanks katy for the advise then me matey viv over at vivs visuals told me her blog been playing silly beggers too and she took of her theve done something to it ...and it did seem odd that it only started to play up when the playlist was busted...((for their legal reasons)))) as mine not working either ive got hoo all me songs....AND ive been in and out now and everytime since i deleted it its been ok......hope i havent spoke too soon....thanks viv kiss kiss!!!!!! and a kiss to katy fingers legs and eyes crossed this continues ok....phew!!!! was beginning to call it a day and just delete my entire blog.........but stick with it so far so good......ttfn will make a card now i can upload to catch some rays.....xxxxxxxxxxx

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