Tuesday, 12 June 2012


Evening my gorgeousness....i hope you have all had a great day....i on the other hand its been okish,,and i have  had better...been for more bloods but my veins ran and hide..so another try and a fiddle around ouch!!! they surrendered...now two massive ruddy bruises...managed a slowwwwwwwww..walk to post office to post  after blood nursey to send off my cards....and then a slowwwwwwer walk back to the car and someone..had parked so flaming close i needed a tin opener to get back in..so had to use passenger side now this to most would not find it daunting..but hey were talking about sassy....oh dear!!!!...trying to lift leg over handbrake and middle arm console and gears er ..not a pleasant sight..and found it so much like hard work and  really painfull  i cant even do this when im normal.and well .but with ginormouse  fat feet and fat knees..sore boobs rather a fat tummy..in pain..fed up..headache need a wee  eventually i got in my drivers seat..and burst into tears..relief of managing it or just sheer frustration...THEN!!!! the bloody owner of scuse me too closely parked bungalow...(bloomin big bmw bungalow on wheels) came back and drove off...she was only a size nothing...as oposed to my size something..but she did struggle too get in well her passenger did  and as she saw me  glaring through the window at her and her partener in crime..if they  knew just how it hurt and upset i was  struggling id have ripped there throat's out!!! so now in my head im saying "if she so much as scratche's my car),,now i would normally have said something polite.....but sassy was in such a distressed mood..i darn't say  anything as... not only would i have been screaming at them i would  have had them both by their necks struggling in their  jeff banks jumpers.... those men in white coats would have had to drag me off. screaming like a banshea .anyway she/they  totally ignored my er faceal expressions of disgust!!!!!!! and drove off...the COW's!!!! amongst a few more not so nice words i used all the way home talking to my self like some demented idiot.....so i got home and changed into  my pjs..at 11-00ish and sulked..cried a bit more so i have been playing and up and down doing bits since..this is the result...a card..in blues and pinks with pretty flutterbies .a bit flowery..not so sure of it but then i never am....thanks for all your continued wonderful comments..i do appreciate it ..honest and if it werent for my blog..and you wonderful bloggers well who knows what would have become of me...sassy hugsxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Anonymous said...

such wonderful + romantic card
Hello from Elma

Doreen said...

Just love this,a fabulous image and layout.xxx

Inkypinkydelights said...

Like your double ribbons Sassy! Love your card, it is just so dreamy! Judy x

Alessandra said...

aw it's a wonderful Sassy card, I love it!! The image is beautiful.
So glad I do not drive, it would drive me nuts as ppl drive with no brains!!
Hugs, HRH

Moni said...

Hi Sassy another fab card, love the colour combo and all details, cute image. Hugs,moni

amanda stokes said...

Hi Sassy,
Gorgeous card,lovely image and details :) x

carol said...

Hi Sassy....what a palava..you poor little craft person you. some peeps just don't think about any one but them selves, fancy parking that close !! lovely sweet card by the way, so pretty, x carol

Nikbee said...

A beautiful card. Lovely colours and the image is wonderful.
Big hugs,
Nikki x

McCrafty's Cards said...

Gorgeous card Sassy, I like the image all the butterflies and the lovely double bow, I hope you feel better.
Kevin xx

Sheryl said...

Hi Sassy! You poor dear! I'm so sorry to read about your horrible day! I do hope that your feeling better now. HUGS!! Your card is lovely, dainty and feminine!
Please take care!
Warmest Hugs, Sheryl

June Nelson said...

Aw what a shame I hate this, andyou ut broken my dream cos I dreamt my drivers side was cabed in like someone used a tin opener!!!!! weird!!!! aw darlin hope you get all of this sorted, Your card is so beautidul me darlin like you huggies Toots x

Violets Corner said...

Absolutely gorgeous card with fab colours and detail.

Warm hugs

tilly's crafts said...

Oh dear Sassy - sounds like you had a grot day! I turn into original Grumpy Old Woman when I'm out & about these days - hence more crafting (acts like Yoga lol!). But this card is just gorgeous - so floaty and feminine (if that makes sense!).
Kim x

Rica said...

Don't worry Sassy, if they little 'men' in white coats drag you off, you sill have company - we'll habe a party!!!

Gorgeous colours - I love the blue and pink - so pretty and beautiful details.
Heather xx

Donna said...

Another absolutely gorgeous and beautiful card, Sassy!

Everything you make, it seems as if the Angels from the Lord have come in and just blown light kisses on them! Heavenly, Sassy, just heavenly!

Oh these people with gigantic trucks, SUV's and Hummers are so rude!! I sometimes want to make business cards up to slip under their windshield wipers that say if you cannot drive and park them correctly, don't drive the blooming things! We use a Handicap plate, and so many times we've been forced to morph into a toothpick to get into our own car! It is painful and frustrating!!

Your work will bring you love and wipe your tears! It is so beautiful!


Darlene (SCS:akronstamperdpk) said...

First of all this creation is STUNNING! It took my breath away as soon as I scrolled down to it! Just gorgeous.

Secondly, you should write a book! Your stories are so entertaining (at least I think so) and I'm so glad that you write them. I have these sort of situation occur but never thought to put them in words! What fun! Thanks again for being such a sweet heart!! HUGS