Friday, 12 June 2009

Chocolate and cream Daisy

very late evening to you all.......hope your all looking forwards to a lovely has been so hard again walking i would love to know what they did to me at the hospital...because ive never ached this much since 1970 when i went on a cross country at my bottle green knickers totally lost.. police search found spanked by irrate a sore everything from the running and the slipper yep the slipper lol!!! although not funny at the time we had just moved up north and in a new school..thought i knew my way around after a week ..but evidently no i lesson learnt..the hard way..looking back ive had a really naughty days wernt my best times but hey just think of the stories i can tell entertain my grandbabies.... hahah.....had a mad idea tonite to do a chocolate here it is not one of the best ive done it must be my meds...cause theymake me feel all wobly and swoony....anyway i hope someone out there likes her...coloured wiv my polycromos and messed it up bit time...added papers from dovecraft (i think) flowers from stash and two earings from primark...with the backs cut off nine prs for 1-50p...added a touch of stickles in bronze and a sprinkling of glamour dust......and of course a am nearlly ready for bedie byes have a good weekend whatever it is you get up to and i know i wont be running anywhere on a go slow like me pooter....ttfn hugs me luverlies xxxxx.


Tracey said...

hi sassy

sorry to hear you are still aching bless you. are you resting up enough????
love this card if your medication makes you creat such a fab card i want some lol. I ran off when i was about 7 with my brother up a coal slag hill at an old closed down collerey many years ago, i turned up hours later absolutly black from the coal dust...where you been mum asked mmmmmmmmm lol.
take care you listerning and have a lovely weekend.

tracey x

Leslie said...

Oh, she is so sweet. Hope you have a better day tomorrow.

yvonne said...

Now this card i think is lovely , i love the colours , i really doand as for messing it up, i don't think you have ..

coldwaters2 said...

Well yes there is definitely someone out here that loves this I love how you have used the brown theme it has worked tremendously well the flowers and lace are definitely a wow factor as well. Totally awesome modern image vintage everything else you do this so well.

Lorraine x

June said...

Hiya me sis, didnt get yor mail, bless ya me and you both in pain!!! bloomin menace. This card is adorable and I could always have a second birthday, or a birthday week, cos I loveyour cards stuck on the back of me puter door so when I open it I see mybeautiful cards.
I once ended up being left in tehmiddle of a cemetary at 3 in the morning cos my freinds ran faster than me!!! I was a cross countrier not a sprinter!!! did you wear a liberty bodice lol. Will try and mail you later me darling and you must let me know if you get it, cos my puter seems ok. Anyway yes I love the card, I love the colours, I love the colouring and I loves you yee haaa, have a happy saturday sis loves ya toots xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Jackie said...

Great card Sassy, wouldn't have thought of using those colours but it's a beauty, I love it :o)
I do hope you are soon feeling much better and able to walk more comfortably :o)
Jackie xx

LoloDesigns said...

I really really like this little character, it's the expression on her face! Fantastic card and anything that involves choccie has to be good ;o)

Glad you liked my mum's new boudoir, am staying over there tonight to mess it all up, tee hee!

Feel better soon, hugs xx

Susie Sugar said...

Yummy darling simply yummy !!

Carolyn said...

such a cute image, and these colors are just wonderful for this card. Another beauty for you.

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Chris (Wellnifty) said...

Gorgeous card again, love the colours, made me laugh about the slipper I had to run away from one of those on many occasions, and about the green knickers, except our were blue, can you imagine the kids of today doing games in their knickers.
Chris xx