Sunday, 21 June 2009

gee up for new arrival

well a late good evening bet yer thougt id run off...not likley...just had some mean days especially dads day and no dad..but im not alone so to all you who have no special daddy hugs to you all.....had a little play and did paper piecing i roughly knew what to do but me old bloging buddy sent me some tutorials bless you trish....its a sorta patchworky theme going on..and im not to sure know when youve done it.but have looked at at most of the night and its growing on me.....scuse me got the sneezes..asoooh!!!! flippin heck where did they come from and can do as many a 20 repetations lol!!!!!if i remember the best i ever had was 28 one after the other ashooo!!!.....anyway papers from blueberry hill and me lovely horsey stamp just love it...coloured the lace with my promarkers (they look a little washed out though)added my bows and glittered the outside of the horse as i mucked it up lol!!!!!paper flower with buttons no sentiment as yet...i hope you like it..thanks for all the hugs and support it means alot especially as it all seems still so raw.....and yesterday had three letters for mum..well what do you say..thought the last was delivered a while ago but a home payment thing hadnt gone in although its all square and the pension service for a review now that did upset have to phone them monday..and i know ill cry on the phone....right ill stop waffling for comments as always very welcome you do all keep me fired up and happy...your all lovelies...hugs xx


LoloDesigns said...

Bless you! I just love sneezing, think it is one of the best feelings, bit quirky like that ;o)

Glad you liked the piccies on the Happy Post. When I read it it reminded me that I am meant to 'tag' some other bloggers, oops a daisy! I'll have to put an addendum post up, oo err!!

Hope you have a good week, sun is gonna be out all the time apparently, woo hoo. ttfn xx

Moni said...

Gorgeous card, love it. Fab image! Hugs, Moni

Jackie said...

Very sweet card, love that image :o)
Hope your sneezes soon go away :o)
Jackie xx

** Irene ** said...

Hello Sassy

How sweet in your card, it's gorgeous and so cute.


lil-paper-pixie said...

Sassy I love this card it's Fantastic as always.



dizzy di said...

I love that stamp Sassy, and it looks fab stamped onto that lovely DP.