Tuesday, 23 June 2009

My Dad Raymond 9-06-29 to 24-06-08

My Dad
This is a picci of my Dad and today is the 1st aniversary of his death so dont know how ill cope today but felt i wanted to do this and thanking my sis for the scrapped page in his memory its truly wonderful i hope you dont think im too depressive ...i just think it helps...after loosing both my parents in 08 both within 6 months i really am struggling every day so thank you for your understanding ttfn xxxxx

A year Has passed my father dear
But sadly you are no longer here
I miss you more than words can say

and have shed so many a tear

The day will come for us to once again say hello
I will be there besides you
my love still strong and true
to see you holding out your hand to me
and hold me close to take away my fear
To hear you speak my name once more
and wipe away my tear.

I love and Miss you Dad
rest in peace
kiss mum too...
your everloving daughter




joey said...

Hi Sassy,

huge huggies to you my lovely.


Carolyn said...

You are so sweet, Sassy! It is so sad and hurtful when we lose a parent. I lost my Mom a few years ago, and I do think that a part of me went with her. You do change as a person in so many ways when you lose someone so close to you. My heart goes out to you on this sad day for you. Your Dad was surely proud of the wonderful daughter he raised. I feel blessed to have come to know you.

God Bless You,

Leslie said...

What a sweet tribute to your dad. Thanks for sharing him with us.

Sherry said...

Love and hugs to you Sassy on this sad day xxxx

sassyb07 said...

What a wonderful way to celebrate and remember your loving father.
I lost my mother 8 years ago and still miss her dearly every day.
The hurt of loss does fade eventually and then when you think of him, you only remember the good things.
hugs, Valerie

June said...

Aw sis no stops it or you got me upset too!!! bless yer heart. its a lovely poem and your dad would be ever so proud of what you have acheived, I KNOW!!!!! so head up girl they are both waching over you I know that too!!
But yer sis is still here and I loves you more than words can say............................toots xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Sue said...

Hi Sue
a beautiful page, lovely words, put a lump in my throat. Sending you huge huggies for today hun, sue.(((XXXX))))

Angie said...

Thinking of you hun

** Irene ** said...

Hello Sassy

What a fantast poem, to your loving Dad, and a fantastic memento.

Thinking of yu today.


LoloDesigns said...

Sassy that is a lovely poem. Losing loved ones is the hardest thing we ever have to deal with in life. Having good friends and family around us is what helps us survive and move forward. I am thinking of you.

Lost my dad 12 years ago this august, I was only 27, oops now you can work out my age ;o) xx

dizzy di said...

You've done this so beautifully Sue

Diamond Doll said...

Aww Sue what a beautiful page and such a loving poem,I know how you,re feeling it,s been just 8 months since i lost my dear Dad, I think i,ll make a page too, havent done any scrapping for a long time. Keep smiling i know your Dad and Mum would want you to.
Loadza ((hugs))
Trish (-:

Christine said...

Hi Sassy BIG HUGS sweetie be strong, great scrap page lovely momento, keep smiling & being the brill person your are....

hugs Christine xx

Tab said...

Oh sweetie, that is beautiful, so touching! Sending you big hugs
Tab xxx

Sue said...

Hiya Sassy, oh what a beautiful tribute to your dad, you do look alike, obviously your prettier!!! sending you big hugs, your Mum and Dad are watching over you, be strong and take care Sue xxxx