Thursday, 18 June 2009

Introducing Rosie

how are you all tonite....
its been a up and downy day emotionally again for me thought i was getting better but suppose as it fast approaching a year since i lost my dad...seems like last week ....and knowing that 5 months on it will be a yr since i lost my mum...where oh where did all the time go.....i seems like yesterday she left me .. but everyday she is still with me...i carry her inside of my heart which today for no perticular reason i have spent sobbing it out ... but im happens in places you wouldnt think.. asda or like the bank..feeling a proper numpty paying in a cheque..not a big one either... bursting into tears the minute i went to the counter....well there you card i made this little munchkin a couple of days ago but she missed my photo here she is another cutie from my images...isnt she a bonnie girl and introducing rosie well a name i think suits her...whatever her real name was ..she sure was a cutie..there has been controversay about using old portrait images....and maybe to some it seemed not right/proper way to use them in this way... but to me it is a priviledge a honour to use these images of past lives and to share a beautiful face with the world and hope i have added a teeny weeny bit of life and love back to her...i doubt anyone would ever use my ugly mug 100 years on !!! lol...i hope you like my cutie...i rather love her.....ttfn hugs xxx to you all.


Christine said...

Ohhh Sassy she is a stunner & the way you have used this piccy well she sure is a cutie & love the colour combo & embellies wow gorgeous,
hope you'll soon be feeling better??

sending you BIG HUGS Christine xxxxx

Viv's Visuals said...

She's such a pretty! And Rosie is just the right name for her matey!
Forget controversy..... long live the use of vintage images! x

coldwaters2 said...

Hi Sassy first I would like to agree with you about Rosie being a stunner the card is awesome. Secondly I am with you in your feelings I think I told you my dad passed on 32 years ago last Wednesday but he is still in my heart and always will be. I suffer with severe depression so the ups and downs are well known to me each and everyday I have been working at my computer some days and just burst into tears. Although since my mum has been staying with me this week I have tried so hard to be cheerful for her. Its funny cause we were talking about my dad tonight.

Lorraine x

Viv said...

You make me laff and you make me cry.
Love your cards, love your humour, love your strength. You cry whenever and wherever you must girl! I miss my Dad too. 9 years tomorrow! On a brighter note....YA CARD'S GORGEOUS!!!!
Luv Me xxx

** Irene ** said...

Hello Sassy

Oh my another perfect card. I just love your Vintage it's gorgeous. Oh Sassy I cry and laugh with you also. Cry all you want and remember memories are keepsakes no one can steal from you, they are yours to treasure forever.


Chris (Wellnifty) said...

Rosie is simply stunning, you have brought her back to life on a most beautiful card. Sorry to hear you are feeling down at the moment,brought a lump to my throat just reading about your Mum & Dad, you cry whenever you need to,

Lots of hugs

Chris xxx

Sarita said...

Fab card Sassy, I love the image.
Am thinking of you at this difficult time,
Sending lots of cyber {{hugs}} your way,
Love Sarita xx

June said...

Hi sis, thought I had commented on this one and it hasnt showed up!! must have been when your blogs played up, mines been ok lol. Thjis is stunning, stonking and everything beautiful, your such a dab hand at the antiquey versions, oh I do love them. Shes stunning and I agree with you about the vintage images, people would be proud to see their anscestors done up so beautifully, well i would, right off to look for me great great grandmas pic, will send it to you, pmsl. have alovely day me darling love you lots xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Tab said...

Oh sweetie your card is simply stunning I love the image, such a beauty!

My heart goes out to you and I am sending you some big hugs, keep your chin up hun, and never feel daft for shedding a tear, its good to let it out, hun!
Hugs Tab xxx

Tracey said...

hi sassy. hope your ok thinking about you xxxx angel wishes xxxx